Tips for acne 2018 by Diana Wills
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Tips for Acne 2018 by Diana Wills

Today is a special Friday for Filipinow because Diana Wills of Ripped.Me has come forward to share her knowledge to Modern Pinays. If you need tips for acne. keep reading.

Tips for Acne and How to get rid of it

by Diana Wills

Although it isn’t a serious skin condition, acne can be quite irritating and bothersome, especially for those who invest much time and effort into their appearance. Here are a few tips for acne and suggestions on how to treat this esthetic imperfection.

Always remove makeup before bed

Regardless of the time of the day or how tired you are after a busy night out, do not forget to remove your makeup before sleep. That way, you prevent the pores from getting clogged, thus lowering the risk of acne breakouts.

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Use adequate cosmetic products

Not every brand and type of makeup is equally friendly to your skin. Makeup is generally an issue to those who do not want to compromise esthetics, but on the other hand have a problem with acne. That is why it is recommended to use a special kind of makeup, the so-called noncomedogenic products, which are more suitable for sensitive skin because they do not block the pores.

The gym


Another important thing to jot down form this list of tips for acne is bringing your own towels. If you go to the gym, make sure you always have a clean towel with you to wipe the sweat. Tap it gently against your face to soak in the sweat instead of rubbing the skin with it and increasing the chances of clogging your pores. Shower after every workout session to rid your skin of the remaining mixture of dead skin cells, dirt, oil, sweat and bacteria. Also, try not to apply any (heavy) makeup before exercising.


Wash your face every morning when you get up and every evening before bed, as well as before and after workouts. What can further help your treatment is introducing effective acne products, like lotions or cleansers that contain salicylic acid or anti-bacterial ingredients, and thereby enhance exfoliation, making the skin cleaner and clearer. Preferably, opt for products that do not contain any sort of synthetic fragrances and do not leave your skin dry after you apply them.


Avoid excess face washing and scrubbing

Facial hygiene naturally plays a big role in tips for acne, but a line should be drawn between necessary and excess routines. Avoid overly frequent washing and scrubbing as it may lead to greater irritation and worsen the given skin condition.

Hand hygiene

We often feel the need to touch our face, whether we are having an itch, applying makeup, or simply doing it without any awareness.

By doing so, we are spreading dirt, large numbers of bacteria and skin cells from our hands to our face, which can result in acne. Before your hands get in contact with your face, wash them thoroughly to prevent the aforementioned spreading of dirt and bacteria. In cases when you cannot do so, for example, during a workout, refrain from getting the hands near your face.

Change your nutrition

Certain foods tend to have a negative effect on acne-treatment and therefore contribute to its breakouts. Aim for a lower intake of dairy products, sugar, soy and products that contain it, foods with high GI levels, and try to steer away from fatty, unhealthy fast food, alcoholic beverages, and sweet drinks like coke and soda as much as possible.


Naturally, every person’s skin is different—try to find out what suits yours the most and what kind of treatment will help you erase this eyesore.

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