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Before and After Rhinoplasty: My Experience

There goes the saying that pain is beauty and I am a living proof of it. There are a lot of questions when it comes to rhinoplasty especially from most Filipinas who are innately reserved. This is the full story of my before and after rhinoplasty.

  • Is it painful to undergo rhinoplasty? (Masakit ba mag-paretoke ng ilong?)
  • How much does it cost to have a nose job? (Magkano ba mag-paretoke ng ilong?)
  • Who is the best doctor to get a rhinoplasty with? (Sinong doktor ang magaling mag retoke ng ilong?)
  • Are nose jobs permanent? (Permanente ba ang resulta ng pagpaparetoke ng ilong?)

They also follow up the questions with statements that usually go like these…

  • I might become ugly if I do that. (Baka pumangit ako pag nag-paretoke ako ng ilong)
  • I might die if I undergo cosmetic surgery. (Baka mamatay ako pag nag-paretoke ako)

There’s truly a lot of skepticism when it comes to cosmetic surgery and I think that it is a normal and intelligent reaction. There is a possibility that things could go awry when it comes to cosmetic surgery both figuratively and literally (tabingi ang ilong lol).

Before and After Rhinoplasty Philippines Journey

My curiosity with cosmetic surgery has piqued when I met a very beautiful Filipina Transgender Woman who entered my life as a mentor and a good friend. I met her through a chatroom in Yahoo! Messenger called Transgender (ayyy mabubuking ang edad ko, pati mIRC inabutan ko rin lol).

She became my idol and still is and I learned a lot of valuable lessons in life from her especially when it comes to beauty.

She’s a Virgo and I am an Aquarius and we are polar opposites when it comes to discipline and beauty.

One of her Virgo traits is perfectionism and she greatly applied that to her aesthetics. I am not going to tell you guys how many times she had her nose done out of respect but she truly has a perfect face in my point of view.

Even though I have the affinity with how she looks like, I don’t think I have the guts to emulate that type of look (Masakit na literal masakit pa sa bulsa).

I was still in college when we first met in Big Chill in Greenbelt, Makati. Her presence was like an apparition from an Egyptian Pharaoh. The Eyes, the nose, the face shape, the lips, the body, the lahat-lahat na sige na siya na ang Dyosa!

I’m a transgender woman and I’m in no way any close to being lesbian (not that there’s anything wrong to be lesbian) but I was just magnetized as she spoke softly while we had our first conversation.

Picture this, chubby me wearing my college uniform whilst in awe of her beauty on a white leather couch as she nonchalantly drinks her watermelon smoothie lol (ang lakas maka Dorina Pineda and Lavinia Arguelles sa Bituing walang Ningning.

Long story short…

She’s the one who was able to convince me to undergo rhinoplasty hence I have this before and after rhinoplasty article.

Now that you and I have established the reason why I decided na mag-paretoke ng ilong, I’m going to share my nose job experience with you.

The doctor who did my rhinoplasty is Reyvic Cerilles (Google his name and add before and after rhinoplasty to know more info). He is very popular among Filipino Transgender Women. Some cabaret Superstars of Amazing Philippine Theater in Manila are part of his many famous clients.

He is also a huge Mariah Carey fan like me and I’m going to tell you about that very shortly.

I was 19 years old when I decided that it was time for me to step up my looks. My former work is in the industry wherein if my body is out of shape, so is my career. I was pressured by the competition and I wanted to be the best version of myself (physically) and I was very much ready for the consequences that would have risen.

Hindi naman ako pango pero bulbous (bilugan) ang tip ng original nose ko. I had a good amount of nose bridge but not as prominent as the Golden Gate’s and I wanted to add something to my face that would make me look sexier and mature rather than cute because my former job required a lot of ALINDOG. You’ll know what I’m talking about once you see my before and after rhinoplasty photos.

Before and After Rhinoplasty (Before Part)

Pictures of Original Nose

Yes ako yan mga mamshy, that was me when I was 18 years old and retoke-free. Hormones and prayers lang ang labanan ko diyan.

Some questions

  • Mahal ba mag-paretoke ng ilong? (is it expensive to get a nose job?) –

The answer is it really depends on the doctor. The doctor who did my nose job was popular for his craft and he was charging around 35,000 PHP at that time and I’m sure he charges more now, I was just lucky because my Trans mentor is a very close friend of his and I got a hefty discount.

The doctor was also endeared by the fact that I was so young and already interested in rhinoplasty. (Ako yung babygirl ng taon ng mga panahon na yan, aliw na aliw sila sa charm ko haha)

  • Where did I get the money?

I got it from God! (Channeling my inner Marlo Hampton from Real Housewives of Atlanta). Ang dami mong tanong! Going back to my before and after rhinoplasty journey…

At the clinic

Off to the doctor’s clinic in Magallanes Village called Instituto Estetico, 19 years old me had the money and the picture of the person who I wanted my nose to be modeled after in tow…

Exact Photo of Haifa Wehbe that I brought to the clinic

Haifa Wehbe beautiful nose

It was very difficult for me to explain the type of nose that I wanted so I just brought a photo with me to let it speak for itself. Haifa Wehbe is a famous Arab Popstar and the reason why I chose her is because the Arab friends I had kept telling me that I look similar to her when I wear smoky-eye makeup looks. (Hindi ko sinasabing kamukha ko siya kape-kape lang, sila ang nagsasabi nun.)

Picture of Yours Truly (Aminin hawig basta ayusin ang lighting lol)

haifa wehbe rhinoplasty

The doctor looked at the photo and he said “Veronika, hindi tayo nag ma-magic dito ha” (my work name was Veronika) which made my sister laugh. By the way, I asked my sister to go with me and I’m very thankful that she did besides her busy schedule in law school. If you are planning to undergo any sort of surgery, it’s best to have a companion with you. Going home alone will be awful. You really need someone to accompany you especially when the pain meds start to wear off.

Preparation for Rhinoplasty

The doctor asked me to stop hormones for at least a week (I’ve been doing Hormone Replacement Therapy since I was 16 years old because I’m a Transgender Woman). I’m not particularly sure of the reason why but maybe because it may not mix well with the anesthesia or the healing process.

Always inform your doctor about all the medications that you are taking right before deciding to schedule your rhinoplasty. Be honest, every detail counts and it’s for your own good. You don’t have to hide the fact that you are addicted to your children’s ADHD medicine or you are a Benadryl fan.

Back in the clinic, Doctor Reyvic Cerilles and I had chats about life while he formed the implant (which he was about to insert in my nose) with a scalpel. Our conversation led to…

“Are you sure you want to have a silicone implant? Don’t you want me to just trim your nose, you have a bridge naman e.” he suggested.

“Ayoko doc, kailangan French-Canadian ang aura ko!”

Picture of Nose Implant (Not Mine)

rhinoplasty silicone implant

(Img Source:

The doctor laughed at my strong will.

Alternative to Rhinoplasty

There is a procedure called Alarplasty which is basically equivalent to just trimming the skins of your nose. If you have a prominent nose bridge, this is what doctors usually recommend. Kung matangos na ang ilong mo and gusto mo lang numipis, try Alarplasty na lang pero kung katulad ko na kahit may nose bridge naman e gusto talaga palong-palo ang pagkatangos then by all means choose the implant method.

Try searching for before and after Alarplasty and before and after Rhinoplasty image results to know what’s best for you.

Materials used for Rhinoplasty

There are also other materials which can be used in Rhinoplasty, those are Gore-Tex (which they say is safer than silicone because it won’t pop out from the skin which is false) and using the own Cartilage from your ear. There are alternatives because a very small percentage of people’s bodies reject silicone but that is such a low percent and is very highly unlikely to happen.

If your body rejects the silicone implant, the doctor can easily remove it without any problems.

Never try this Alternative to Rhinoplasty

One method that I HATE is the seedy black-market method wherein they inject your body with “Medical Grade Silicone” or “Collagen”. Don’t believe those people offering this type of service because it will botch your skin so badly.

These scammers mask silicone oil under the name of “collagen” and charge very cheap prices for their services. The reason why they call it collagen is because collagen is something that’s very safe for our bodies. In reality, huge amounts of collagen required to alter someone aesthetically (lalo na sa boobs, hips, and butt) would cost outstandingly high and will only give temporary results.

What silicone oil does to the body if it is injected for aesthetic purposes is it spreads throughout and overtime infects your skin making it turn purplish, grow cysts, lumps, bumps and practically just rot your skin.

PS: Silicone Implant and Silicone Oil are two very different things with the latter being unsafe if injected in the body.

Before and After Rhinoplasty (After Part)

I was on the bed listening to the doctor’s Mariah Carey playlist of her Rainbow Album and I was singing along with her in my head.

Here comes more questions…

  • Masakit ba mag-paretoke ng ilong? (Is it painful to get a nose job?). –

For me, no. The only pain I experienced is when the doctor kept injecting anesthesia on my nose, it took like 10-15 shots in different areas (now that’s where the pain begins and ends).

I’ll be completely honest with you guys, the pain of the liquid seeping into my skin from the injection was about 7 multiplied to 10 to 15 so that’s how I’d describe the pain.

  • Will I be awake while the rhinoplasty is ongoing? (Gising ba ako habang nireretoke ang ilong ko?)

In my experience, yes. Doctors recommend local anesthesia for rhinoplasty because it is less risky. Usually in any type of surgery, the type of anesthesia is very vital and if it is possible to go through the surgery while you’re awake, it’s better.


Choose local anesthesia because it only numbs the skin. Some anesthetics that cause you to sleep play with your heart rate, blood pressure and etc. which can make you go to eternal slumber (very small percentage and usually doctors ask you to undergo different medical exams to determine if you’re eligible for different types of anesthetics). Mas maganda na yung gising kasi sure na buhay ka bes.

After the grueling pain from the anesthesia injections, the doctor started to dissect my nose.

I felt tolerable pain before and after rhinoplasty. The funny thing is I didn’t feel anything at all during the rhinoplasty surgery. I was even talking to the doctor while I was in it. I was telling him how amazing the person who invented the anesthesia was.

Rhinoplasty After-Care

The surgery went on for about 2 hours and I didn’t feel any different after. He gave me a hand mirror to gaze on and I was smiling on the inside upon the new image of myself that I was seeing.

He told me that I can’t laugh or smile while I still have stitches on my nose as the stiches might get prematurely removed causing me to go through life with an open nose and that is not a cute look.

Picking your nose is out of the question, only way you’ll be able to clean it is by the use of a cotton bud.

After the rhinoplasty, you will be sent home wearing a face mask (to avoid infection) and prescription medications for pain and antibiotics. The doctor also prescribed a cream for me to use so that the scars from the wound won’t be obvious.

We left the clinic and I decided to eat donuts with my sister. It was a dumb idea because an hour after the surgery, the pain meds wore off. The pain felt like my nose bridge was being hammered. It made me feel light headed so bed rest is a must for the first day of the surgery.

No smoking after Rhinoplasty

Strong will is a must before and after rhinoplasty. The doctor also ordered me to stop smoking so that I’ll be able to heal faster. I didn’t follow because I was a bad teenage girl at that time. Luckily, nothing happened to me. I don’t advise you to smoke though, ako lang ang may karapatan lol.

Seriously… If I can only stop smoking.

The pain was gone after a day and the only thing I had to really avoid was laughing and making facial expressions which can un-stitch my nose from the rest of my face.

I also followed the medication religiously and only slept on my back. He said that if I slept on my side, the implant might get dislocated. If you are a rambunctious sleeper, I advise you to sleep with a ball and chain (just kidding).

1 Week Post-Op of Rhinoplasty

My face didn’t get too swollen from the surgery. I looked pretty normal but pretty stupid because I had brown stitches on the sides of my nostrils.

A week after, I went back to the clinic to get the stitches removed and I asked the doctor if I could wear makeup and he said yes. I immediately took out the Mac Studio Fix NC 35 compact from my bag and powdered my face to liberty.

Post Rhinoplasty Stitches Removal 1 Week after

The look of my nose also got better after a year. The first year will give your nose a swollen look which you’d think that the silicone that was inserted was too thick.

The swelling will pacify a year after giving you the complete look of the doctor’s masterpiece. I’ll add more photos of my before and after rhinoplasty when I find time. This post is getting too long already.

Years after Rhinoplasty

Here is my nose…

3 years after

Dr. Cerilles Rhinoplasty after 3 years

and here it is…

8 years after.

Overall, I’m very happy with my before and after rhinoplasty experience. I think that if you’re interested in having a nose job, just go for it. Walang masama sa pagpapa-retoke ng ilong, ang masama ay ang umutang at magnakaw para magpa-retoke ng ilong.

It’s also permanent as long as you take care of it. Don’t join a hockey team or play in the Super Bowl. I didn’t feel like there was a foreign substance inserted in my nose. Everything was peachy effin’ keen as how Courtney Alice Shayne would say it.

I’m here for you

If you need emotional support in this journey, feel free to email me at [email protected] so we can talk further about my experiences from before and after rhinoplasty.

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