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Homemade Liquid Foundation Tutorial 2018

I don’t know why I’m doing this because I’m fundamentally lazy. I’m not high on drugs either but something inside me pushed me to do a Homemade Liquid Foundation Tutorial.

I’m the type of person who gets hypnotized by good packaging which leads me to unnecessarily buy new stuff.

Looking back at my old eyeshadow palettes, I figured how much of a waste I made for not using the other colors.

Who really has the guts to use red, blue, and yellow eyeshadow on a daily basis?

Some of my makeup palettes also come with free blush, lip, and face products and I don’t use any of them.

I like separation when it comes to makeup and I’m not a fan of 100 in 1 products because often times, they don’t work.

Now let’s see if your old eyeshadows can be salvaged.

Homemade Liquid Foundation 2018 Tutorial

Homemade Liquid Foundation Tutorial 2018 Ingredients


SPF Lotion/Lotion/Face Moisturizer

This will be the base for your Homemade Liquid Foundation.

I chose an SPF Lotion variant because I like how I can wear it for the daytime.

I recommend you to use an SPF Moisturizer especially made for the face to avoid flashbacks and sticky feeling.

The reason why I’m using something for the body is because the SPF I’m currently using for my face is already tinted and I need something plain white for this tutorial.

Eyeshadow/Face Powder

I got lucky because I found a flesh color from my old makeup palette.

If you don’t have a skin tone color, you can mix red, blue, yellow, and white to create the color for your own skin tone. Learn how by clicking HERE.

Avoid shimmery eyeshadows if you don’t want to look like a disco ball.

Petroleum Jelly (Optional)

I have dry skin and I want this Homemade Liquid Foundation to work for me so I included petroleum jelly in the mix.

If your face doesn’t crack, you can skip this.

Essential Oil/Perfume/Cologne (Optional)

You can also opt out from the fragrance altogether if your skin gets easily irritated.


Homemade Liquid Foundation Tutorial 2018 E.L.F PaletteHomemade Liquid Foundation Tutorial 2018 Pigment

Get 1 teaspoon of the pigment (eyeshadow or whatever you have) and crush it with a spoon until it becomes fine.

You can also use an old powder foundation or tinted loose powder.

I’m using an old makeup palette from E.L.F. Cosmetics.

Homemade Liquid Foundation Tutorial 2018 Base

Get 1 teaspoon of the base (lotion/sunblock/spf moisturizer).

I’m using the Kojie San Sunblock SPF 69 PA+++. (Kojie San Sunblock Review)

Homemade Liquid Foundation Tutorial 2018 Petroleum

Prepare ¼ teaspoon of petroleum jelly.

The petroleum jelly that I used is from the brand Apollo.

Homemade Liquid Foundation Tutorial Inside

Add 2 drops of essential oil/perfume/cologne and mix everything together until you don’t see any lumps anymore.

The essential oil I’m using in this tutorial is the Clivia Pure Organics Aromatherapy Oil.

You can get the Aromatherapy Oil from Clivia Pure Organics through their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

I love their Aromatherapy Oil because it’s made of my favorite scent which is lavender plus the peppermint added provides a cooling effect to the skin.

If you don’t have essential oils, you can use perfume or cologne.

The reason why I didn’t include ingredients from the kitchen is because I want this Homemade Liquid Foundation to last.

The ingredients used in this tutorial already have preservatives in them.

We don’t need added anxiety of when our Homemade Liquid Foundation will expire.


Homemade Liquid Foundation Tutorial 2018 With and Without
Click Photo for HD

As you can see, it’s a bit darker than my face but it has a good coverage.

It also made my dark circles less noticeable like what a normal foundation would do.

Homemade Liquid Foundation Tutorial 2018 Before and After Scar Coverage
Click Photo for HD

In this photo, you can definitely see that the scar from my forearm was covered.

The coverage is not groundbreaking but it works as an OK foundation.

Disregard the darker shade because I don’t know how to get the exact same color of my skin.

Go find a chemist or a painter you judgmental ho (just kidding, I love you for reading).


I think that this Homemade Liquid Foundation works because I’m writing this after 3 hours of wearing it.

I don’t have a “3 hours after” photo because it’s already night time and we can’t have 2 different lightings.

It is not as pigmented anymore as when first applied though.

I also love that the cooling effect from the Clivia Pure Organics Arometherapy Oil is still maintained.

It’s like a strong tinted moisturizer so I advise you to apply it liberally if you want it to work as a full coverage foundation.

Making your own Homemade Liquid Foundation can be a fun project to do with friends or kids.

It’s also a great way to spend a boring Sunday Afternoon and clears your mind away from your cheat day’s cravings.

Creating this tutorial gave great joy for a 20-something single girl like me. My 7 cats also enjoyed watching me (stop pitying me).

If you’re planning to use your Homemade Liquid Foundation daily, don’t forget to store it in a container as soon as you made it to avoid oxidation.

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