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Week after Keratin Treatment: Brazilian Keratin

Not everyone will have the exact same experience when it comes to hair treatments. Different salons have different stylists and our hair relies completely on their skills. Today, I’m going to share with you my results a week after keratin treatment.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

I’m not going to write a bible about Brazilian keratin treatment because it’s already available HERE.

What I’m going to share with you is the explanation of Miss Tess (the lady who did my hair).

She said that Brazilian keratin treatment is perfect for those with damaged hair especially the ones who often get their hair bleached.

I always see keratin in damage and repair conditioners so what she said made sense.

Before undergoing the treatment, my hair was badly damaged from bleach.

The last time I got my hair bleached was January of this year.

I originally wanted to get a hair-rebond treatment but she said that I can’t because I got my hair bleached in just less than a year.

She offered the milder alternative which is the Brazilian keratin treatment. She added that what it will do is make my hair softer, smoother, and straight for about 3 months.

My Experience

I arrived at the salon at 3:30 PM last Thursday, exactly a week ago.

It’s a new one so the owner’s staff are usually on-call.

30 minutes later, Miss Tess arrived.

We talked about coloring my hair because I’m not a fan of the ombre look. I also chose to tone my blonde down a little because summer is over in my country.

It took around a good hour and a half for my hair-color treatment to finish.

Next was the Brazilian keratin treatment.

With my newly-colored hair and disposition in life, she asked me where I part my hair.

I side-parted my hair then the magic began.

Miss Tess applied the treatment on small parts of my dry hair and she instantaneously flat-ironed the part with the treatment after.

What this does is seal the Brazilian keratin to my hair strands.

I was able to get out of the salon at around 8:30 PM so it took around 3 hours to finish applying Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

I’m going to show you the photos because I know they’re what you came for.

Before Brazilian Keratin Treatment Photos

Before Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Doesn’t my fringe trigger your OCD? I know the feeling and I completely understand.

My bangs were all over the place and my hair was really frizzy to the point that it gets tangled all the time especially when I wake up.

After Keratin Treatment Photos

After Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Right after keratin treatment, my hair was very straight and pleasing to my eyes. It’s what I want my hair to always look like but…

Week After Brazilian Keratin Uncombed

When I just woke up and I didn’t comb my hair yet. Exactly a week after keratin treatment. I know how it looks like a rat’s nest but then again…

Week After Brazilian Keratin Combed

With less laziness, I combed my hair and voila! It’s not as straight anymore but it still looks pretty and healthy. Definitely miles better than the original state of my hair.

After Keratin Treatment Maintenance

Miss Tess ordered me to avoid wearing any clips, headbands, or hair accessories for the first month. I can’t even put my hair behind my ear.

The reason being is because my hair will get an unsightly dent from being pressed for a long time.

It was really annoying for the first 3 days because I always wear my hair in a pony tail. I live in a tropical country so it’s necessary to have my hair in a bun or tail.

She also advised that if I can avoid shampoo for the first month, I should.

She recommended to use conditioners instead.

My hair wasn’t allowed to be washed 48 hours after the treatment.


My sister-in-law got hair Brazilian keratin treatment done in another salon and her hair is still super straight up to this day. It’s hard to compare because her hair style is a bob cut and she has no bangs.

My hair style is layered, damaged with bleach, and I have naturally wavy hair.

I’m just going to grade this after keratin treatment journey solely from my experience with Miss Tess.

  • Straightening – 3/5
  • Repair – 5/5 (My hair doesn’t tangle anymore. It’s also very manageable and soft to the touch.)
  • Longevity – 3.5/5 (Straightening effect didn’t last but the rebirth of my hair is still here. It all depends on your goal.)
  • Price: 5/5 (Very cheap at 2,000 PHP, I can definitely maintain it if it’s every 3 months)

If you’re looking for your hair to be completely straightened, I don’t recommend it.

You’re like me and your hair needs to be repaired? Don’t skip the Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

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