Top 23 in Pinay Beauty Bloggers List
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Awarded in a Pinay Beauty Bloggers Top 40 List

Today is actually very sad because my niece just got buried 2 days ago. I wasn’t checking emails lately and I was surprised to see that I’m in the 23rd spot of a reputable Pinay Beauty Bloggers top 40 list.

This particular day actually marks the 3rd month since I first published an article.

I’m so happy with how everything’s going for my blog and I just want to share the accolade I received with you guys.

I wouldn’t be included in the list if it weren’t for you so I want to preface this by saying Thank You.

Top 40 Pinay Beauty Bloggers

Included in the list are some of the Blogs I look up to.

I’m so honored to be in line with them and you can see the complete list HERE.

First and foremost, writing is my talent.

I’m still trying to figure out how I am as a visual artist so you probably won’t like how my flatlays look.

Pardonne Moi in advance.

I promise to keep updating The Modern Pinay’s Nipa Hut of Beauty with a lot of well-researched content to help beautify the Modern Pinay.

My focus is mainly skin care because I want my readers to feel beautiful with or without makeup.

I know that some of you are against skin whitening but it’s something of preference and should be taken “lightly”. (pun intended)

Never am I an advocate of self-hate and I think that if you like to tan, you should respect people’s decisions in having lighter skin as well.

Hydration is very important for me because I have dry and sensitive skin.

You’ll find a lot of good reviews and recommendations in regards to products that are moisturizing and hypoallergenic.

If you have the same skin type as I do, this website can serve as a treat for you. Free Skin Type Test.


Before I end this Pinay Beauty Bloggers Top 40 post, I want to show you the badge that they granted!

Filipina Beauty Bloggers

I’m still feeling ecstatic and I don’t know where to place it yet.

Please keep reading Filipinow as I have a lot of content coming towards your screens in the following days.

This award is dedicated to our beloved angel baby Summer Kira Dela Cruz.

Summer Kira Dela Cruz

Please keep on watching over us.

Your memories will forever live with Tita Amanda.

Pimple Remedies guide

Skin whitening Philippines tips

Paano pumuti?

Mga gamot sa tigyawat


Top 23 in Pinay Beauty Bloggers List

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