summer body workout plan essentials
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Summer Body Workout Plan Essentials

Now that Diana has covered the basics of nutrition HERE, she’s back with an amazing summer body workout plan.

Summer Workout Essentials

by Diana Wills

We all know by now that getting a “summer body” is not a thing. The way you want to look is something that you work for all year round, including summer.

Too many people stop the exercise regimes that they started in February because now they have the body they wanted and they can just enjoy it. Hate to break it to you, but if you stop your exercise routine when summer begins, you’re not going to have that body for long.

So, to keep you going through the hot summer workouts, here are some things you’ll be needing:

Summer Body Workout Plan Must-Haves


summer body workout plan essentials

First and foremost, summer is the perfect time to take your workout outside to get some fresh air and sunlight. But spending a lot of time in the sun without proper protection is not a good idea, so make sure you have some sunscreen on you at all times.

Go for a waterproof and sweat-proof formula that won’t just wash off when you intensify your workout. Secondly, your skin is going to sweat more than it usually does, because in addition to your exercise, you’re also constantly in the heat. Try not to wear any makeup while you’re exercising, because it will probably either smudge or require a lot of product that will make it hard for your skin to breathe.

When you’re done exercising, make sure you wash your face with lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser, before reapplying sun screen and any makeup you want.



You might just want to exercise in your bikini all the time, especially if you are outside in the hot sun, but this is pretty impractical for most exercise routines. Ideally, you want to go for light, rather than short. Well-fitted compression clothing, loose shirts and active footwear are your best friends in this scenario.

Make sure that you are wearing dry materials, which are a special sort of activewear materials that allow you to sweat, but not stay in wet clothing. Avoid cotton since, even though it’s comfortable and natural, it retains moisture and will make you uncomfortable after you start swearing.

Since summer is basically made for swimming, you’ll probably want to count that into your routine, which means getting a good quality swimsuit that will allow you to not only have fun in the sun but keep everything in place and allow you to swim focusing only on your technique.

Refresh and recharge


Staying hydrated during summer is crucial, since your body is sweating a lot more than usual to keep your temperature down. Especially during exercise, you want to make sure you have a drink that is low in sugar and calories, but refreshing and full of electrolytes, which is what your body uses to keep you hydrated.

Carry a water bottle with your favorite drink (coconut water is a great recommendation) and a snack to keep you energized.

The last thing you need for your summer body workout plan is…


We already said that summer is the perfect time to go outside, and while you can always use nature as your gym, you can also get some gear together and have a lot more variety. Find a stretch of sand and a volleyball and have fun with friends while training or get some ankle weights and try running through the water.

Make sure all of your gear is something you can stick in your gym bag and take with you, because that’s the kind of gear you’ll be using the most: skipping rope, small weights and stretch bands are some examples.


Try to get your friends involved and work out together. It’s not only more fun, but it if you turn it into a game or a competition, you won’t even notice that you are burning those calories.

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