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BeautyMNL Lipstick Sale Experience 2018

All Modern Pinays know how to spend their money wisely and are aware that a BeautyMNL Lipstick Sale is one of the smartest investments in life.

Entertain me with how you can justify this Amanda.

First of all, BeautyMNL offers up to 60% off when they do these lipstick sales. Then there’s free shipping for first time orders. Third, they cater a HUGE mix of brands. Lastly, everything that’s sold in their store is AUTHENTIC.

I thought I saw their ad on Facebook in the right place (my bedroom) at the right time 12AM-2AM (I’m nocturnal). Everything was peachy effin keen until…

BeautyMNL Out of Stock but order went through
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I know right!?

Hold my poodle because there’s a storm that’s about to happen!

Calm down Amanda, tell them how you dealt with this in a civilized manner.

BeautyMNL Lipstick Sale Experience 2018

I have a lot of lipsticks but I figured that it would be a wise investment for a Beauty Blogger like me to have more products to review.

I’m not in the position where I’m in every PR mailing list of makeup companies in the Philippines so I need to find more bang for my buck.

I was also in the search for a good neon pink lipstick and…

Just stop Amanda! Just tell them what happened already!

Alright, so the plan was to spend only 1,500 PHP. It was my first time to use BeautyMNL and I had no clue of what I was doing.

However, the BeautyMNL website has a very friendly interface and is very easy to navigate so I didn’t have much problem even if I was a BeautyMNL virgin.

I’ve always shopped in Lazada and I really don’t do a lot of makeup shopping online because I want to test makeups before buying them.

Long story short, I ended up with only 3 products from the BeautyMNL Lipstick Sale.

What I Got

BeautyMNL Original Checkout Orders

I got the Color Riche Le Rouge Paris Fashion Week in Fairy Touch CR402 by L’Oreal Paris, SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick in Dreamer by Maybelline, and Lip Studio Color Jolt Matte in 01 Don’t Pink with Me by Maybelline.

You may be thinking why I missed the opportunity to save more by buying only 3 products.

It takes literally 5 minutes for one page to load and the BeautyMNL Lipstick Sale only went on for 2 hours. There’s literally no time to peruse anymore.

I was so bummed because I wanted to get the Rosy Mattes by Maybelline but all of them were sold out in less than an hour!

The website traffic is horrible if there’s an ongoing sale. It’s like trying to get a Piso Fare from Cebu Pacific.

I thought I was going to smile victoriously from the BeautyMNL Lipstick Sale but I ended up with products that weren’t my initial target.

My aim was for neon pinks and I even compromised getting something red because of the snail-like pace of the website.

BeautyMNL Slight Hiccup

To add salt to the wound, I got an email a day after that the red lipstick I got was out of stock but my order went through.

I paid by PayPal already so they offered me 3 ways on how I could get compensated.

First is me choosing a product/s worth 175 PHP to match my original order’s price. Next is they’re going to give me BeautyMNL credits which I can use in conjunction with their available payment methods. Lastly is they can deposit the cash to my Bank Account or send me the money back through PayPal.

My order was only 175 PHP so I told them that I’d just look for something else.

BeautyMNL Lipstick Replacement

The BeautyMNL Lipstick Sale was over and the website’s load time was back to normal. It was more enjoyable to utilize. In my quest for redemption, I saw the perfect nude pink apparition of the Summer Collection: Phenomenal Liquid Lipsticks in Vavaihan shade by Vice Cosmetics.

There was a tiny problem though, the Vavaihan lipstick was 20 PHP more expensive than the L’Oreal one.

I sent them the screenshot of my preference and asked them if I could just pay the 20 PHP here at home. BeautyMNL responded that I couldn’t do that. They advised for me to get the credits instead and pay the remaining balance through PayPal.

BeautyMNL Credit Back

The reason why I got credited 225 PHP instead of 175 is because technically, it wasn’t my “first time” purchase anymore so I’m not eligible for the free shipping. They gave me an extra 50 PHP to pay for the separate shipping fee of the Vice Cosmetics Lipstick.

BeautyMNL Paypal Payment1

Everything went smoothly until…

BeautyMNL Error 500

Seriously, WTF do you want from me now BeautyMNL?!

I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you, how dare you!? – Tyra Banks.

Tyra Banks How Dare You Gif

I’m pretty sure BeautyMNL doesn’t care about my existence but why did those things happen to me! I just wanted pink lipsticks!

I emailed them back with…

BeautyMNL Email Exchange

If there’s one thing that I can commend BeautyMNL with, it’s their customer service.

Whoever you are Kim, you’re doing amazing sweetie!

Kim you're doing amazing sweetie gif

Even after all the atrocities that happened in my BeautyMNL Lipstick Sale experience, I’m still going to order from them again.

Let me tell you why…

The day after the exchange of emails with Kim, I got my orders!

BeautyMNL Apology Gifts

With my lipsticks came three sample sizes of products as apology gifts. I got a Celeteque Advanced Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel, Milcu Powder, and CosRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence.

BeautyMNL CosRX Snail Mucin Power Essence
Forgot to put on the flatlay lol.

I’m a fan of Celeteque and Milcu so I’m glad they got in the mix but the sample size of the Milcu powder didn’t make sense. One sachet can only cover one foot or underarm and those two areas come in pairs lol.

My Takeaway from the BeautyMNL Lipstick Sale

Next time, I’m going to buy from 1 brand only when a sale happens so that I wouldn’t be wasting my time waiting for 5 minutes per page to load. That way, I’d get more products and emerge victoriously.

  • Sales Variety: 5/5
  • Website Load Time: 2/5
  • Customer Service: 5/5

If you enjoyed my BeautyMNL Lipstick Sale story, kindly share it to your friends. If you have a team of lipstick-loving friends, you can set a game plan by shopping together and assigning each other one brand individually.

Good Luck Girls!

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