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Vavaeng Marangal Michelle Fox in Wet Brush and KISS Instawave launch

Vavaeng Marangal is giving Modern Filipinas something new to talk about.

New toys are being offered to women who are very particular with their crowning glory.

Instawave by KISS and Wet Brush Philippines were launched recently in the Philippines last February 21, 2018 in the Center for Aesthetic Studies in Makati.

Vavaeng Marangal herself Michelle Fox was joined by world-renowned hairstylists Leonard Dulza, Lourd Ramos, and Miss World Philippines Laura Lehman on the event.

vavaeng marangal michelle fox leonard dulza lourd ramos laura lehman

(Leonard Dulza, Vavaeng Marangal Michelle Fox, Lourd Ramos, Laura Lehman)

The “celebration” as Lourd Ramos calls the event showcased the new innovative wonders of the products to equip Modern Filipinas in their hassle-free journey to beautiful hair.

The Instawave is a curling iron with an automatic rotating wand which saves you from accidental burns courtesy of the piping hot iron.

Instawave by KISS

Instawave by KISS is interesting because one of my weakest points in beautification is styling my own hair. I like how I don’t have to manually twist my hair and wrap it around the wand because I’m very clumsy.

The last time I curled my own hair was 6 years ago and I was traumatized by it. I’ve mistakenly picked up the curling iron through its heated part instead of the handle. The iron and handle were about the same size and the iron didn’t have a plastic protection and I wasn’t looking at it when I picked it up so yay me!

From the YouTube video of Michelle Fox regarding the event, the way Ramos explained the use of this product truly piqued my interest.

The next item is the Wet Brush Philippines which is a detangling brush.

Wet Brush Philippines

This is definitely what I’ll get my hands on! I’m one of the Modern Pinays who don’t like brushing hair daily. I have thin hair strands and I’m fundamentally lazy. Being myself, I always ignore brushing my hair and finding it tangled after 2 days or so. I don’t want to lose more hair from using generic brushes and trying to detangle the mess from my laziness (some of you are just busy so no judgment).

Michelle Fox and Leonard Dulza presented the Wet Brush Philippines product. Dulza teased Fox’s hair before showing the crowd how easily the brush can eradicate hair tangles.

Interview with Vavaeng Marangal

“Filipinow: Hi Michelle! How is the Wet Brush different from other hair brushes you’ve used in the past?

Michelle Fox: Wet Brush kasi parang magaan dalhin. Hindi ako hirap mag-suklay. The ordinary brush… hassle, lalo na sa dry hair ko.

Filipinow: Thank you very much for your time. Good luck and more subbies to come!”

Kramer Ford AKA Lalakeng Marangal was also present in the event and napaka-sweet talaga nitong dalawang ito. You can tell that Michelle’s beau is really supportive of her and they look so cute together. #mayforevertalaga

vavaeng marangal michelle fox with kramer ford

(Kramer Ford and Michelle Fox)

If you want to know more about KISS Instawave and Wet Brush, watch the video of Vavaeng Marangal Michelle Fox below.


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