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Farmstay Snail Face Cream Review

Korean snail face creams took their time in the spotlight around 2 years ago. Miss Michelle of Mcdell HealthCare Products Inc. has sent me the Farmstay Snail Repair Cream to try.

Farmstay is a Korean Company and Mcdell officially distributes their products in the Philippines so I know that the product that I got is authentic.

What this snail face cream does is it promises to brighten skin and get rid of wrinkles. I’m in my late 20’s and my wrinkles aren’t pronounced yet so I gave it to my Ninang Dolly to try.

She’s a 64yo woman and I thought that she’d benefit best from what the product promises.

My First Impression

The packaging is utilitarian which is a bit on the safe side. The tub isn’t heavy and it’s an “okay” and sleek looking product. Farmstay is not a luxury brand and I think that they spent most of their budget on the ingredients (which is a good thing).

What I don’t like about it is the lack of proofreading on the description. They should switch “chance” to “change” for the description to make sense and they should’ve utilized the use of punctuations.

Farmstay Snail Repair Cream Description

The ingredients are listed on the box which is a redeeming factor and the expiration date is cited on the bottom of the tub.

Farmstay Snail Repair Cream claims

“This is brightening and anti-wrinkle functional cream with snail mucin extract. It brightens up the skin by naturally managing the root cause of dull skin and old keratins, makes clean skin by naturally managing sebum and skin texture by keeping the balance of sebum, and provides skin moisturizing layer from inside of the skin to make the skin soft and moist and to prevent dryness”.

I just copied that from the packaging so don’t blame me if your OCD strikes lol.

Farmstay Snail Repair Cream Claims

What’s a Snail Face Cream for?

This Farmstay snail face cream contains a snail mucin extract which activates and helps recover our skin’s internal damage. It also fuels the power of the skin to change from the inside.

The main components of this cream are Niacin Amide (brightening) and Adenosine (wrinkle reduction).

Farmstay Snail Repair Cream Ingredients

My Ninang Dolly has tried this cream for about a week and a half and I will share with you her thoughts below.

Her Snail Face Cream Experience

Just like any other face cream, the Farmstay Snail Repair Cream is advised to be used after cleaning the face.

She religiously used it before sleeping so that we’ll be able to determine if there are any changes (even micro) in a short span of time.

She Dislikes

Ninang Dolly doesn’t like how it made the skin on the apple of her cheeks darker.

Farmstay Snail Repair Cream After

I asked her if she stayed under the sun for too long and she said no and made a rebuttal about how it’d happen because it has been constantly raining lately in our country (which makes sense lol).

She added that she always wears a cap and uses an umbrella when she goes out and I can attest to it.

She Likes

The thing that she liked most about it is that her face felt supple and the product is very easy to apply and gets absorbed by the skin easily.

Before and After Farmstay Snail Repair Cream

Farmstay Snail Repair Cream Before and After

I suggested that in the photo, even with different lighting, her bags seemed to have lightened.

She said that her eyeliner just got smudged on the before photo lol.

I was really hoping for the best but we didn’t really see any visual changes.

Maybe it’s too soon, maybe not.

I asked her if she will continue using it and she said no.

She added that her skin just may not be “hiyang” (compatible) with the product.

PS: This review is solely from one person only, I’m not here to make you think that it’s a bad product. At the very least, it didn’t break her skin out like how I got acne from the Cre8Skin Salmon Oil Cream.


  • Packaging: 3/5
  • Efficacy: 2/5
  • Price: 4/5 (998 PHP but for 100g of product. Very generous and can last up to 3 months)
  • Availability: 4/5

You can find this Snail Face Cream on various shopping sites from Mcdell HealthCare’s official list HERE.

Feel free to also check their website out by the link above as you may be able to see other products that may interest you.

Farmstay Snail Repair Cream Lazada

Farmstay Snail Repair Cream Available in Lazada BUY HERE

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