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Joseod Lip Tints Review

Actually, it’s raining hard today and I’m feeling lazy to write but it’s Monday. Monday is the only day I promised myself to be my most productive. Let me share with you my take from a local brand through this Joseod lip tints review.

I was sent a message by Miss Mary of Joseod Philippines on July 8 regarding a collaboration. I perused her Instagram account @joseod_ph and their products piqued my interest.

The nature backdrop, the shade names, the white packaging, suffice to say, I loved everything from the get-go.

I’m not really a fan of K-Pop and their brand gives that vibe but the products looked too pretty to pass up.

Joseod Philippines PR Package

Joseod Philippines PR Package

They sent me a total of 14 products to try and I’m going to do my best to review all of them.

I don’t promise anything but for starters, let’s begin with their most prized products.

Joseod Lip Tints Review

The lip tints are encased in mini glass bottles with a black cap. They’re identified with white sticker labels which cite the brand name and shade.

Stickers are a little askew but I don’t mind because I think that the products are home-made.

The product claims:

Organic and long-lasting lip & cheek tint.

Let’s see if these babies are really long-lasting.

My Experience

It’s actually the first time that I’ve tried lip tints with fruity scents.

The pleasant fragrance added is a welcome bonus because most lip tints in the market smell of nothing or just chemicals.

Joseod lip tints currently only have 3 shades but I think we could all make-do without the Charina one.

Below are the swatches of Joseod lip tints in spread-out form and solid form.

Joseod lip tints (Blended)

Joseod Lip Tints Swatches Blended

Joseod lip tints (Unblended)

Joseod Lip Tints Swatches Unblended

My best pick is the Ramona shade as it gives me the most natural flush. It’s also very reminiscent of the BeneTint by Benefit.

Joseod Ramona Shade Pic

Joseod Lip Tint Ramona Shade

My goal when wearing lip and cheek tints is to always look natural and the Ramona shade gives just that.

The Sabina shade is my second-best pick. I think it’s perfect if I want a good base for my red lipsticks.

Joseod Sabina Shade Pic

Joseod Lip Tint Sabina Shade

Joseod lip tints literally last all-day-long and I’m going to prove it to you through a wear-test video later.

My least favorite is the Charina shade because I’m not emo.

Joseod Charina Shade Pic

Joseod Lip Tint Charina Shade

The Charina shade only looks cute when you’re trying to summon bad spirits or cast a spell. It’s too dark but it kind of is an okay-ish color when blended.

There’s a notion that Morenas can only pull-off dark lippies but I disagree. I think that lighter lippies get more pop in contrast with rich Morena skin tones.

I don’t find monochromatic appealing.

  • Long-lasting – YES
  • Transfer Proof – YES
  • Drying – Not as much as other lip tints

Wear-test video of Joseod Philippines Ramona Shade Lip Tint

I wasn’t able to film the following day but the Ramona shade was still there. Less pigmented but was still appealing to the eyes. The reason why I didn’t blend it is for the video to capture the lip-tint clearly. Even if I don’t build the color up and wear it in a natural finish, the product still lingers for hours.


  • Packaging: 3.5/5
  • Shade Variety: 3/5
  • Longevity: 5/5
  • Price: 3/5
  • Availability: 4/5

I think that Joseod Philippines is one of those companies that are starting their business the right way.

They have a website with an integrated store. They also have an app that you can download for more information.

Their products are FDA approved and organic and the best of all is they offer cash-on-delivery.

The only thing I don’t like is that their products don’t have a competitive price point but they offer huge discounts if you buy in bundles.

They also offered a generous 15% off the total purchase for readers if you use the discount code FILIPINOW15.

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