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Homemade Blush Tutorial

I don’t know what hit my head because lately, I’ve been having this hunger to make DIY posts every Sunday. According to my mood swing, you should learn how to make your own Homemade Blush.

Doesn’t it bum you out when you’re about to throw an eyeshadow palette and you see bright colors on the pan still in pristine condition?

I don’t know about you but I hate wasting stuff.

The typical colors that stay on my eyeshadow palette for eternity are usually blue, red, yellow, and green.

Halloween only comes once a year and I don’t find myself needing “fun” colors on a daily basis.

Let’s see how you can salvage the reds into something fundamental.

Homemade Blush

Homemade Blush Tutorial Ingredients

There are only 4 items that you’ll need in this Homemade Blush Tutorial.

The steps are as easy as 1-2-3 and you can find yourself blushing away in less than an hour.

Eyeshadow/Blush Pigment

Homemade Blush Tutorial Pigment

You can use any eyeshadow that has a reddish color. The reason why I’m including a blush pigment as an option is because some eyeshadow palettes come with mediocre blushes; feel free to scrape and reinvent those out.

Don’t worry about the shade of red because you’ll be able to adjust the final color with the baby powder.

I recommend shimmery eyeshadows because blushers with sheen look so much better than mattes.

I forgot the name of the eyeshadow palette I used. It’s something that was attached originally to a bigger makeup palette. It literally has nothing written on it.

Baby Powder

This will be the base for your Homemade Blush.

Its white color will help you adjust the final tint you desire.

Not only does it cost really cheap, it’s also hypoallergenic which is perfect for all skin types (Know your Skin Type).

I’m using Johnson’s Baby Powder Blossoms for this tutorial.

Rubbing Alcohol (Optional)

This will bind the powders together to give your Homemade Blush a more “store-bought” look.

This won’t change the formula but if you don’t like the extra waiting time (1 day), you can skip this and enjoy your loose-powder consistency blush.

The rubbing alcohol I used is Green Cross Isopropyl Alcohol.


You can use any recycled containers from your skin care creams, pressed powders, or anything that’s compact.

You can also put your Homemade Blush in a plastic bag if you’re so broke but I don’t recommend that lol.

I used a glass pot from my mom’s Pond’s Anti-Aging cream.


Scrape out the pigment using a fork and set aside (cooking show feels).

Get 1 teaspoon of baby powder and set aside.

I used a 1:5 ratio (1 teaspoon of baby powder and 5 teaspoons of eyeshadow + blusher pigment)

Homemade Blush Tutorial Powders

Mix all powders until you get the desired color. I mixed mine for about 3 minutes using a fork and spoon.

Homemade Blush Tutorial Mixed Powders

Prepare your recycled container.

Homemade Blush Tutorial Mixed Container

Place the Homemade Blush in a sealed container.

Homemade Blush Tutorial Mixed Powder in Container

Press the powders using your finger until they’re flat.

Pour ample amount (same level of the powder) of rubbing alcohol.

Homemade Blush Tutorial Mixed Alcohol Step

Leave Homemade Blush to dry for 24 hours but I’m gonna show you how it looks like after around 30 minutes.

Homemade Blush Tutorial Mixed After 30 minutes

As you can see from the photo above, the Homemade Blush still looks creamy. After a day, the rubbing alcohol will evaporate and you’ll get a dry pressed-on powder final product.

Your Homemade Blush after 24 hours

Homemade Blush Tutorial 24 Hours after


I’m going to show you how the Homemade Blush looks like compared to my favorite blusher which is Tokyo Rush from Pink Sugar.

Pink Sugar Tokyo Rush and Homemade Blush Swatches

Homemade Blush Tutorial Swatches
Click Photo for HD

The colors are pretty close with each other with the Homemade Blush leading to a more coral shade.

The Homemade Blush also manifests more sheen than the store-bought blusher.

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You can add a little blue eyeshadow to the mix if you want something that looks cooler.

Below is a photo of the blushers side-by-side on my cheeks.

Homemade Blush Tutorial Cheeks


I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t make your own Homemade Blusher.

The ingredients are very cheap and mostly used daily.

If you don’t have rubbing alcohol and baby powder in your country, you’re a chronic liar and you need help.

If you’re wondering about the longevity, the pigment used is eyeshadow or blusher.

I don’t think that I’m warranted of anything.

A little common sense goes a long way (your hormones Amanda!)

Try this one out and tell me what you think below.

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