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My Breast Augmentation Before and After Story

The reason why I went through a Breast Augmentation Before and After journey is beyond aesthetics.

I think that it’s safe to say that most women desire to have an ample amount of lady lumps. Some are like me who want the bombshell look. Others prefer a tasteful C-cup and some are adventurous and go straight for the Guinness world record for having the biggest boobs.

Going back to why I’m sharing my Breast Augmentation Before and After journey. you first have to know that I’m a transgender woman.

As transwomen, we can grow breasts from hormone replacement therapy. Most of us however, are not satisfied. Hormone replacement therapy cannot give you anything beyond a B-cup.

I’m not like other lucky transwomen who have really tiny shoulders. I need something to distract men from looking at me like I’m a linebacker.

I personally have been bullied for being a transwoman and trust me, I need silicone in my life.

“Silicone is salvation hunnie” if I’m being real.

Just a disclaimer, I’m not saying that you have to go through a Breast Augmentation Before and After experience for you to gain the confidence that I have now.

I’m weaker and let’s just keep it at that.

I needed something to validate my emotions through having big tiddies.

My past work in the adult industry also demanded me to have big breasts.

If you’re interested in going through breast augmentation surgery, keep reading.

Breast Augmentation Before and After: Amanda’s Story

Breast Augmentation Before and After Photo

Breast Augmentation Before and After Inside

Common questions about breast augmentation surgery are…

  • How much does breast augmentation surgery cost?
  • Where did you get your breast augmentation surgery done?
  • Are silicone breast implants safe?
  • Is breast augmentation surgery painful?
  • How long is the healing process of breast augmentation surgery?
  • Will my breast implants sag after some time?

I’m going to answer all the queries below and I’m going to separate each one by sections.

Questions about Breast Augmentation Before and After

How much does breast augmentation surgery cost? (Magkano magpa-opera ng boobs o magkano ang breast augmentation surgery?)

I underwent my Breast Augmentation Before and After journey when I was 22 years old (year 2012).

At that time, Silicone Implant was the popular type of implant for Breast Augmentation Surgery.

Nobody I knew recommended Saline Implants as they were outdated and when leaked, easily deflate.

My breast augmentation surgery in Manila, Philippines on 2012 costed 120,000 PHP (around $2,400 USD).

Around 2012, Saline Implants were cheaper. I’ve heard that some doctors offered it for 60,000 PHP but it simply wasn’t an attractive option for me.

I don’t know the rates now but I’m pretty sure they’re still between those numbers.

Where did you get your breast augmentation surgery done? (Saan ka nagpa-laki ng boobs?)

I had mine done with the same doctor who did my nose job (Read my Rhinoplasty story HERE).

Dr. Reyvic Cerilles of Instituto Estetico was the one who made my Breast Augmentation Before and After journey possible.

If you’re planning to get your breast augmentation surgery in Manila, Philippines, feel free to visit Instituto Estetico’s website HERE and look for Dr. Reyvic Cerilles’ contact number.

Are silicone breast implants safe? (Safe ba ang silicone breast implants?)

Silicone implant for breast augmentation is very safe.

Apart from it feeling uncanny with real breasts’ softness, the majority of people’s bodies doesn’t reject it.

Both silicone and saline implants are encapsulated in a silicone shell.

Silicone implants are made of silicone gel and are designed to stay in place when a leak occurs.

Saline implants are made of salt water (feels very soft) and can easily be detected when a leak occurs from the instant change in breast size.

PS: Silicone implants have the chance to be ruptured. When it happens, know that the components of the implants are very safe and won’t have major adverse effects on the body.

Note however that once implants are ruptured, taking them out and getting them replaced is the best option.

Amanda Dela Cruz Breast Augmentation Boobs Result 3

Causes of Breast Implant Rupture (Bonus)

  • Under Filling or Over Filling of the Saline Solution.
  • Physical Trauma and Accidents.
  • Careless handling of the implant during surgery.
  • Capsular Contracture (tissue contracts around the implant which is usually detected in the early months post-surgery). It should be fixed by the surgeon for free.
  • Defective Implants (uncommon because breast implants go through quality control)
  • Age of Implants (some things need to be replaced)

Most manufacturers promise a 10-year lifespan of breast implants. The good news is most people who’ve undergone a Breast Augmentation Before and After journey like I did get to keep theirs longer than the promised time.

Is breast augmentation surgery painful? (Masakit ba magpa-laki o magpa-retoke ng suso/dede?)

Mine was painful because I got my breast implants placed under the muscle.

The reason why I got mine done under the muscle is because the implants are more protected and gives a more natural look.

I modeled my breasts from Angelina Jolie’s side-boob scene from the first Tomb Raider movie.

Angelina Jolie Side Boob Gif

(IMG Source: HERE)

Mariah Carey was also my “breastspiration” ever since I saw her Heartbreaker music video.

Mariah Carey Heartbreaker Gif

(IMG Source: HERE)

Teardrop shape is what people call my breast implants shape preference in layman’s term.

I didn’t like Pamela Andersoon boobs or the basketball-looking ones which you can get if you opt for an over the muscle breast implant placement.

Having your breast implants over the muscle will give you more cleavage as the implants can be placed closer together.

I’m a transgender woman and my main reason for having my Breast Augmentation Before and After journey is I want to emulate a real woman not a plastic barbie.

I want to know how the wonders of a push-up bra works like the rest of the women out there.

I’ll get more in detail with the pros and cons of over the muscle and under the muscle breast implants placement on another post. This article is starting to turn into a novella.

Moving on with my Breast Augmentation Before and After experience.

How long is the healing process of breast augmentation surgery? (Gaano katagal bago maka-recover pagkatapos operahan ang dede/suso?)

My Breast Augmentation Before and After ride didn’t come easy. I got my breast implants under the muscle which resulted to a longer healing time than the over the muscle placement.

It took a good week before I could finally walk properly and a month and a half before I was back to my old self.

Will my breast implants sag after some time? (Lalawlaw ba ang dede/suso pag nagpalaki ng dede/suso?)

Breast Implants aren’t the culprit for sagging breasts.

Breasts sag naturally overtime because of gravity, weight gain/loss, and aging.

It’s inevitable to get a breast lift if you want to stay perpetually perky.

My Experience

Breast Augmentation Before and After Photo

Breast Augmentation Before and After Feat

Now that I’ve answered all the questions, it’s time to for you to go on a Breast Augmentation Before and After journey with me.


Apart from the money which I got from God, you’ll also need to provide the clinic some notes other than bank notes.

Dr. Reyvic Cerilles asked me to provide Chest X-Ray and CBC (Complete Blood Count) results.

He also ordered me to quit hormones because he knew that I was taking birth control pills. I was taking Diane-35 at that time, I was clueless about HRT.

Taking Birth Control Pills has the risk of blood clots and must be halted 2 weeks pre-surgery.

Even aspirin shouldn’t be taken at least a week before the breast augmentation surgery as it thins the blood.

Inform your surgeon of all the medications you’re taking so that he/she can perform his/her job properly.

Fasting was mandatory before I had my breast augmentation surgery. I could still remember Dr. Reyvic’s text to this day.

“not a drop of water 8 hours before operation”.

The fasting bit is for you to avoid vomiting or regurgitation while undergoing the surgery.

He used Twilight Anesthesia (semi-awake) on me.

Twilight Anesthesia is a technique wherein the patient is administered with a low dose of general anesthesia.

It basically sedates you which in turn helps you to not feel the pain.

Lastly, wear a tube-top. You’ll know why later lol.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Day

I’m not particularly sure when my Breast Augmentation Before and After journey exactly commenced but I know it was around September 20+ 2012.

I was very lucky because my friends Pocholo Sandejas and Sam Cruz accompanied me to the clinic and drove me home (lovely friends).

Please bring someone with you because you will literally have a painful time going home alone.

Some women prefer to stay in the hospital/clinic for days after the breast augmentation surgery. That’s just another cost that I didn’t want to pay.

Breast Augmentation Surgery is typically an outpatient procedure.

Everything was clear according to my results and I was ready for the surgery.

All I had to do was pray for the best.

The Operation

The front-desk person asked me to sign some papers before the operation. I’m pretty sure it was a standard TOS.

Dr. Reyvic Cerilles also introduced me to the anesthesiologist (who was very cute by the way).

He looked like a hot daddy that I want to start a family with.

Less hoeing and more talking about your Breast Augmentation Before and After experience Amanda!

The anesthesiologist informed me about what I should expect to feel while on anesthesia and how long its effect would take.

I couldn’t remember the rest of the conversation while we were on the receiving area. All I can remember is I was feeling very *kilig*.

The nurses led me to the operating room and asked me to undress. They gave me a “surgery bikini” and a patient gown to wear.

Moments later, I was on the bed (unfortunately not with him).

There were about 3 nurses in the room and all I could remember was one of them injected the anesthesia through the vein of my right arm fold.

The operation of my Breast Augmentation Before and After journey lasted for about 3-4 hours.

The reason being is that I didn’t only get a boob job. I had something else done which you’ll know about on my future post.

Waking Up

I woke up feeling very weak and groggy.

One of the nurses told me that my breasts came out beautifully as soon as I woke up.

She was very thrilled while informing me that my left inverted nipple popped out.

Her reaction about the nipple part was priceless which is kind of cute.

I also felt literally top heavy.

My chest was used to carrying a light natural A-cup. Being implanted with 400CC (D-Cup) of silicone in just a matter of hours was a different story.

It made me feel like someone has beaten my breasts with a baseball bat.

I heard that people who got breast implants over the muscle experienced less pain.

Pocholo was making fun of me because I looked miserable after the operation.

Picture your best friend coming out from the operating room and she’s having a hard time carrying her new bazookas. It’s a funny sight so I don’t blame him.

My friends and I waited for the final paper work and the prescription medications for the after-care of my breast augmentation surgery.

The doctor prescribed pain medication, antibiotics, ointment for the scarring, and betadine + hydrogen peroxide for cleaning the wound.

The incision for my breast implants are under my breasts. Nobody would see it unless I randomly flap my breasts to somebody.

Amanda Dela Cruz Breast Augmentation Boobs Result 2

After Care

Now that the before part of my Breast Augmentation Before and After journey is over, it’s time for the grueling first week.

I arrived home and remembered that the nurses told me that I won’t be able to lift my arms for about a week.

Here comes the part of why I advised you that you have to wear a tube-top.

Clueless me had no idea that I wouldn’t be able to lift my arms so I wore a green polo shirt.

Pocholo had to cut my shirt so I could get undressed and be able to change into something more comfortable.

Up to this day, I still have no idea on how I was able to wear my shirt right after the surgery.

After I got undressed, I saw bandages above and below my breasts.

The purpose of the bandages is for the implants to stay in place.

Photo of me with Bandages from my Breast Augmentation Surgery (1st Day)

Amanda Dela Cruz Breast Augmentation Bandage

No woman wants to have breasts the same level of her décolletage.

Wound Cleaning

It’s imperative for the incision to be cleaned with Betadine and Hydrogen Peroxide twice a day.

My mom/friend would start by applying Betadine on my wound using a Q-tip.

They follow it up with Hydrogen Peroxide by using a Q-Tip as well.

The finishing touch is the Dermatix ointment that the doctor prescribed for the scarring.

Dermatix Ultra Gel Advanced Scar Formula

Dermatix Ultragel Advance Scar Formula

Available in Lazada BUY HERE

Dermatix is a very good topical scar remover.

Also take note that you won’t be able to have a full shower while your stitches are still sewn.

You can clean yourself with a damp towel soaked in water and soap.

I know it sounds icky but pus and bacteria are more gross.

Healing Process

First 3 days post breast augmentation surgery

I wasn’t able to do anything by myself for the first 3 days.

Food was delivered to my room and the pain was excruciating.

I also needed to always be on a 45-degree angle position and have pillows on my back.

When nature called me, I couldn’t immediately stand up.

I always used the strength of my elbow and forearm to slowly roll on my side in order to get out of bed.

I also tried laying flat on my back and that made me feel the worst pain in my life.

It felt like the implants were planning a mass-murder inside my chest so don’t ever try it.

The pain meds won’t really help that much for the first 3 days but keep taking them as prescribed.

7 days after breast augmentation surgery

I was starting to see the light of day. There’s still pain but it was tolerable and didn’t attack me for every waking moment.

I was still taking antibiotics and pain meds. Bandages were intact.

PS: The bandage below my breasts were taken off every time my wounds needed cleaning.

14 days after breast augmentation surgery

I stopped taking pain meds after the 7th day but was still taking antibiotics.

Pain was barely experienced 14 days after the breast augmentation surgery.

Bandages were still worn but finally got the stitches removed.

Showers were possible again but hot showers were not.

The water couldn’t come in direct contact with the wounds but I was still ecstatic.

Taking the bandages off and putting them back on was very easy.

30 days after breast augmentation surgery

I felt completely like myself again from my Breast Augmentation Before and After ride after about a month and a half.

“Myself” means that I could lift my arms completely and hop around like a Playboy Bunny again.

You’d be able to do light work after 2 weeks. I even had an intimate date on the 4th week while still wearing bandages… (sluuuut! Lol).

Photos above are of me before the date. I was already working red lips even with the bandages on.

Pocholo and I went back to the clinic after a month for the final check-up.

Dr. Reyvic Cerilles checked my breasts and advised me to start massaging my implants.

Massage after breast augmentation surgery

If I can recall correctly, the massage was like pushing the breasts together with both hands from the sides of the breasts.

Once breasts are together, you need to count 10 seconds and release. I can’t remember the number of reps a day so pardonne moi.

It’s too hard to explain so I’m going to show you an instructional video below.

I even had another date after my final check-up so 30 days are really all you’ll need to recover.

Photos above are from the same day of my last check-up. I had another date in Edsa Shangri-La apart from the 4th week rendezvous.

There are countless things that you can do while recovering from breast augmentation surgery.

Don’t let it stop you from getting coins.


If you have the money and want bigger breasts for any reason, go for it.

Breast Augmentation Surgery is very safe.

The only thing that I don’t like about it is the scarring (which is not the doctor’s fault).

My scars aren’t keloidal but they are hypertrophic.

When I get deep cuts, my scars tend to rise up. Keloid however, makes the scars bigger and that’s not my case.

My scars after almost 6 years post my Breast Augmentation Before and After experience

My friend who I recommended to my doctor had the same procedure.

Her underboobs were visibly flawless just after 2 months.

Sometimes, life isn’t fair and we all have to deal with it.

Plans of getting my scar lasered are possible especially if I get sponsored (Hello skin clinics!)


Below are photos of my breasts after my Breast Augmentation Before and After journey.

2 years After

Amanda Dela Cruz Breast Augmentation 2 Years After

2 years After (Bottom POV)

Amanda Dela Cruz Breast Augmentation 2 years after Bottom POV

5 years After

Amanda Dela Cruz Breast Augmentation 5 years after

I’m here for you

If you need a friend to talk to or you want to get your breast augmentation surgery in Manila, Philippines, feel free to contact me.

You can reach me through Facebook or Instagram and you can simply shoot me an email via [email protected]

Bonus Questions

Will Breast Augmentation Surgery affect the sensation of the nipples?

It does but to a very small percent. Most women’s nipple sensitivity comes back to normal and some experience increase or decrease. In my case, it greatly increased.

Do breasts bounce after Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Yes! I always have to wear a bra for support especially when working out.

Is breastfeeding possible after Breast Augmentation Surgery?

For the most part yes. If your incision is under the breasts or armpits, you have no problems. You might encounter issues if your incision is on the areola area.

Final Words

I’m still very happy with how my Breast Augmentation Before and After experience turned out.

Working out and doing chores are possible.

However, please note that you cannot do any heavy lifting for the first year after your Breast Augmentation Surgery.

The confidence that I gained from having bigger breasts is inexplicable.

I used to be really conscious about wearing low-cut tops but now, I’m always excited to wear them.

My breasts not only deliver happiness to myself but for… let’s skip that.

Suffice to say…

Beauty is Pain and Breasts are Power!

If you want to share your Breast Augmentation Before and After journey to my readers, don’t hesitate to comment below.

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