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7 Ways on How to get rid of Pimples

We are joined today by skin care expert Melissa Mellie. She will share her invaluable knowledge on how to get rid of pimples to Modern Pinays.

7 Ways on How to get rid of Pimples

by Melissa Mellie

Are you tired of editing images just to hide the ugly acne marks? It is very common to all. The problem of acne becomes even worse during summer. It is important to take care of the skin, keep it clean, eat healthy and start using a good quality anti-acne cream like Dermology acne treatment. If you are frustrated with summer acne, here are a few tips on how to get rid of pimples from the core. Have a look and decide which ones would work best for you.

1. Go for oil-free sunscreens

You can never say no to sunscreens during this season. However, oily sunscreens may suffocate your skin from dead cells and clogged pores. Applying oily sunscreens will cause more harm than doing good. Go for oil-free sunscreens and fight summer acne. Read the reviews well so that you make a better decision on what to buy.

2. Keep the skin clean to avoid acne

washing face

A clean skin tends to have lesser skin issues. Clean your face at least twice a day to make sure oil and dirt don’t cause much harm to the skin. Make sure to use exfoliant once a week for better care to your tender skin.

3. Be choosy with skin care products

It is really important that you know your skin and know what suits it. Know your skin type for free. Some people are allergic to skin care products that contain alcohol while the same product works well for some other. Hence, it is important to know which skin care products from which brands to buy. Always make sure you gather a little knowledge by reading the labeling of the products. Never compromise on the quality of skin care products and always make sure to try the cosmetics before using it.

4. Invest on a good quality acne treatment cream

acne cream

Acne treatment creams like Dermology acne cream are really effective. The antioxidants present in this cream not only help in healing the acne blemishes, but also prevents further outbreaks. It treats the root cause of the problem and works effectively on any kind of acne. This cream not only prevents the growth of bacteria, but also ends up making your skin look radiant, smooth and youthful.

5. Seek doctor’s help if needed

If acne problem is continuing for a long time and is constantly growing, there might be some underlying hormonal conditions that are causing the problem. You should know the severity of skin issues and realize when to approach a doctor. The sooner you approach the earlier you will witness results.

A skin doctor is your best friend and has an arsenal of experiences and knowledge on how to get rid of pimples.

Acne is more likely to appear on the face and it makes things really uncomfortable. People avoid going out, meeting people and confine themselves to the four walls of their homes. Skin issues tend to appear every now and then.

You should know the ways to get rid of them. Try out the above tips and tricks and know which one works on your skin. It is time to say bye to acne. Have a great summer.

6. Starch for skin

Starchy food

Starches are extremely low in fat, it is too low in calories but high in satiation. Which simply means that will make you feel full and satisfied. Prefer to have it to make your skin more beautiful than ever.

7. Try to avoid high-fat plant foods

Fat plant foods like nuts, peanut butter, seeds, coconuts, olives, avocados. All the listed foods get about 70 and 95 percent of their calories from fat. Many people’s skin does not do very well with these fatty foods as they face the problem of acne and many more face related issues. So simply try to avoid them.

Author Bio

Melissa Mellie is a skincare expert by profession.
She loves to share her knowledge and experience with people.
She regularly contributes her write ups to health or skin care related websites and blogs.
In her free time, she loves to travel, fashion shows and music.

Need more tips from Melissa? Visit her page HERE.

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