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Primers in the Philippines: This Brand Sucks

How can a Modern Filipina determine the best Skin Care products for her? With a lot of primers in the Philippines, confusion is inevitable.

The concise answer is Skin Type.

She should be able to know what her skin type is by consulting a dermatologist or trying a simple guide I made in this website. (Take the Skin Type Test here for FREE)

I have dry and sensitive skin and I’m very particular about trying products but sometimes… there’s something inside of me that says GO FOR IT! That voice is the stupid side of my head which I’m still learning on how to ignore which also led me to try…

Primers in the Philippines

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer Ultra Light Formula

primers in the philippines hard candy

Pangalan pa lang hindi na nakaka vavae. “Hard” Candy. Parang walang estrogen content nakaka brusko lol

The packaging doesn’t say much about what it does and for what skin type it’s suitable for just like many other primers in the Philippines. I just wish that brands would go the extra mile in putting a short description regarding if their product is suitable for a certain type of skin. The majority of us don’t understand what the listed ingredients are for.

Dapat lahat ng pinapahid sa kutis may nakalagay na For Oily, For Dry, For Combination, For Sensitive, For Ek Ek Latik skin etc. etc. para hindi na tayo nahihirapan. Pinapahirapan pa tayong mga Modern Filipina na gusto lang naman gumanda ang balat.

I am not saying that this product is total trash but for my skin type, it did no good for me.

I am certain of one thing though: it will cause you to breakout.

Most primers in the Philippines and abroad contain silicone in them because silicone lubricates the skin.

What does this product contain? (Silicone Galore)

  • Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer Ultra Light Formula contains Cyclopentasiloxane which repels water by creating a protective barrier on the skin. It also fills in wrinkles and lines which in turn gives the illusion of a plump look.
  • This product also contains Dimethicone which I think is the culprit on why I got breakouts. Ilang beses ko nagamit itong primer na ito at akala ko hormonal problem lang kaya ako nag kaka tigyawat. Whenever I use this product, I automatically wake up with a new tenant on my face.

Dimethicone can smoothen the skin’s surface. It not only traps in moisture, it also traps in bacteria, sebum, skin oils, and other impurities! If you are prone to acne or you have oily skin, avoid products with this as it will increase the number of your blackheads and breakouts!

It gives a warm and odd feeling on my face when applied. Do you know the feeling of baby oil on your face? That’s how it felt like and it is so heavy and didn’t do much on keeping my foundation intact.

All in all, it’s torture, especially if you live in the Philippines.

What do I really think about primers in the Philippines?

It’s better if you just nourish your skin with a good moisturizer after washing your face. A moisturized face absorbs foundation easily. It is also a weapon against premature aging which can be harder to cover with makeup.

A primer can protect your skin from chemicals but just be sure that what you’re putting on your face is non-comedogenic.

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