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Lazada Return Tutorial 2018

I’m pretty sure that a big chunk of Filipinow readers has experienced buying stuff online. Worse is, the product that was bought is faulty or is simply not what you ordered. Today, I’m going to teach you about Lazada return and refund and how they work.

There are two ways on dealing with an item you don’t like. First is a full refund wherein Lazada gives you your money back and 2nd is for the seller in Lazada to replace your item with a new/different one.

Lazada Return Tutorial

What I bought from Lazada that urged me to undergo a Lazada return was an AV to HDMI converter. The reason why I bought it is for our TV downstairs that nobody really uses.

We have an ABS-CBN TV Plus but its connectors are still old school AV jacks and our TV downstairs have blue, green, and white input ports which don’t match with the TV Plus’ red, yellow, and white.

We want something running if there are visitors which we don’t get often. TVs in our rooms aren’t really utilized to watch Air TV anymore. I personally only use my TV to watch NetFlix or YouTube. Suffice to say, TV is dead lol.

Don’t be so touchy, if you still love watching TV, I’m not judging you.

Moving on to the product…

My Experience

What I bought was the Mini AV2HDMI sold by JungleTec.


Available in Lazada BUY HERE

It’s very easy to use. The converter has an input port of the colors red, white and yellow and on the other side, an HDMI output port. All you have to do is connect the jacks of your TV Plus to the right colors and connect your HDMI chord on the other side to your LED/HD/Smart TV.

It also comes with a short chord for the power source and I just use an Android charger as an adapter

The Mini AV2HDMI was successfully able to convert our ABS-CBN TV Plus to HDMI but it only worked for 2 days!

I was so pissed off because I didn’t like the hassle of going through a Lazada return journey, however, I didn’t want our money go to waste.

I then went to Lazada’s website and dealt with the issue.

Lazada Return Journey

It is very easy to return an item to Lazada. All you have to do is simply login your Lazada account then click your name on the upper right of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear then click My Orders. Follow up by choosing the item you just bought and click “Return”.

Please know that you can only choose the “Return” option if your item was purchased in less than 7 days.

There will be 2 options in regards to how you want your order to be dealt with.

Lazada Return offers both full refund and replacement.

Pic 7 Days Lazada Return Policy

What I chose for my issue was to get the Mini AV2HDMI converter replaced. Once you have chosen the method of reimbursement, you’re going to fill up a form and Lazada will ask you to send the faulty item back to them via LBC for ZERO cost.

After I filled up the return form of, I received an email of return acknowledgment and an order number.

Lazada Return Acknowledgment

You will have to write the Order Number on the box which will be provided to you on the page or via email so that Lazada can determine the item you’ll be sending easily.

Don’t throw away the boxes/packaging of anything you receive from Lazada in less than 7 days so it’ll be easier for you to return an item.

Be sure that everything you received will be sent back so you won’t have further issues with Lazada.

Once your Order Number and items are ready, just go to the nearest LBC from you and tell the staff that you will return an item to Lazada.

Now that you’ve returned the item/s

It’s time to party! Just kidding. You will be receiving an email like this below.

Lazada Item Returned Email

I got the email above in less than 2 days. Once your item/s were successfully received, Lazada/Store Owner will evaluate your request (which happened the same day I got the email saying my item/s were received).

You will then get the next email that will surely make your heart flutter.

Lazada Return Success Email

In my experience, JungleTec shipped a new item to me the same day I got the email saying that my Lazada return request was completed.

Lazada Return Diagram

Lazada Return Diagram

I was still pissed off with JungleTec until I saw their new item with a “sorry” gift of 5 pcs sachets of Nestea Wintermelon Milk Tea lol.

I appreciate the little gesture they did which made my Lazada return experience less of a nightmare.

The replacement arrived on June 1 and it is currently July 6. The new Mini AV2HDMI converter is still working.

AV2HDMI ABS-CBN TV Plus Tutorial

Moral of the story is to never throw away anything in less than 7 days after buying something from Lazada.

I hope that this Lazada return tutorial was able to help you. If you want to know more info about their refund policy, click HERE.

Sorry if I rambled too much. This is in no way sponsored by Lazada but I’m open to the possibilities lol.

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  • Mercy

    It’s good to know Lazada has a hazzle-free return and refund process and that you facilitate it through your account. Unfortunately, not every online shop has this cool feature and often times it get lost in the mail without them acknowledging you even started a return. My favourite online store in Australia has this feature too plus free postage for the returned items with a window time of 30 days after receiving it. Thanks for this post, it makes me know more about Lazada.

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