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Underarm Whitening: Dark Past and Present

Today, we’re going to discuss underarm whitening AKA “Kili-Kili Care”. Like most Modern Pinays, one of the skin devils is dark underarms and I want to share how I exorcise the evils of my Kili-Kili.

Our topic is very timely and relevant (channeling my inner Pia Wurtzbach) because of the Lunar New Year (paputok).

If you have light and smooth underarms, lumayas ka dito, hindi kita friend! (just kidding, keep reading and yes, it’s an order)

How my underarms became dark

I started using antiperspirants and deodorants when I was about 10 years old. In our school, there was this thing that if you didn’t wear an antiperspirant/deodorant, you’re a loser. (I studied in an all-boys school and I was a member of a clique filled with catty gay boys). I shouldn’t have followed that trend because I am currently paying the price for my early stupidity.

If you’re reading this and you are below 18, stick with Alum (Tawas) so you wouldn’t have to be keeping a dark secret like me when you grow up.

The deodorants I used in my grade school days were…

Secret Deodorant, Fa Deodorant, and Safeguard Deodorant. The common thing they had was a very strong scent and they all made my Kili-Kili as dark as the Second Coming/Apocalypse. If your significant other has an underarm fetish or you don’t want to live in the dark side, avoid all three at all costs!

Although all three made my underarms smell good enough to eat (mm hmm), they all dented my precious ones with their overpowering chemicals. I also experienced mid-day underarm itching with those three products.

I went on with my life emulating the deodorant that my mom used which was…

Nivea Whitening Deo Roll-On

underarm whitening product nivea roll on

This product is much better than the three I mentioned but I should have known that it wouldn’t be an effective underarm whitening product as well because my mom’s pits were dark. This Deo maintained the diabolical facade of my Kili-Kili but it didn’t make me feel itchy which is a very gradual turtle-like step up.

I told myself… I needed more! Where’s the exit path in this dark labyrinth!? Ayoko ng putik! Ayoko na!

Baby Steps to Underarm Whitening

Going forward, I tried underarm whitening methods in the Philippines and abroad that I saw online.

Some of the stuff I tried were lemon, apple cider vinegar, calamansi and tomatoes but those bouts didn’t last very long because those home remedies are simply too tedious.

I got tired and went back to my safe haven, the drugstore. where I discovered…

Dove Advanced Care Ultimate White Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

underarm whitening product dove deodorant

It claims to help speed up skin-restoration for underarm whitening and it did… VERY SLOWLY. The thing that I liked about it is that it didn’t have a strong scent. It helped lighten my underarms but simply put… it wasn’t enough. It controls sweat and odor though so if you already have light underarms and is just looking for something to keep them dry, you can try this one.

I gave up on it and started searching for alternative ways and saw a Filipina YouTuber and her journey to lighten her underarms after her pregnancy. She recommended “Tawas na Bato” but I couldn’t find any. I followed her advice and started going back to basics. I used…

Alum (Tawas), the sandy textured one

underarm whitening product tawas

It lightened my underarms and made me feel fresh all day but I didn’t like how the powder would fall on my bed making my sheets very itchy. I didn’t have the patience to “pagpag” anymore and I decided na… Itigil ang kalokohang ito!

I looked for another option and found…


underarm whitening product deonat

Available in Lazada BUY HERE

Now this product is very mild. It didn’t have any scent at all and made my Kili-Kili dry and odorless all day but as to whitening… it didn’t really do much.

My current Underarm Whitening Regimen

I was so stressed out and looked online (for the nth time) on how to make my Kili-Kili Maputi. I found a forum where Pinays share their beauty secrets and someone recommended…

Milcu Underarm and Foot Deodorant Powder

underarm whitening product milcu

Available in Lazada BUY HERE

I really like this one, maybe because mentally, it makes me feel that this is the most natural out of all the products I tried (except for tawas and deo nat). I like how I can apply it easily and it doesn’t leave grains on my clothes and everywhere I go. It controls pit sweat and odor very well. On the forum I saw, the Pinay recommended to use Asian Secrets Body Scrub with it but the said scrub is not available in stores anymore or at least stores near me. I opted to use it with…

A-Bonne Spa Milk Salt

underarm whitening product a-bonne spa milk salt

Available in Lazada BUY HERE

The Milcu and A-Bonne combo is very effective for me. I could see the difference, my Kili-Kili felt like it was being brought back to the limelight (parang artistang nalaos lang ang peg). I won’t be showing my Kili-Kili because I still have a little bit of hiya. I’m going to continue the combo and show you girls once I’m ready but I truly attest to both products for underarm whitening but currently…

Read about A Bonne miracle spa milk shower salt review.

Something New

I am trying a product that’s very promising because TIME IS GOLD.

In underarm whitening, there is simply no time to waste! My friend Michelle Fox AKA Vavaeng Marangal sent me some samples of a product called…

Tomato Deo Cream Deodorant and Whitening

underarm whitening product tomato deo

Available in Lazada BUY HERE

So far, I really like the scent (super bango, amoy vavaeng marangal) and it gives a moisturizing (not sweaty) effect on my underarms. It doesn’t leave my clothes stain marks and it does keep my underarms fresh all day. The information I found online says it…

Makes your kili-kili glowing, treats dry and damaged underarm skin, bleaches your underarms naturally, removes dead skin cells, has anti-aging properties, makes your underarms smoother, and it is an all-natural product.

It is too early to tell if it can really whiten my Kili-Kili but if it doesn’t work, I’ll switch back to my Milcu and A-Bonne combo.

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  • MJ

    Hi! I was having fun reading your blog! Kasi sa totoo lang! Tag-init na ulit at gustung gusto ko sanang mag-sando pero nadimunyo nga din itong kilikili ko, namumuo din ang bagyo teng! Naiinggit ako sa kaibigan kong pa-sando sando nalang. Samantalang ako, puro tshirt. Ang iniiitt. Haha! Sana magabayan din ako ng mga nirerecommend mong products 🙂

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