Beauty Rush Holographic Lip Gloss Review
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Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Holographic Lip Gloss Review

Remember how I barely use lip gloss from my former blog post? Today, I’m going to review another lip gloss so it’s kind of mundane but yey! You’re going to know my thoughts about the Beauty Rush Holographic Lip Gloss if you simmer down and keep reading.

I got this from my sister and literally haven’t used it because I always forget finishing my makeup with a lip gloss.

The reason why I’m making a review of this Beauty Rush Holographic Lip Gloss is I like everything glittery.

Shine, shimmer, sheen, gloss, glitter, and everything sparkly gives me life.

If you’re mentally 12 and a basic bihtc like me who had a thing for the Starbucks Unicorn Frapuccino, you’re going to love this.

Beauty Rush Holographic Lip Gloss

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Holographic Lip Gloss Review Inside

To be honest, Victoria’s Secret has a pretty good line of skin care and makeup products.

They may be known for their Angels and sexy lingerie but their beauty products fare will with their best sellers.

The thing that I like about the Beauty Rush Holographic Lip Gloss is the color.

It’s reminiscent of unicorns with a purplish base sprinkled with fairy dust.

If you can’t picture out my description, you need to get laid.

The packaging is made of plastic (not the cheap kind) and the cap is tin.

The colors of the lettering don’t clash with the main star which is the holographic lip gloss.

It’s very easy to open and the smell is divine.

The scent of the product smells of delicious vanilla from a French bakery (really now?).

It has a pink doe-foot wand applicator and its size is ample to easily glaze your lips.

The Beauty Rush Holographic Lip Gloss’ feel on the lips is not sticky but it can be a bit tacky like your mother-in-law.

I don’t mind the tacky feeling because I prefer it over my naturally chapped lips.

The shade of the Beauty Rush Holographic Lip Gloss I have is “Like Magic”.

Photo on Lips

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Holographic Lip Gloss Review Lips
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The only thing that I don’t like about it is that the moisture it delivers fades away in around 2 hours.

The glitters stay on point which is the redeeming factor.

I think it’s really cute to use as a highlighter.

It’s also a great accompaniment to festive looks.


Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Holographic Lip Gloss Review Swatch
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I don’t think that it deserves to be sold under its price point which is around $20 because it’s not groundbreaking.

If you’re particular about product smells, this will really fit your style.

If you don’t mind waxy/chemically smelling products, feel free to look for alternatives.

I don’t like putting stinky stuff on my lips though because we will never know who’s going to kiss us (keep dreaming Amanda).


There isn’t anything written on the packaging and I can’t find any information online. Feel free to put anything you can find on the net via the comment box below.


For a lip gloss product, the Victoria’s Secret contender is just a mirage.

Beauty Rush Holographic Lip Gloss is more of a body glitter.

You can easily find cheap body glitters in stores so I say skip it.

(IMG Source: HERE)

Slice a rainbow for free if you’re so broke.

However, if you want to feel like you’re a Victoria’s Secret Angel (which will never happen), buy away!

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