Bad Lipsticks Battle 2018 Loreal vs Revlon Feat.
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Bad Lipsticks Battle: L’Oreal vs Revlon

Buying bad lipsticks can be a total waste of money but for a Blogger like me, I can use them for pure entertainment.

Lipsticks can be swatched in stores but sometimes, I receive them as gifts.

I had zero clue about L’Oreal’s Collection Privee by Doutzen and Revlon’s Colorburst lipsticks and I was so excited because both have beautiful packaging.

Doutzen Kroes is one of my most favorite models but she disappointed me with her… well, let’s save the best for last lol.

Are you ready to witness the best rip-offs of the cosmetics industry?

Bad Lipsticks Battle 2018!

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick Pink Sugar 006

Bad Lipsticks Battle 2018 Loreal vs Revlon Revlon Colorburst Pink Sugar

 “Innovative pigments provide immediate, high-pigment color release on lips with a featherlight feel.

Moisturizers and antioxidants, including Sweet Almond Oil, improve lip texture.

Elasticolor technology™ hugs lips with burst of virtually weightless color and moves comfortably with lips like a second skin.”

I love how they described this product. They’re very honest about it being featherlight, weightless, and will make it feel just like second skin.

Just STFU Revlon. It is my first skin because it’s gone in less than 30 minutes.

It is truly weightless and featherlight because it evaporates quicker than the rubbing alcohol I use to disinfect my hand. (Maybe I’m exaggerating a little but it’s pretty close)

High-pigment color? Beyonce? Bee-On-Sey!? (Channeling Tiffany Polard from Flavor of Love)

The Lies Kandi Burruss Gif Tenor

(IMG Source: HERE)

It has very little to no pigment with the exception of the glitters it leaves.

My skin is fair and it looks almost invisible on me and I also tried it on my mom (she has darker skin than me) and the product is barely there.

Click for HD

(No pigment at all, just fairy dusts)

Scent smells like crayons and the feeling on the lips is grainy.

The packaging is ok, nothing significant but better than most lipstick packaging available in the market.

Priced at $11.99 and truly not worth the money.

  • Efficacy: 0.5/5
  • Price: 0/5 (Waste of Money)
  • Longevity: 0/5
  • Availability: Does it really matter? I mean, why will anyone buy this?

Let’s continue the Bad Lipsticks Battle with something that’s Gone with the Wind (but not fabulous)

Gone with the wind fabulous

Doutzen’s Nude 006 L’Oreal Collection Privee by Doutzen

Bad Lipsticks Battle 2018 Loreal vs Revlon Collection Privee Loreal Doutzens Nude

I’m a huge (both literally and figuratively) Doutzen Kroes fan especially after watching a documentary about her on YouTube.

Her face is perfection and her aura’s ethereal.

The Doutzen’s Nude 600 shade of her collection? That’s another story.

I appreciate that it’s true to its name nude but they don’t have to go that route and make it look like a foundation color.

Bad Lipsticks Battle 2018 Loreal Collection Privee Doutzens Nude
Click Photo for HD

(Pink’s there for the first 15 minutes then forgotten forever)

Who’d want to look like a zombie? (Maybe it’s designed for Halloween?! I don’t know)

It has a baby pink shade and it disappears on my skin when I swatch it.

I like how it’s not grainy like the Revlon one and it feels very nourishing but it’s just a pointless product to me.

It’s like putting concealer on your lips.

Coverage is VERY sheer and disappears in less than 30 minutes.

You’d have to finish the whole product on one go in order to emulate what you see in the ads (plus photoshop).

The redeeming (scamming) factor of it is the packaging.

Lipstick is encased in velvet plastic with golden trimming.

The text is chic and it’s glorious to display on your vanity.

Price at $17.99, definitely a rip-off.

  • Efficacy: Negative 3/5
  • Price: Negative 5/5 (WASTE of Sugar Daddy Money)
  • Longevity: Negative 3/5
  • Availability: Sit your butt down


Who won the Bad Lipsticks Battle 2018?

Ding-ding-ding Jackpot!

The L’Oreal Collection Privee by Doutzen in Doutzen’s Nude 600!

We’d have to ask Doutzen Kroes if she’d accept the Bad Lipsticks award but that’s highly unlikely going to happen.

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