Silk Secrets Cracked Heel Cream Review
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Silk Secrets Cracked Heel Cream Review

The world of beauty judges us from top to bottom. There are tiny details that shouldn’t be missed and one of the most vital parts of our body is our feet. They carry our whole weight and take us to beautiful destinations in this journey called life (Ang daming kacharutan). Before we continue with the Silk Secrets Cracked Heel Cream Review, I have more things to say.

We need to give importance to our paa. Ang kinis, ang ganda… anong nangyari sa paa? Parang balat lang ng melon na tuwing summer lang uso, very rough and dry. Tapos yung heel ng paa pwedeng pang tinola, parang sayote, ang daming crack.

So how can we achieve feet that aren’t dry with no cracks?

I used to love wearing high heels but currently, I gained weight and my shoes don’t fit anymore at ang hirap makahanap ng magandang style sa laki ng paa ko ha. (Size 11-12)

What’s worse is pag nakahanap ka na ng heels for your size, ang mga style e kitten heels lang tapos yung mga flats parang pang nursing. (Calling PAYLESS, hindi lahat ng mataba walang fashion sense lol)

Silk Secrets Cracked Heel Cream Review 2018

Silk Secrets Moisturizing Cracked Heel Cream by Watsons

foot cream in the philippines

This foot cream in the Philippines claims to moisturize rough, dry and cracked skin and prevents it from dryness. I’ve never had problems with my feet having cracks but being a Filipina who’s a patron of Skin Whitening Products, one of the many challenges my feet encounters is dryness from using whitening soaps and exfoliation.

I used the product years ago pa and sadly, I don’t know if it’s still available in the market but I really liked it. This product didn’t make my feet feel dry and scaly to the touch. Nakaka-vavae ang moisture na binibigay nito.

Medyo bigatin ang ingredients niya…

Squalene, Imidaeolidinylurea, Cyclome Thicone, Glycerin, Polypropylene Glycol, Seaweed Powder, Cetyl Allohoir, Vitamin Oil, Purified Water, Aloe Oil, and Citric Acid.

The product claims that it also has a whitening effect but it didn’t deliver in that area. The majority of the ingredients are anti-bacterial and moisturizing and those are the 2 benefits that you should be expecting from this product.

How I protect my feet

One of the things that I’ve been doing to protect my feet from cracks is wearing nude foot stockings. I know… those aren’t sexy especially if you’re wearing high heels but nothing is sexier than smooth, beautiful, and soft naked feed.

foot cream in the philippines

(Picture ng aking talampakan, hindi ko na binuo yung paa ang laki e!)

Save the heels for special occasions!

Currently, I’m not using this product anymore because what I do is I just use body lotion on my feet before going to bed kasi ayoko rin naman na moist ang paa ko kapag daytime at baka magkaroon pa ako ng alipunga (Eww hindi nakakaganda).

Some of the reasons for cracked heels are standing for too long, shoes that don’t fit well (too masikip), lack of zinc in diet, aging (sorry mga mumshies), lack of moisture (mag-lotion kayo sa paa bago matulog utang na loob), obesity (ouch! tinamaan ako), Exposing footwear (mga sandals na nakalabas yung talampakan, usually mga slip-on na strappy sandals), Hygiene (maligo ka girl at magkuskos ng maigi), Genetics (I’m so sorry for you beshy).

Hope you enjoyed this Silk Secrets Cracked Heel Cream Review. If you did, please share it.

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