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Salmon Oil for Skin: Cre8Skin Cream Review

I’ve always wondered if salmon oil for skin is really effective.

My curiosity was answered when Miss Angela Moon of Gift Box Philippines sent me the Cre8Skin Salmon Oil Cream.

She generously offered to send the product for me to try along with 5 very cute mini samples.

Cre8Skin Salmon Oil Cream Mini Samples

According to Hufftington Post, topical fish oils deliver great benefits for one’s skin.

Salmon is one of my favorite foods and I was really interested about the idea of it to beautify myself.

Salmon Oil for Skin

From Cre8Skin’s website, their salmon oil cream promises to grant healthier skin.

Along with a healthier skin comes an anti-wrinkle functionality and stronger skin cells.

I’ve read a lot about how beneficial salmon oil for skin is not only beauty-wise, but health-wise as well when taken orally, but here in Filipinow, we like to try every method possible.

Cre8Skin Salmon Oil Cream Review

 Cre8Skin Salmon Oil Cream Outer Packaging

The Cre8Skin Salmon Oil Cream arrived on July 2 2018 on a gloomy afternoon in Manila.

First glance showed me a paint-like packaging and it has a sticker saying “Hi Seoul 2016 Awards”.

On the bottom of the can is a complete list of the ingredients.

Cre8Skin Salmon Oil Cream Ingredients
Click Photo for HD

From the get-go, seeing Squalene, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid, guaranteed me that the Cre8Skin Salmon Oil cream is a very powerful anti-aging product.

I had a little trouble figuring out how to open it. Luckily, my brother was having lunch with me and he dishearteningly helped his damsel in distress sister lol.

Moments later…

Cre8Skin Salmon Oil Cream Inside Can

I LOVE the product itself!

The feminine packaging was a breath of fresh air from the tin can that looked like paint or cat food.

The cream came in a rose gold metal jar with a plastic spatula which offers me a luxurious feeling like I’m going to eat caviar.

Cre8Skin Salmon Oil Cream Spatula

Jar is heavy and gives a premium feel.

There’s also a code for authenticity on the bottom sticker which you can use with an app to determine if your Salmon Oil Cream is original.

Cre8Skin Salmon Oil Cream Bottom Sticker

How to Authenticate Cre8Skin Salmon Oil Cream

Howto Authenticate Cre8Skin Salmon Oil Cream
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The jar’s cap is very easy to twist and I really have nothing bad to say about the packaging.

Product Claims

Cre8Skin Salmon Oil Cream Philippines Amanda Dela Cruz

Salmon is one of the world’s top 10 super foods. Salmon oil is very effective for preventing spot, freckles, and dark circle. Best Anti-Aging cream in the market.

My Experience

I was so excited to try the topical salmon oil for skin that I even used the product hours after receiving it.

The scent delivers a whiff of rose which is pleasantly surprising on my part. I thought that it would smell fishy.

Color of the cream is faint pink and the consistency is not too thick.

Cre8Skin Salmon Oil Cream Inside

Like any other good night creams, Cre8Skin’s Salmon Oil Cream is easily absorbed by the skin.

I love how it didn’t give a greasy, hot and tacky feeling on my face.

I used the product for a total of 7 days and the major thing that I’ve noticed was how it reduced my dark circles.

Before and After Cre8Skin Salmon Oil Cream

Cre8Skin Salmon Oil Cream Before and After

Flaking and rosacea on the sides of my nose were also greatly diminished.

Whitening isn’t too present on the 7th day mark but a pinkish-white glow is noticeable.

The main job of this salmon oil for skin is to whiten, reduce wrinkles and moisturize.

Cre8Skin Salmon Oil Cream is definitely a welcome alternative if you don’t like retinol creams.

I think that an 80gm jar of the Salmon Oil Cream can last one person 2-3 months.

  • Price: 3.5/5 (A bit pricey at 3,150 PHP to maintain but the score is above average because the ingredients and packaging are expensive.)
  • Packaging: 6/5
  • Efficacy: 3.5/5 (Something milder for sensitive skin would make it better)
  • Availability: 3/5 (Can be bought online)

I highly recommend this product for people who want to defy signs of aging.

Salmon Oil Cream Buy Philippines

Buy Salmon Oil Cream on Giftbox.PH HERE

Buying from the link above will gain me a small commission at zero cost to you. Thanks for the support!

Please ask your dermatologist if your skin isn’t sensitive to topical fish oils before trying because I got breakouts from this.

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  • Alyssa

    I received a jar of Cre8skin Salmon Oil Cream too, and yes, opening it was really tricky! I message Angela Moon on how to open it XD It sounds like a good cream that my oily skin could handle. I haven’t started using mine yet but now I’m excited 🙂 good review!

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

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