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How to withdraw cash from PayMaya 2018

Today, I’m going to give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to withdraw cash from PayMaya and its other uses. (Not Sponsored)

PayMaya is like PayPal but we all know that PayPal can be a witch sometimes.

Just to be clear, PayMaya is not international. It’s best to be used if you have a local business or work for a company that uses PayMaya.

You can link your PayMaya card to PayPal to withdraw your PayPal funds though (still useful internationally).

Back to the topic…

My ex-boyfriend sent me 3,000 USD and PayPal limited my account because they think that the transaction was seedy. My ex-boyfriend had to call them to confirm that he really did send me that amount but they still maintained my account’s negative status.

What’s worse is they wanted me to pay a penalty fee of 100 USD for me to be able to open it again.

They said and I quote, “PayPal is a privilege and not a right, you can choose other platforms mam”.


Before my mood synchronizes with the upcoming tropical storm in my country, I’m going to talk about how to withdraw cash from PayMaya.

What makes PayMaya better is it can provide you a physical card that you can use to withdraw cash instantaneously.

With PayPal, you’d have to wait for about 3-5 days before your PayPal funds get transferred to your bank account.

PayMaya however, lets you withdraw what you currently have in your account if you use the physical card they sell (around 200 PHP or 4 USD) in their store.

The card they sell has a VISA logo which is very convenient because we all know that almost all ATM terminals and stores accept VISA cards.

What can I use PayMaya for?

Shop online, send and receive money, pay bills, and withdraw cash.

PayMaya is also a perfect alternative if you’re not comfortable in using your primary savings account or credit card on the internet.

From my understanding, it is a company based in the Philippines (Smart Money) and it has recently been awarded in the UK as the world’s Best Online Payments Solution in 2016.

Apart from Filipinow, I also write for a dating website for transgender women so PayMaya comes in handy towards me receiving my salary.

You should definitely check it out if you are doing freelance work online.

How do I open a PayMaya account in the Philippines? (Or anywhere else)

This will be an easy step-by-step guide. You have to precisely follow it if you want to know how to withdraw cash from PayMaya.

Step 1

Install the PayMaya app on your smartphone.

PayMaya Google Play Store

Step 2

Register using your Mobile Number (this will be your account username as well) and your REAL NAME. The reason why I put emphasis on real name is because you’d be using it to verify your identity via a live-cam session with a PayMaya verification staff.

Step 3

Verify your PayMaya account from the SMS that you’ll be receiving after you register.

Step 4

Prepare your ID for verification. List of accepted IDs by PayMaya for Philippine users are…

Primary ID (You only need 1) – Passport, Driver’s License, National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance, Alien Certification of Registration/Immigrant Certificate of Registration, Unified Multi-Purpose ID / Social Security System Card, Professional Regulation Commission ID, PhilHealth ID (digitized PVC), Government Office and GOCC ID, e.g. Armed forces of the Philippines (AFP ID). Home Development Mutual Fund, Postal ID (issued 2015 onwards), Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID.

Or if you don’t have any of the above

Secondary ID (You need to provide 2) – TIN ID, Barangay Certification, Government Service Insurance System e-Card, Senior Citizen Card, Overseas Workers Welfare Administration ID, Seaman’s Book, Voter’s ID, Certification from the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons, Department of Social Welfare and Development Certification, Company IDs issued by Private Entities or Institutions registered with or supervised or regulated either by the BSP, SEC or IC.

Note: If you only uploaded 1 secondary ID, you have to have the other secondary ID prepared for the live-cam verification.

Step 5

Upgrade your account for FREE. You can do this by tapping the “MORE” (three horizontal lines) button on the upper left of the screen. An ID should be uploaded in order to choose the option to take the next step in verifying your identity via a live-cam session on the app. Have the ID and your best smile ready.

Step 6

While on the live-cam session, the verification staff will ask you to show your ID in different positions. Enough with the naughty thoughts Amanda!. Seriously though, that’s what happened. Basically, he/she will look at your face and see if it matches with the ID you uploaded.

Once the verification test is passed, your account will be upgraded.

Congratulations! You’re getting closer to having your question “How to withdraw cash from PayMaya” answered.

Having an upgraded PayMaya account will let you be able to withdraw cash from your PayMaya account using the card that you’ll be purchasing from their store.

Step 7

Buy the card of your choice. I chose the most expensive one they have which has the VISA PayWave feature for 200 PHP or 4 USD. You’ll be able to see the other variants on their store by accessing it through My Cards from the more button on the upper left of the screen.

A “Get it Here” box will appear to get to their official store.

PayMaya Link Card Tutorial 1

Step 8

Wait for about 3 days until the card conveniently arrives at your doorstep. Mine arrived via Ninja Van.

PayMaya Ninja Van PH

Step 9

Link the VISA card that you received to your PayMaya account. To do this, click on the My Cards section and then click Link PayMayaCard. The app will ask for the Card Number, CVV (the 3 numbers on the back), and Validity Date, which are all found on the physical card that you bought.

Provide a 6-digit PIN that you can remember which will be used in order to withdraw cash from ATM terminals.

PayMaya Link Card

Step 10

Go shopping! Just kidding. Now that you’re all set, you can start receiving payments/money online by providing your Mobile Number to other PayMaya users.

How to withdraw cash from PayMaya 2018 2

How to withdraw cash from PayMaya?

With your upgraded PayMaya account and your linked VISA card, every fund that’s in your account can be withdrawn from any ATM terminal that has a VISA logo.

Apart from being an easy solution to get paid online, you can also use your card to purchase online and from physical stores like a regular credit/debit card.

I hope that you were able to learn how to withdraw cash from PayMaya.

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    so We Need withdraw money abroad your Paymaya Visa Prepaid card you can see display the Visa/Plus logo in over 1.8 million ATM locations worldwide. Plus ATM Network is owned by Visa International.

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