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AHA 5 in 1 by Joseod Philippines

I’m currently straying away from reviewing skin care products because I got horrendous breakouts from a salmon oil cream. Today, Jana (resident product tester of Filipinow) will share her experiences with the AHA 5 in 1 skin care set by Joseod Philippines.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) is an acid that also acts as a gentle exfoliant. Utilized even by people with sensitive skin, it’s something that a Modern Pinay should definitely check out.

AHA not only exfoliates, it also whitens the skin.

Jana, a transwoman in her 30s, doesn’t really have major skin problems. She barely gets breakouts, rosacea, flaking and etc. Her skin is healthy except for the constant growth of the melasma on her cheek area.

Most of the reviews here will be from her take because she’s the one who used the AHA 5 in 1 skin care set for more than 2 weeks with the exception of the soap which I used on my body.

AHA 5 in 1 Skin Care Set Review: Joseod Philippines

Joseod Philippines AHA 5 in 1 Set

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AHA Whitening Lemon Soap with Collagen and Vitamin E (My Take)

Joseod AHA Whitening Lemon Soap with Collagen and Vitamin E

I don’t think it’s a powerful skin whitening soap. I still prefer alpha arbutin soaps or kojic acid soaps. Collagen, when topically used, just turns into a weak moisturizer.

Lemon, though helpful with whitening, is not as potent as papaya.

Scent is okay and the soap lasts for a long time.

I still recommend whitening scrubs because AHA is too weak for the skin on the body for it to be a good enough exfoliant.

I’m not really a fan of the soap because it’s not whitening nor antibacterial. I don’t see it gentle enough for the face as well because of the lemon. I just can’t find its purpose.

  • Efficacy: 2/5
  • Cleansing: 2/5
  • Packaging: 2/5
  • Scent: 3/5
  • Lather: 3/5
  • Price: 2/5

Moving on to the rest of products from the AHA 5 in 1 skin care set.

All opinions below are solely from Jana’s take.

AHA Whitening Body Lotion w/ Collagen

Joseod AHA Whitening Body Lotion w Collagen

She finds the lotion good but it’s not her favorite from the AHA 5 in 1 skin care set by Joseod Philippines. She likes the scent (it delivers a whiff of vanilla with lemon) but she doesn’t like how it doesn’t linger on the body.

No itchy feeling was present and she rated the lotion 3/5.

She likes the bottle used but she doesn’t like the sticker label. She said that it was like randomly slapped on the bottle from a hastened pace.

AHA Clarifying Whitening Toner w/ Collagen

Joseod AHA Clarifying Whitening Toner w Collagen

Jana loves the toner! She said that she experienced a little stinging but she doesn’t mind because it takes off all the gunk from the day.

The scent is also appealing according to her and it’s a joy to apply.

She didn’t experience breakouts and she has nothing bad to say about it.

The AHA Clarifying Whitening Toner w/ Collagen gets a score of 4/5 from her.

AHA Whitening Facial Cream w/ Collagen

Joseod AHA Whitening Facial Cream w Collagen

Her least favorite product out of the AHA 5 in 1 skin care set. She said that she used it under the sun and she felt a slight burning sensation because the SPF is too low (15).

She also hates how the tub looks big but when opened, contained a very tiny amount of the cream because the bottom pan stops halfway from the whole tub.

Joseod AHA Whitening Facial Cream w Collagen Inside

I agree with this because it doesn’t make sense to only contain very little amount compared to the other products. The AHA 5 in 1 skin care “set” should work as a set and the products should be finished altogether at the same time.

Now, for the redeeming factor…

AHA Whitening Serum w/ Collagen

Joseod AHA Whitening Serum w Collagen

Jana is a huge fan of the serum. She saw instant results in terms of diminishing her melasma.

She added that her melasma is slowly peeling away and that the serum is really beneficial in lightening it.

The claim of 2/3 drops on the packaging is also true because she only uses 3 drops to cover her whole face.

It’s her favorite out of all the AHA 5 in 1 skin care products and she gives it a 4/5.

She didn’t give a 5-star because she doesn’t like the packaging. She prefers the bottle used for the toner and lotion.


I think that the AHA 5 in 1 skin care set has great potential. Some adjustments can make it a go-to skin care regimen of the Modern Pinay.

Skin whitening effects aren’t present on the 2nd week mark but it is an effective set in curing skin issues.

Things that would make it better are the complete ingredients list, better sticker labels, higher spf, ingredients readjustment, and a competitive price point.

If you are interested in trying the AHA 5 in 1 skin care set by Joseod Philippines, I highly recommend the toner and serum. The rest of the products can choke or be replaced.

The whole set originally retails at 1,245 PHP which is too pricey for the line’s execution but it’s on sale now for 599 PHP. You can also get a 15% discount if you use the code FILIPINOW15 on your total purchase from Joseod Philippines’ Website HERE.

  • Efficacy: 3.5/5
  • Packaging: 2/5
  • Price: 2/5
  • Availability: 3/5
  • Skin-Friendliness: 4/5

AHA 5 in 1 Before and After Melasma Pic

AHA 5 in 1 Before and After Joseod Philippiones Jana Vega
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  • mercy

    I love honest reviews that’s why I like coming back to your blog. Nice to know about this brand and the range of products. And sad to know that you got bad reaction from salmon oil, I haven’t heard of this oil as a beauty product. I love eating salmon and I eat it every week. Maybe the oil was really too oily for you. I get the same reaction when I take fish oil everyday, maybe less of it would be fine.


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