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Etude House White Eyeliner Review 2018

I’ve noticed that White Eyeliners have disappeared quietly on the arrival of the Kardashians. I’ve also outgrown trying to look like a Barbie Doll and that growth came with my disinterest with White Eyeliners. Some of you may still like it so I’m going to share with you a good and affordable product available in the Philippines which is the Etude House White Eyeliner.

The reason why I have 2 white eyeliners from Etude House is because of my sister.

She loves giving me makeup in twos or bulk and she prefers white eyeliners than black eyeliners.

I personally am not a fan of Etude House makeup and their BB Cream really put me off on buying from them.

Their white eyeliner however, is the redeeming factor which may make me check out their store again.

Etude House White Eyeliner

Etude House Styling Liner in 02 White

(IMG Source: HERE)

This white eyeliner is retractable and has a creamy consistency.

I like how it’s very easy to apply on my waterline which is the only area I use it on.

It won’t hurt you in the process of trying to brighten your eyes from a hard night of drinking with friends.

The packaging is very cute and has a premium feel to it and I love a good “package” (naughty naughty).

My Experience

I’m not going to lie to you by saying that I always use a white eyeliner.

I don’t have the hunger for having perky eyes because my eyes are already quite round and big.

If you have small eyes and feel the need to enlarge them, a white eyeliner is your best friend.

I really like the Etude House White Eyeliner because not only does it help brighten your eyes, it also comes with an attractive sheen.

The eyeliner is quite opaque without you having to repeatedly apply it over and over again to get a solid color.

Our waterline is very sensitive so I like a good white eyeliner that doesn’t force me to keep tweaking it.

Below is a photo of my eyes with the left one having no product and the right one with the Etude House White Eyeliner.

Disclaimer: I had a lot of vodka last night and only 6 hours of sleep so please pardonne moi for hangover eyes.

 Etude House White Eyeliner Review 2018 Left and Right
Click Photo for HD

Doesn’t white eyeliner make a world of a difference?

You may be thinking right now… that Amanda girl is a hard-looking 20+ bishh lol.

If you don’t have bags after drinking alcohol then God Bless You!

When you’re done making fun of me you can continue on with this review.

Available in Lazada BUY HERE

Are you done?

Alright let’s move on.


I won’t let this end without sharing how it looks like in selfie mode and before I got wasted (you can’t have the last laugh).



  • Good Price (120+ PHP)
  • Easy to apply
  • Doesn’t irritate eyes
  • Cute packaging
  • Lasts up to 4 hours


  • Product doesn’t last long (only more than half an inch of white eyeliner)

Do I recommend this Etude House White Eyeliner?

A full-fledged yes.

The only factor that may put you off from buying this is it doesn’t really contain much product for the price of 120+ PHP.

If you use white eyeliners on a daily basis, I personally think that one stick can only last less than 2 weeks.

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