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Affordable Red Lipsticks Philippines Review 2018

Most Modern Pinays want to project a dignified look by sticking to pinks and nudes but some of us want that extra oomph. Red is Power and this Affordable Red Lipsticks Philippines Review 2018 will guide you into finding the right red lipstick for you.

I’m fundamentally messy and red is not an easy look for me to pull off but all of these lipsticks didn’t worsen my most unattractive attribute.

I like all of the products that I’m going to recommend but I particularly have one favorite out of all of them and you’ll know which if you keep reading (I sound like an infomercial).

Red Lipsticks Philippines Review 2018

Let’s start with something that’s very easy to find in every drugstore in the Philippines.

Ever Bilena Lipstick in Love That Red

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick Love That Red DL

Available in Lazada BUY HERE

I like how this red lipstick is very easy on the eyes and it gives good color payout. The price is only shy of 200 PHP which makes it very accessible.

One swipe can be enough for the easily-satisfied woman but this red lipstick is FIRE if used with extra effort.

When you first look at the Love That Red shade, you’d think that it’s too dark but it actually has a coral undertone and when built, screams BOMBSHELL.

The only thing I don’t like about this red lipstick is it feels heavy on the lips and doesn’t give enough moisture but there’s nothing that a good lip balm can’t fix.

Disclaimer: The photo below will show you why lip liners were manufactured. I’m one of the many women who struggle on lining lips with sanity.

Click Photo for HD

You can stop laughing now… I mean it!

I need a good lip liner but I’m just testing out the lipsticks so quit being mean about my lipstick skills.

You may be thinking that you’ve already found the Affordable Red Lipsticks Philippines winner for you after seeing what the Ever Bilena Love That Red can do but hold your horses.

We’re just starting.

Wet and Wild Stoplight Red

Wet and Wild Megalast Lipstick Philippines

Available in Lazada BUY HERE

Didn’t I just tell you to hold your horses?

This can surely stop a man on his tracks when he sees you wearing this sexy red lipstick.

It looks a little pink when swiped once but it is very buildable and surely lives up to its name Stoplight Red.

The Red payout of the Wet and Wild looks very classic; reminiscent of the shades that were worn on the 60’s.

Very Hollywood Glam!

Shade-wise, it’s a good dupe to MAC’s Ruby Woo.

Mac Retro Matte Ruby Woo DL

Available in Lazada BUY HERE

There’s a price to pay when wearing this lipstick though…

If you like products that smell like Crayola Crayons, then by all means, ENJOY!

I also don’t like how it’s very drying to the lips even if it’s not advertised as a matte lipstick.

Click Photo for HD

The reason why I am recommending it is because of its price point and the color it gives which is admittedly the most important factor when buying lip products.

Drought can be expected but it’s not as bad as other lipsticks that emphasize chapped lips.

To cut the story short, the Stoplight Red is not the best in this Affordable Red Lipsticks Philippines Review 2018 but it’s definitely not the worst when compared to other red lipsticks available in the Philippine market.

Let’s continue with something more nourishing and my second favorite in this review…

Maybelline Colorshow Red My Lips

Maybelline Colorshow Lipstick Red My Lips DL

Available in Lazada BUY HERE

I love this red lipstick but I just can’t take it seriously because of the failed pun.

“Red My Lips”?

somebody's getting fired beyonce gif

(IMG Source: HERE)

Don’t let the corny name stop you from trying this product as it’s the best red lipstick within its price range.

Compared to the first two above, the Red My Lips gives a good amount of moisture to the lips.

You’d think that creamy lipsticks can’t offer longevity compared to matte ones but this product begs to differ.

First glance on the Red My Lips will make you wonder if its brown undertone will do you any good but trust and believe in the power of BUILDING.

Click Photo for HD

The smell of the Maybelline contender is not groundbreaking but does not smell as bad as the Wet and Wild and Ever Bilena lipsticks.

Price is if I can remember correctly,199 PHP, and can last you up to 2 months if used daily.

There’s nothing bad that I can say about it and I’m not being sponsored.

Without further ado, let’s end this Affordable Red Lipsticks Philippines Review 2018 with my personal favorite.

BYS Velvet Lips in Berry Sweet

BYS Velvet Lips Berry Sweet Review 2018 Philippines

(IMG Source: HERE)

I’m starting to see a pattern of myself on choosing my favorite lipsticks…

Miss Amanda is drawn to cheesy puns!

Red My Lips and now… Berry Sweet?!

mariah gif wearing glasses

(IMG Source: HERE)


Alright, I seriously had to take a deep breath from the lunacy of these big companies!

The winning factor of this red lipstick for me is its COLOR.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t like “ish” shades.

When I say RED, I mean RED; Ruby Red, Chinese New Year Red, Hooker Red, Period Red, Pasta Red, Red made by Jesus, Allah, Aliens, and whatever higher power created RED.

BYS Berry Sweet Affordable Red Lipsticks Philippines Review 2018
Click Photo for HD

One swipe of the Berry Sweet already establishes itself as the authority of the Affordable Red Lipsticks Philippines association.

It is a bit pricier than the other 3 with its only shy of 400 PHP price tag but it has every right to charge that way.

The Berry Sweet literally lasts all day and though it’s a matte lip product, it doesn’t totally suck out the moisture from your lips.

You can participate in different activities when wearing the BYS product as it’s transfer free and you don’t have to worry about your boyfriend complaining about “stains”.

BYS Velvet Lips Cherry Now

Other Shade Available in Lazada BUY HERE

The smell is tolerable and the container is made of glass which gives it a premium feel.

The only thing I dislike about it is the applicator.

I wish that they could’ve used a doe-foot wand instead of its ugly and hard to work with flat applicator.

It’s the perfect fellatio red lipstick for me! (Say what now?!)

All of the red lipsticks I’ve reviewed above have a satin finish with the exception of the BYS Berry Sweet and its velvet finish.

Below is a photo of swatches with all 4 only swiped once.

Affordable Red Lipsticks Review Philippines 2018 Swatches

Affordable Red Lipsticks Philippines Review 2018 Swatches
Click Photo for HD

If you liked this Affordable Red Lipsticks Review Philippines 2018, don’t hesitate to share it. If you’re in the United States, you can check out Faveable.

Stop being greedy, that’s not a good trait to have.

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