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MK Cosmetics Snow Fairy CC Cushion Review

“CC Cushion” has a very good ring to it… “Snow Fairy” sounds whimsical. Snow Fairy CC Cushion, now that magically reverberates!

Some cosmetics were brewed by witches and wizards. Hello Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation!

MK Cosmetics has to DELIVER with the product name they chose.

In this review, you’ll know if their Snow Fairy CC Cushion can live up to its name.

Snow Fairy CC Cushion

I got the cushion from my friend Michelle Fox AKA Vavaeng Marangal.

Locally made products give me utter joy and high expectations.

The reason why Filipinow was created is to highlight Philippine-made makeup, skin care and other beauty products and services.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of makeup cushions. I think they’re unhygienic.

Imagine using the same damp sponge again and again (hashtag gross).

What I do instead is I transfer the product on a makeup sponge rather than directly applying it on my face.

Originally, I prefer foundations over BB Creams and CC Creams because I like coverage though the need to cover up too much hasn’t been a priority lately.

BB Creams and CC Creams are currently more interesting to me as they are infused with skin-beautifying ingredients.

My Experience

MK Cosmetics Snow Fairy CC Cushion Shopee

The packaging is very pretty (for lack of a better word). I love the whimsical font of “Snow Fairy”.

The case is quite bulky but not heavy. Product is encased in white plastic with a tin cap.

Mirror that the CC Cushion comes with is of good size.

The sponge is thin and elastic which makes it easy to wash (if you prefer to use it repeatedly).

I can’t really give out any information of how the Snow Fairy CC Cushion can benefit the skin because the ingredients are not listed.


MK Cosmetics Snow Fairy CC Cushion Inside

The scent of the product is very appealing. It’s a cross between floral and powdery.

Consistency is watery and very easy to apply and the coverage is barely there (which sucks).

It doesn’t cover out blemishes but it does correct one’s skin tone (covered the redness on the sides of my nose).

15g is all you’ll get which is not a lot.



MK Cosmetics Snow Fairy CC Cushion Swatch Before


MK Cosmetics Snow Fairy CC Cushion Swatch After

The feeling on the skin is light and can last up to 6 hours.

It reminds me of a good tinted moisturizer. No oil-control so don’t get your hopes up.

For a product with very high SPF, it doesn’t feel sticky at all.

The shade I have is “Simple” which is too dark for me. They have another variant called “Natural” which is lighter.

My personal favorites are the glass-skin effect and the SPF 50+ PA+++.

The price is 349 PHP which is very good but will I purchase it with my own money?


Personally, the Snow Fairy CC Cushion is a bad product.

I like other MK Cosmetics products though (their skin care line).

Their Tomato Beauty Serum is AMAZING!

If you’re planning to spend your money on an MK Cosmetics Product, check out their skin care line instead.

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