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Affordable Kilay for Blonde Hair

As a Filipina woman, I was gifted with silky raven hair and together with that gift comes dark eyebrows. Black brows don’t go with Blonde hair and today, we’re going to talk about affordable kilay for blonde hair.

I see a lot of my people with bleached blonde hair and mismatched dark brows and…

It has to STOP!

If you spent money to get your hair done, go the extra mile to justify the blonde in you.

Affordable Kilay for Blonde Hair Products

To achieve decent brows that go with your blonde hair, you need 2 things. A pencil eyeliner and a brow gel.

Makeup artists use angled brush and eyeshadow or other products to line the brows because a brush gives more precision. I’m not a makeup artist so let’s leave that method to them.

What I’m going to teach you is a quick and easy way which is suitable for you if you are a busy modern Filipina who’s looking for affordable kilay for blonde hair.

The Eyeliner

Ever Bilena Ever Original Pencil in Brown

affordable kilay for blonde hair

The reason why you should get a brown eyeliner is it’s lighter than your natural black hair and darker than your bleached blonde hair. You don’t want to totally color match your blonde hair with your brows.

Having blonde (platinum/ash/any light shade) brows will make you look washed out and unnatural (you’re Asian, accept it, I did). You also don’t want to have black brows to go with your blonde hair color because you’ll look harsh. (Matapang, hardiflex, chaka, malakas maka-lalake hindi nakaka-soft).

I like this product because it’s only 120 PHP.

Since, it’s pencil, it’s easier to apply especially if you’re not a professional makeup artist.

The color looks intimidating because it has a red undertone but when you partner it with the right blonde brow gel, you’ll be very happy that you bought this product.

The Brow Gel

Maybelline Fashion Brow 24H Color Matcher in 1 Yellow Brown

affordable kilay for blonde hair

Available in different shades in Lazada BUY HERE

The brow gel will act as the finisher for your brows in terms of color and getting your brows together.

It’s in gel form which will keep your natural brow hairs stay in place and give your brow look a long-lasting effect.

The product only costs 249 PHP which is something that’s economical if you’re going to use a brow gel daily for work.

How I do my Affordable Kilay for Blonde Hair

Step 1

affordable kilay for blonde hair step 1
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  • I start by brushing my brows with a spoolie because my brows are quite unruly.
  • Lining my brows with the pencil eyeliner on my arch area is the next step. Sometimes, I like to go over my natural brows and sometimes, I stay inside the lines.
  • Keep drawing your arch until you get the “taray” intensity you desire.

Step 2

affordable kilay for blonde hair step 2
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  • Keep lining your brows with the eyeliner pencil and ignore the 1/3 part that’s near the nose bridge.
  • Intensify the arch area with the pencil eyeliner and go lighter on the remaining part to avoid a harsh look.

Step 3

affordable kilay for blonde hair step 3
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  • Coat your brows with the blonde brow gel by starting against your natural hair growth.
  • Once you’ve coated the inside hairs of your brows, take a spoolie and brush your hairs in place again. Continue by doing another coat of the gel on top of your brows.
  • Keep coating until you get your desired color and look and call it a day.

This affordable kilay for blonde hair tutorial is literally as easy as 1-2-3.

If you can’t follow this one, you need help.

Seriously, you do…

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