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Taiwan Lashes Review 2018

With all the false eyelashes Philippines competitors, we don’t really know what to pick anymore. I think that disposable things such as falsies should not cost a lot because they will end up instantaneously in the dustbin.

If you wear false eyelashes regularly, I’m going to share with you something that’s been in my arsenal of beauty that you’re going to love.

Taiwan Lashes Review

False Eyelashes Philippines Taiwan Lashes Inside

I didn’t discover this from a Taiwan Lashes review online.

It’s something that I randomly found while I was in Divisoria.

Divisoria is a great place to find cheap goods but I don’t recommend you to buy their skin care and makeup products.

Makeup tools and accessories are the exception.

The reason being is that it was proven that the imitations (makeup and skin care) they sell contain lead.

Vanity is not a good reason to die sweetie.

My Experience

There’s a wide variety of styles and designs from the Taiwan Lashes brand.

You can go from subtle to full-on drag queen.

The variant that I’m going to share with you is the Y66, which is what I use on a regular day.

RB Chanco, a popular makeup artist in the Philippines said that good lashes should not extend beyond the eye crease.

I agree with her and it’s the exact same reason why Y66 is my favorite.

What I love about the Taiwan lashes is that they feel so light when worn.

Don’t you just hate it when something so heavy gives u a nagging distraction?

When the Y66 is worn, you won’t feel any nuisance.

I’m not sure if it’s made of human hair but I doubt it because it’s very affordable.

Even if it’s synthetic, it still absorbs mascara very well.

You’re going to be sure that it’ll blend perfectly with your real eyelashes making it very hard to clock.

The packaging is very simple and isn’t bulky.

Since the lashes are sold in 10 pairs, you don’t have to deal with individual plastic cases crowding your vanity.

I’m not expecting something glamorous from something that’s 120 PHP for 10 uses.

Yes, you got that right, you’ll have 10 pairs of false eyelashes for just 120 PHP.

False eyelashes Philippines contenders in the mall cost way more as the standard pair is 40 PHP.

Let’s continue the Taiwan Lashes review with…

How it Looks

Below are photos of the Taiwan Lashes brand but I’m not only going to share with you the Y66 variant.

I’m also going to include the other Taiwan Lashes products that I’ve used on a wedding which is something less subtle.

Pardon me because I forgot its name. Without further ado, here they are.

Before and After of False Eyelashes Philippines Taiwan Lashes Y66

False Eyelashes Philippines Amanda Dela Cruz Taiwan Lashes Y66 Before and After

Another Photo of me wearing Taiwan Lashes Y66

False Eyelashes Philippines Amanda Dela Cruz Taiwan Lashes Y66

Taiwan Lashes (Not Y66)

False Eyelashes Philippines Amanda Dela Cruz Taiwan Lashes Wedding

Verdict of this Taiwan Lashes Review

I honestly can’t find anything negative about it.

The only thing that may turn you off is that the only place I know it’s physically sold at is Divisoria so if you’re far from there, it can be a bugger.

I’m pretty sure that it’s being sold in other areas too but I don’t know if you will be able to find the whole variety.

  • Packaging: 4/5 (OK for the price)
  • Price: 6/5
  • Efficacy: 6/5
  • Availability: 3/5


I found it on Lazada but it’s not the Y66 variant. The one that’s being sold is the more popular option called 218.

Taiwan Lashes 218 Lazada

Available in Lazada BUY HERE

Don’t forget to use my link because this website doesn’t pay for itself <3

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