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The Face Shop Browlasting Review 2018

I badly want to like Korean cosmetics and skin care products but somehow, they just don’t work for me. Today, I’m going to review The Face Shop Browlasting Ink Pen and I’m going to be brutally honest with it.

We were all once novices when it comes to applying makeup but I think that makeup companies shouldn’t compromise their product qualities to “dumb” them down for newbies.

There are millions of tutorials online on how to draw brows and I think that learning how to frame brows using a pencil is not reaching for the stars.

The Face Shop Browlasting Ink Pen in 02 Brown

I’m so happy that this ink pen isn’t a total waste because I get to review it at the very least before it expires on 8/17/18.

The Face Shop Browlasting Ink Pen Expiry

My mom gave it to me randomly and I found out online that the Browlasting Ink Pen costs $15 or 780 PHP ~.

Packaging is really appealing and looks like a product that an artisan utilizes.

The taupe body mixed with brown cap makes it seem as though it’s something of pinnacle brow product quality.

For a “The Body Shop” imitation, their products look great.

The Shade Latrice Royale Tenor

Just kidding! I am not getting involved in any drama today because… It’s Friday!

Moving on to less trivial stuff.

My Experience

To be honest, I really like the shade of brown they used. It’s more on the ashy side rather than copper which is versatile whether you have dark or light hair.

The color payout is very subtle so you need to build up the product for coverage.

I’m guessing that they made it not to be too pigmented to help beginners in makeup.

The smell literally smells like a sharpie/marker and I don’t know if I hate it.

Wow Amanda, you really have a fascination for weird smells!

The tip is chubby and is not really ideal to be used as a stand-alone product. It will not give your brows a clean and precise definition.

The Face Shop Browlasting Ink Pen 02 Brown Tip

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE CHUBBY TIPS in other occasions.

Your mind ugh… it’s in the gutter right now Amanda!

Going back to the topic…

I see it more as a “quick-fix” for the woman on-the-go with very sparse brows.

I’m going to show you a before and after of my brows below so you can judge for yourself.

The Face Shop Browlasting Ink Pen in 02 Brown Before and After

The Face Shop Browlasting Ink Pen Before and After
Click for HD

I’m not sure of what its purpose is but if my guess is correct, it’s an okay product for brow-crafting virgins.


The Face Shop Browlasting Ink Pen 02 Brown Swatches
Full View

The top swatch is newly-applied and layered.

Middle is after an hour and layered.

Bottom is one swipe after an hour.


The ease of application is a very inviting idea to a makeup novice but… why bother doing your brows if you’ll end up with an ugly outcome anyway?

You Bitc…H!” – The Face Shop 2018 (Just Kidding)

Just get a cheap pigmented brow pencil and start from there. It’s very easy to remove if you’ve mistakenly drawn outside the lines. I made an easy brow application tutorial just for you.

  • Packaging: 4/5
  • Price: 2/5 (Too pricey for a bad-ish product)
  • Efficacy: 1/5
  • Longevity: 2/5
  • Availability: 4/5

The Face Shop Browlasting Ink Pen is a NO for me.

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