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Tomato for Skin Whitening?

I was always told by my mother to never play with food so I didn’t and still won’t. Tomato for skin whitening is essential but beyond that, it has other beautification purposes.

We are what we eat as they often say and I believe that. I also believe that you are what you wear and I think that when it comes to beauty, tomatoes will never go out of style.

We Filipinas enjoy gathering information but there’s just too much of it online and we simply don’t know who to trust anymore when it comes to skin whitening. The Modern Pinay for me is someone who isn’t uto-uto. One of the many beautiful traits that we Filipinas have is patience and most of us are very smart with our money.

You may never know who to trust but there’s one I know that has an everlasting gleaming reputation and that is…

skin whitening in philippines tomato


Ang dami kong sinabi kamatis lang pala…

To be honest, tomatoes deserve an extravagant parade. They make us beautiful, strong and healthy inside and out. There are also studies that it can protect us from cancer. Tomatoes are rich in LYCOPENE.

Lycopene is an effective antioxidant which neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals by oxidizing itself. It is also a Phytonutrient which has anti-inflammatory properties and is something that cannot be made by our bodies. Including it in our diet is vital.

Tomato for skin whitening in Philippines?

Now how can it benefit the Modern Pinay in a quest for the perfect skin care routine?

Having skin with high lycopene is like having a shield against the harmful rays of the sun. Nutritional experts also say that it protects our skin from UV lights. Bonggang sunblock di ba? We all know that even though the sun gives us an abundance of Vitamin D, it can also lead our skin to premature aging and sino ba naman ang gustong maagang kumulubot? Definitely not me! (baka ikaw? char!)

Anyway mga mars. tomatoes also increase our skin’s oxygen absorption which helps delay aging and wrinkling (kulaba galore!). If you take 200g of cooked tomato a day, your skin will look younger.

Now here’s what’s great about…

Tomato Beauty Serum

skin whitening cream in philippines

It claims to contain tomato extract, lycopene, vitamin c & e, aloe vera extract, witch hazelnut extract and collagen.

How well does tomato for skin whitening fare against its competitors in the industry of skin whitening in Philippines?

By the way, before you try anything on your face, you have to know your skin type first. (Free Skin Type Test here)

Pinadali na nila ang pagpapabata at pagpapaputi ng mga mukha naten because they harvested the beautifying effects of tomato and mixed them into serum form.

My skin is not the best but this product totally helped na malighten ang scars ko sa face. I use it after putting on toner sa aking very big but beautiful fez (kung maliit mukha mo mas makakatipid ka).

Effects I saw were…

  • I noticed that compared to the skin whitening cream I was using before, iba ang glow nito sa skin especially pag kakagising ko lang. Whenever I brush my teeth in the morning, I look at myself in the mirror and para akong nakakakita ng Dyosang bumaba mula sa langit (walang char. confidence lang).
  • Scars started to slowly fade away. Sana mawala na ng tuluyan ang scars on my face and in my heart. Magsabay-sabay na sana mag fade ang scars and ex ko onto oblivion.
  • Pores were minimized and the face was brightened.

The downside lang is I don’t know where to buy this product. It’s like a diamond on the rough in the galaxy of skin whitening in Philippines.

I’m not sure if it is easy to find online as it was only a friend’s gift.

The skin whitening serum is contained in a pink and white syringe, nakaka-Barbie! Sana lang hindi pretensyosa ang price point nito para ma maintain ko siya because I’m in love with this product. If you guys know a legit seller, kindly comment below

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