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Cold Wax VS Hot Wax

I have a little experience with cold wax and I’ve reviewed something of its nature before HERE. Today, you’re going to know what I prefer between cold wax vs hot wax in removing body/face hair.

The brand I used for hot wax is Epilin, which can easily be found in Watsons. For cold wax, I used Sugaring Wax by Bare Body Essentials.

Both types are very effective but I find that their strengths differ in terms of which body hair you want to remove.

Cold Wax VS Hot Wax

In a short summary, hot wax adheres to all hair lengths better.

What’s the point of using cold wax then, Amanda?

Calm down Lupita, here’s why.

Hot wax after being melted, goes back to a solid state, rendering you to heat it again to be usable (unless you have this fancy heater they have in salons).

We all know that it takes quite a while to finish one leg when removing its hairs by wax most especially if you’re going to do it alone.

This is why I still recommend cold wax to be used on longer hair strands.

If you have a problem like I do and you want to eliminate hairs on your chiny-chin-chin or your upper lip area, I advise you to use hot wax instead.

Let’s see how the Epilin Hot Wax and Bare Body Essentials Sugaring Wax performed below just for fun.

Both waxes were used on longer hair strands just so that the content is still relevant to the title cold wax vs hot wax.

Let’s start removing Amanda’s body hair in 3, 2, 1…

Epilin Hot Wax Performance

I got the Epilin Hot Wax from Watsons and it’s the brand that I swear by in removing my facial hair.

It only costs 80 PHP for 45g of product. I’m able to use it for around 5 times which only costs me 16 PHP to have a hairless face.

What I usually do is I heat it on the stove using very low heat. Be careful not to have the flame contact the wax because you don’t want to burn your house down.

I don’t wait for everything to be fully melted. What I do is I take the pan out of the stove once ¼ of the product liquifies.

I then stir everything until the wax is completely liquified.

Fully Melted Hot Wax

Epilin Hot Wax Fully Melted

My forearm during, after, and the hairs gathered

Epilin Hot Wax Before and After
Click for HD

Wait for 3 minutes or until you can stand the heat before applying the melted hot wax on your skin. I use the popsicle stick that Epilin provided to apply the wax on my skin.

Wait for the wax to completely dry on your skin and pull from the edge which is opposite from your hair’s growth.

Let’s continue this cold wax vs hot wax battle with the Bare Body Essentials Sugaring Wax.

Bare Body Essentials Cold Wax Performance

The form of a cold wax is volatile, sometimes, it’s malleable enough to be used to remove hair, and sometimes, it’s rock solid.

What I do is I heat the tub in the microwave for 10 seconds which makes the wax easier to work with.

I then grab enough amount of wax that can cover an area of my body that I want to take hair from. Stretching and kneading is not required per on the cover but I still do it (force of habit) just to be sure that the wax will adhere to my body hairs.

Stretch the Wax

Bare Body Essentials Sugar Wax Stretch

Cover the area that you want to remove hair from

Bare Body Essentials Sugar Wax Apply

Wait for 30 seconds then quickly pull from the edge of the opposite side of the hair’s growth and Voila!

Bare Body Essentials Sugar Wax After

The Bare Body Essentials Sugaring Wax only costs 220 PHP for 200g and is good enough for 3 uses to make my legs completely hair free. I’m a BBW so if you’re a skinny legend, you can use it for up to 6 times.

You can get it through Bare Body Essentials’ Instagram HERE or Facebook HERE.

PS: This is NOT a sponsored post.

I think that this cold wax vs hot wax battle is a draw. Both should be utilized in different ways depending on one’s needs.

Again, if you are doing this alone, hot wax for shorter hairs, cold wax for longer hairs.

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