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How to get rid of Dry Skin on your Face

Today, I have the honor of introducing to Modern Filipinas the Sooper Diet blog. He is going to give us tips on how to get rid of dry skin and I’m stoked because this is my main skin problem.

How to get rid of Dry Skin on your Face

by Sooper Diet

Medications for dry skin fall into two wide categories. Initially, the physical management for dry skin which contains utilization of definite products that reimburse the natural moisture which has been gone away from the skin surface. The other one is eating healthy foods that may offer your body necessary nutrients to maintain your skin supple, healthy and hydrated.

What Causes Dry Skin?

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There are following major causes for dry skin:

  • Be deficient in moisture in the air; and
  • Making use of harsh beauty products that degenerate your skin conditions

Why Treating Dry Skin is important

You must know how to get rid of dry skin as an extremely dry skin will craft you to look years older and can create tiny cracks to be the homes of bacteria into your body surface, resulting to skin infections.

How to Treat Dry Skin

Trail these home therapies for dry skin to maintain your skin healthy, hydrated and supple.

Make use of Vaseline

Primary step in our list of “how to get liberated from dry skin fast” is to apply a mini bit of Vaseline onto dry portions of your skin two times in one week or as required. Apply the Vaseline on your skin for 10 minutes.

Baby Treatment for dry skin

Commonly used skin-smoothing scrubs can slip away even the dry skin’s fragile outer layer

So, the second step in our list of how to get rid of dry skin is to change your abrasive scrub with a baby’s washcloth as it will work gently on your skin.

Milk – A natural friend of Dry Skin & A Natural Beauty Tip

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Nearly all of cleansers contain a chemical called sodium lauryl sulfate, which moisturizes your skin. So, pick a mild, non-sudsy, soap-free and fragrance-free purifier for dry skin.

Make use of 2 % or complete milk three times a week with a squashy baby’s washcloth to provide a breather to your skin, which will logically hydrate your skin.

Milk carries lactic acid which will act as a gentle cleanser and the fat in milk will provide moisturization to your skin naturally.

Apply Aloe Mask once a week

Aloe mask is high-quality for being free from dry skin on your face, as it will hydrate your face skin and can also ease inflammation and ruddiness on the skin.


A normal beauty tip for how to get rid of dry skin on body, legs and face:

Place a humidifier into your bedroom. The major cause for your dry skin can be dry air

On the other hand, put a pot of water near your radiator. This will assist in accumulation of some moisture back into the air

How to get rid of dry skin on eyelids

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Eyelids are one of the major body parts to be prone to dryness. If your eyelids happen to be dry and prickly, use a hydrocortisone cream a few times a day over your eyelids after eliminating make-up. This will reduce itchiness and keep them hydrated.

Diet for dry skin treatment

Skin dries only when your body is dehydrated. Drink a lot of water during the day, it is a paramount moisturizing constituent in your diet.

Omega-3 essential fatty acids preserve your skin’s natural oils and reciprocate for failure of moisture on your skin. So, take in your diet: Walnuts, almonds, flax seeds and cold-water fish, like salmon and sardines.

Antioxidants play an important role in conserving moisture into your skin, so take account of your foods that contain antioxidants, such as citrus fruits and red vegetables.

Keep away from alcohol as much as you can.

A bonus natural beauty tip on how to get rid of dry skin

Add two to three drops of glycerin into the bottle of your preferred moisturizer

Stroke skin with soft towel to dry instead of rubbing with towel

Keep away from frequent steam baths

Followed the above-mentioned steps yet dry skin still persists? Please consult a dermatologist.

If you enjoyed Sooper Diet's 

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