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Annual Poodle Care for Snuggles

I know this topic isn’t too relevant with my usual content but it’s a huge part of what makes me happy so I decided to write about it. Today, I’m going to share with you my annual Poodle Care for my baby boy Snuggles.

Snuggles was born on a rainy (I’m guessing lol) day on May 19 2007 in the Philippines.

Annual Poodle Care Snuggles Dela Cruz

He was given to my sister by a friend and I co-parented him.

My sister got married and moved to the US which turned me into a single parent.

Snuggles and His Poodle Care

Snuggles is a toy poodle and his colors are mainly white with some apricot on his eye area.

He has the sweetest eyes and he is the gentlest dog we’ve ever had.

He’s so gentle to the point that if we ever get robbed (God forbid), he’d be licking the burglar and get excited about the situation.

Kidding aside, Snuggles is very smart.

He can smell a visitor (by the gate) from the 2nd floor even if the visitor hasn’t rung the doorbell yet.

His senses are very strong which makes him the perfect guard dog.

According to Dog Breeds List, Poodles are ranked 2nd out of all the dog breeds when it comes to intelligence.

He’s an indoor dog and I’m very careful from him having a contact with nature because he got Ehrlichia Canis before.

I’m not going to go in depth with the disease because this post will turn into a novella.

Annual Poodle Care

Annual Poodle Care Snuggles Dela Cruz 2

I am not a dog expert in any way. I’m just going to share with you my Poodle Care as a Poodle mom.

My sister and I used to get Snuggles receive anti-rabies vaccine and get him dewormed on his birthday week yearly up until this year. The doctor told me that Snuggles is most probably immune to anti-rabies vaccine already. She explained that he is past 10 years old (in human years) and has been getting anti-rabies shots yearly so he doesn’t need one any more.

She also added that it’s only in the Philippines that dogs get anti-rabies vaccine yearly because in the US, it is only recommended to be administered to a dog once every 3 years.

I asked her if I can get Snuggles dewormed and she said that deworming is only advisable to young dogs from ages 3-4 and below.


The reason why dogs get the vaccine yearly in my country is because of the law that we have in the Philippines.

I did my research in reference to what the veterinarian told me and everything she said was correct.

The only maintenance she recommended me is Bravecto. It is a tablet that keeps ticks and fleas away from dogs for 3 months. She said that since my dog only weighs 6kg, the medicine can last up to 5.

It’s quite pricey (1,150 PHP) but I don’t want to neglect Snuggles’ Poodle Care again because him having Ehrlichia Canis was very traumatic to me.

It is imperative for you to check your dog regularly for tick and fleas because these buggers can kill your precious one. Most especially, if you have a dog like mine with a thick fur coat and it’s hard to see if there are nasty suckers doing an Edward Cullen on him.

What are my Poodle Care favorites?

Anti Tick and Flea for Poodle Combo

Anti-Tick and Flea Shampoo for Dogs

Bearing Formula 7 Dog Shampoo Lazada DL

Available in Lazada BUY HERE

My favorite anti-tick and flea shampoo for my poodle is Bearing. Even before Snuggles trying Bravecto, it has been a staple in his little area in my bathroom.

It doesn’t smell awe-inspiring but I like how it keeps my dog tick and flea free.

Price is at 380 PHP from Animal Clinic (Ortigas Extension branch) where I take him.

The bottle contains 600ml of product and can last up to 4 months with me bathing my dog 3 times a week.

Anti-Tick and Flea Spray for Dogs

Frontline Spray for Dogs Lazada DL

Available in Lazada BUY HERE

Before my Poodle tried Bravecto, my favorite anti-tick and flea spray was Frontline.

1 spray bottle costs around 700 PHP+ and it can last up to 6 months.

For now, I’m really liking Bravecto because I don’t have to deal with the added maintenance.

By the way, Bravecto was taken orally by my Poodle in the clinic.

Dog Food

Vitality Dog Food Lazada DL

Available in Lazada BUY HERE

Most importantly, my Poodle’s diet. I try so hard not to give him table food. He only eats from 1 dog food brand and it’s called Vitality.

We switch up the flavors because Snuggles can be a picky eater.

Sometimes we’ll get him lamb and sometimes, beef.

Snuggles doesn’t like repetitive flavors, he’s a diva.

Poodle Care in a Nutshell

Annual Poodle Care Snuggles Dela Cruz 4

  • Avoid feeding him table food.
  • Always take him to bath regularly. 3 times a week if you live in a hot country and everyday if you take him outdoors.
  • Check for tick and flea.
  • Take him to a yearly checkup.
  • Get his anti-rabies vaccine every 3 years (1 if you live in my country).
  • Get him dewormed (if needed).
  • Celebrate his birthday.
  • Never ever give him chocolate.
  • Clip his nails (Tutorial HERE)
  • Don’t hurt him.
  • Share this Poodle Care article to your friends.

Poodles can live up to 12-15 years. Snuggles is still strong even if he’s unfortunately nearing the dreaded timeline.

Love your dog like your own child and if you won’t be able to take care of him, just don’t get one.

Dogs are not toys. If you want a dog just because you think it’s cute, give me your right cheek as I swing my hand with full force before it lands there.

Annual Poodle Care Snuggles Dela Cruz 3

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