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Guest Post: Dia Ferrer – My Howto in getting Fair Skin Complexion

Today on Filipinow, we are graced by the presence of Dia Ferrer, a 26yo Modern Pinay who loves to enjoy life and equip it with knowledge about the beauty industry in the Philippines. She not only reviews beauty products and services available in the Philippines but she also has an affinity with fashion. Today, she is sharing her secrets on how to get fair skin complexion.

How to get Fair Skin Complexion Philippines Dia Ferrer

(Her cute OOTD of her shoes, more on her blog HERE)

Without further ado, let’s read what she has to say.

My Howto in Getting Fair Skin Complexion

by: Dia Ferrer

Fair Skin Complexion How To Dia Ferrer

To be able to have a fair skin complexion is what every woman is dreaming of.  Well, for me as a 26 years old woman is also wanting to have that fair skin. I don’t know why, maybe because I know that it can give me more confidence, especially when I wear my ootd (outfit of the day) and having the feeling of assurance that my skin is equal and fair in all sides.

But honestly, it’s not like that and I hope it is like that! But I am sure that I’m almost there! J Anyhow, in this blog I will share with you my process and the HOWs is getting a fair skin complexion. So if you wanna know and interested please continue reading.

How to have a Fair Skin Complexion

First thing that you need to know is, WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Of course, you have to ask yourself what your goal is. And after that here is the process. You need to know and study your skin type (Free Skin Type Test). This is important, because it will help you what product to use to be able to achieve your goal.

Next, you need to save and make sure that after choosing the products is you can be consistent in buying the those. Yes, you have to be consistent girl, because in this manner you will know if the products really work in your skin.

Girl, I am telling you it takes time. You have to be patient! You will not achieve that fair skin complexion in a snap or in an instant! That’s a big NO! So you have to save and be patient! On the other hand, if you think that those products are not working, well, girl “dapat alam mo din kung kailan susuko, kung kailan dapat mag let go and kung kalian dapat humanap ng iba” yes, you read it right!

You are free to stop and try a new one but girl you have to go over the same process. Para hindi magdamage ang skin, you have to select products carefully! This is really a “Trial and Error” process, because you will not know the results until you try it. Don’t worry, I’ve been there and now I can say that I have found the good products for my skin and I am sure you will, soon.

Yes! Those are the things that you have to take note of. Now, let me share the products that I am currently using. But, before that let me tell you what my skin type is. Well, I have a very sensitive skin.

Yes, girl, when I tell you that word sensitive, think of the worst! I do have my skin allergy so that hinders me to try all products that I want. And I am so careful in choosing one.

I am doing a lot of reviews and researches about a product before trying it. Because that is my own risk! So as I share these products please try it in your own risk!

Products for Fair Skin Complexion

how to get fair skin complexion Philippines 2018 Dia Ferrer

Photo © diaferrer

This is the first product that I am using. This is the first thing to use while taking a bath. Yes, yan po ang unang sabon na ginagamit ko. This soap will help you soften your dry and dead skins. After using this mapapansin nio magbabalat ng konti yung skin nio kasi yun ang mga dead skin. But it’s normal. Wag mangamba girl. This soap smells so good.

how to get fair skin complexion Philippines 2018 Dia Ferrer

Photo © diaferrer

Available in Lazada BUY HERE

This is the second product that I am using. Since I am done softening my dead skin now I am ready to scrub my skin. This will help you get rid of those dead skins and dry skin. You have to apply an ample amount on your entire body (except sa face ah) but please be gentle. This is in a form of salt and milk so medyo masakit pag diniinan nio, so please super magaang lang dapat. And let it stay on your skin for 2-3 minutes. Tiis ganda! Kumanta ka muna ng isang buong song then saka mo banlawan girl. And then pak! Promise! After using this product you will feel that your skin is thin and smooth.

how to get fair skin complexion philippines 2018 Dia Ferrer

Photo ©

And now the last but definitely not the least! This is the last product in my process. After removing the dead skin you are now ready to cover and clean your skin even more. So after banlawan si milk and salt scrub.

You will now apply this soap on your body real quick. No need to wait for 2-3 minutes. After mong sabunan yung buong katawan mo banlawan mong din agad girl. No worries. And now you are good to go. Putting lotion is optional but it helps as well.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this read like I did, show Dia some love by going to her Blog by clicking HERE.

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