Top 5 Funniest Filipino Vloggers 2018
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Top 5 Funniest Filipino Vloggers 2018

Work harbors stress and fatigue and we need something free and accessible to battle the buggers. The best way I fight the bad vibes away from my life is by watching funny YouTube videos. I’ve rounded up MY Top 5 Funniest Filipino Vloggers of 2018.

This list will be in random order and we’re going to begin with the perkiest of all…

Top 5 Funniest Filipino Vloggers of 2018

Lloyd Cadena

Lloyd Cadena Funniest Filipino Vloggers 2018

Lloyd Cadena has been in the game for years and I saw him the first time through his widespread viral videos on Facebook.

What I like about him is his energy (plus he’s a lamb like me).

His silly antics and talking speed will surely wake you up especially if you’re feeling really low.

His channel is like espresso and I can’t get enough of it!

He also has a separate channel for you which shows his daily life/behind the scenes footage if you’re more inclined towards those type of videos.

Lloyd Cadena’s Daily Vlog Channel HERE.

It’s very easy to get hooked on him and it’s no wonder why he already has a million subscribers collectively from his YouTube channels.

Warning: You might get “Last Song Syndrome” from his creative jingles.

Let’s move on to his spawn…

BNT Production

BNT Production Filipino Vlogger

Youth… don’t you just miss it?!

BNT Production is a YouTube channel and its vibrant members are friends/proteges of Lloyd Cadena.

It’s a YouTube channel of young gay entertainers who create videos of random challenges, life scenarios, and daily Vlogs with a comedic flare.

BNT started out by making cameos in Lloyd Cadena’s YouTube channel until fans have grown to love them which led to their own channel.

The members of BNT are Ariel, Limuel, Jessica, Bebang, George, Jerico, Andrew, Balong, and Jervin (please don’t attack me if I missed one).

Their channel will remind you of your creative and unapologetic view of fun when you were a kid.

Before I feel old, let’s continue this Funniest Filipino Vloggers 2018 list with someone who’s my age; an actress/singer/Ariana Grande doppelganger?

Alex Gonzaga

Alex Gonzaga Funniest Filipino Vloggers 2018

Alex Gonzaga proves her critics wrong when she launched her own YouTube channel. Her channel has phenomenally grown in just less than a year’s time.

It’s very hard to have a famous sibling in the entertainment industry but Alex maintains her rightful place by her “Baliw-baliwhan, Ganda-gandahan, and Maldi-malditahan” brand of comedy.

Not only did she conquer TV but she’s out to reign in the WWW as a premier comedienne (good riddance Babaeng Hampaslupa days) as well.

Her videos are mostly of her playfully bickering with “Mommy Pinty” (her mother), boyfriend Mikee Morada, and ate Toni Gonzaga.

She’s also a loving Tita to her nephew, the very cute Seve.

Added bonuses to her funny videos are her fashionable OOTDS and fun travels.

You’ll never get bored of the sound of her voice and I actually want to go straight to her YouTube channel right now but I must finish this article so… let’s get going with something for the boys!

Cong TV

Cong TV Funniest Filipino Vloggers 2018

If you’re into a more “Macho” type of comedy (if such a thing exists), you can head on to Cong TV’s YouTube channel.

His channel is just shy of a million (yes, a million!) subscribers and you might be the one to fill the very tiny gap!

He will remind you of your funny and sometimes annoying Kuya (if you have one) and he’s very real which makes him more likeable.

Be warned that he says a lot of curse words so if you have a stick in your mm-hmm or you’re a preppy college girl, I don’t think his channel is for you.

Just like Lloyd Cadena, he has an extra dose of energy. If you are wearing earphones, prepare for a wild ride.

Last but definitely not the least in this Funniest Filipino Vloggers 2018 list is the very promising and fast-growing YouTube channel which is owned by no other than the Vavaeng Marangal herself Michelle Fox.

Michelle Fox (Vavaeng Marangal)

Michelle Fox Vavaeng Marangal Funniest Filipino Vloggers 2018

Michelle took the internet world by storm from just one makeup tutorial called “Myself Makeup Transformation”.

She first got an insane amount of Buzz on Facebook. Her first video got a hefty amount of views and shares in just a day.

Currently known as Vavaeng Marangal, she mainly focuses on beauty videos while spreading joy to Pinoys all over the world.

Her “bimbo yet sexy” brand of comedy is very endearing which makes her fans want more of her.

She’s not a bimbo in real life though. She’s a very smart businesswoman but we can’t be talking about that now because this post will turn into a novella.

You won’t be able to stop looking at her beauty. She already has 100k+ followers on Facebook and almost 100k subscribers on YouTube in just less than 3 months!

Her channel includes cameos of her “friend” Kramer Ford AKA Lalakeng Marangal who takes her videos and goes with her everywhere.

Kramer Ford’s YouTube channel HERE.

You’ll surely be seeing more of Michelle Fox this 2018.

Don’t forget to subscribe to all of them and share this article!

P.S. this is MY OWN Funniest Filipino Vloggers 2018 list. If you know a funny Filipino Vlogger who I’ve missed, write his/her channel link on the comment box below.

Images are from their respective YouTube channels.

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