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Lipstick in Philippines: For daily Use

Daily use lipstick in Philippines?

Ewan ko sa inyo pero kung pang araw-araw na lipstick ang usapan, ayoko magmukhang buy 1 take 1 sa Makati Avenue ang aura ko. I always go for nudes and pinks. I love reds but only on special occasions.

There are studies that men gravitate towards women wearing red lipsticks but I don’t care if I repel them, as long as I feel and look good on the day time at hindi ako mukhang nagbebenta ng aliw kahit bumibili lang ako ng recipe ng pang-tinolang manok sa grocery.

I have fair skin and “beauty experts” often tell us that lipstick shades should complement with our skin tone…


You can wear whatever shade you want regardless of your skin color as long as you apply it well at hindi mukhang 5 years old na nagpapractice magdrawing ang nag lagay ng lipstick mo.

Today, I am going to discuss my favorite lipsticks in Philippines for the day time. #vavaengpangumaga

We’re going to start from least favorite to most. Let’s begin with…

Lipstick in Philippines

BYS Longwear Lipstick in L201 Blushed (photo below of me wearing it)

lipstick philippines bys

lipstick philippines bys

I used this lippie a lot at work and I really like the shade. I also use this for everyday but it isn’t true to its name with the Longwear part. Hindi siya ganun ka long-lasting. I love it though because it doesn’t have a sticky and oily feeling when worn. (hindi ako parang kumain ng lechon after i-apply)

It felt very clean on my lips. (weird, ang hirap i-explain, let’s just say that I don’t feel like wearing anything whenever I use this lippie) and I really needed something that wouldn’t distract me because my former job required me to use my mouth a lot (hmm sounds naughty lol).

I don’t like the packaging simply because I can’t squeeze the lipstick fully back in. Talagang nakaluwa lang ng ganyan ang tip ng lipstick forever which is madaling maputol kung nag mumulti-task ka habang nag ma-makeup.

I think this shade is versatile and can be worn for every day or special occasions. Price is around 300+ PHP ata I can’t remember na. Punta na lang kayo ng Watsons lol.

Nuder color

Whenever I feel like “mhowdeling” at gusto ko medyo matapang ang eye shadow ko, this is what I normally use…

Maybelline ColorShow 301 True Toffee (photo below of me wearing it)

lipstick philippines maybelline true toffee

Available in Lazada BUY HERE

lipstick philippines maybelline true toffee

I know that the eye shadow is definitely not for day time but this is the best photo I could find which perfectly showcases the color of this lippie. What I like about this is that you don’t need to apply a lip gloss on top of it anymore. The texture is really buttery and the outcome when applied is well-pigmented lips with just enough sheen. (ready to make-out na teh).

I like the color because it’s nude but not too nude na parang concealer na. This is perfect if you’re wearing just enough of brown eye-shadow pag daytime. This costs around 180+ PHP.

Maybelline True Toffee is a popular lipstick in Philippines and you can find it almost in any mall or drugstore.

Last but not the least is my favorite and something I found in the mall while waiting for the release of my NBI Clearance…

Perfectly Pink

Matte in Detail D18 Michiko (photo below of me wearing it)

lipstick philippines michiko matte in detail

lipstick philippines michiko matte in detail

Why is this my favorite? First of all, the shade is my favorite shade of pink. It is similar to Nars’ Deepthroat blush. Next is its longevity, literal na maghapon teh! Most imporantly the price point, If I can correctly recall I bought this for around 250-300 PHP. What I don’t like about it is since it’s a matte liquid lipstick, it dries out very quickly and you’ll find yourself biting dry skin from your lips after some time.

One solution that made this product work for me is applying lip balm before putting it on. The packaging is something that I don’t like as it looks cheap and chaka but the product is A+++.

I also double it as a blusher, very vavae ang final look.

It’s so hard to decide which my favorite lipstick in Philippines is because I like all three. I think you should go for the color that attracts you the most.

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