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Rhinoplasty Philippines Doctors

If you absolutely have zero idea about getting your nose done, you might find this rhinoplasty Philippines doctors list that I’ve come up with helpful.

I was lucky that my rhinoplasty journey went smoothly because I had a mentor who helped me find the right doctor.

Let me act as the mentor you never had.

The doctors that are included in this list are famous via media and others are famous amongst transpinays like me.

Also know that this rhinoplasty Philippines doctors list will be in random order so be sure to read until the very end.

Rhinoplasty Philippines Doctors List 2018

Dr. Alvin Jorge of Cosmedics Dermaster

Dr. Alvin Jorge Philippines

IMG Source

Nephew of Dr. Jaime Jorge, who happens to be the first doctor to offer sexual reassignment surgery in the Philippines, you can be sure that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Dr. Jaime Jorge is the most innovative doctor of his time and the most popular in terms of facial aesthetics.

I’ve only known him through good word of mouth from my transpinay moms. He’s also the one who did my mentor’s nose.

You can be sure that Dr. Alvin Jorge has inherited his uncle’s vision and with that comes his arsenal of masterful skills to back it up.

Belo Medical Group

Apart from the scandals, Belo Medical Group is highly respected when it comes to cosmetic surgery in the Philippines.

I don’t think that there’s a more famous celebrity doctor than Dra. Vicki Belo in the country.

Belo Before and After Rhinoplasty

Belo Rhinoplasty Before and After

IMG Source

She’s so popular that the term “Nagpa-Belo” was created which equates to someone who had a beauty treatment/procedure done.

If you are financially fabulous, definitely check Belo Medical Group out.

ICON Clinic

From one scandalous company to another, ICON has been recently known through its ups and downs.

29yo businesswoman Shiryl Saturnino died in ICON Clinic’s hands but it’s also instrumental to the total makeover of Xander Ford AKA Marlou Arizala.

Xander Ford Before and After

Xander Ford Before and After

IMG Source

Please know that Shiryl had multiple procedures done in 1 sitting and every doctor’s skills and discretion differ.

I don’t want you to be traumatized by this article. I had different procedures done but with different timelines and I’m still alive and kicking.

Moving on to Belo Medical Group’s former rival…

Calayan Clinic

Famous doctor couple to famous people.

I haven’t been hearing about them lately but my god how Dra. Pie Calayan’s face changed.

Dra. Manny and Pie Calayan Photo

IMG Source

I’m pretty sure that they’re still thriving. They did great work to numerous celebrities in the Philippines so I still enlisted them here.

Next is a more economical rhinoplasty Philippines doctor which has been gaining popularity recently among transpinays…

Dr. Joson of Renew Medical Clinic

Dr. Anthony Joson Renew Medical Clinic

IMG Source

A friend of mine got her breasts done recently by Dr. Anthony Joson of Renew Medical Clinic and they look fabulous.

He’s been receiving a lot of good attention and feedback from transpinays because his services deliver amazing results yet he doesn’t charge astronomical rates.

His clinic is actually very close to where I live and I’m dying to check it out but I’m very loyal to my one and only.

The person who did my nose and my personal rhinoplasty Philippines favorite…

Dr. Reyvic Cerilles of Instituto Estetico

Dr. Reyvic Cerilles

IMG Source

I don’t think that I’d have to describe his work anymore because I’ve written articles about it in more than 4,000 words.

Let my before and after rhinoplasty experience with him speak for itself.

Reyvic Cerilles Before and After Rhinoplasty Photo

Reyvic Cerilles Rhinoplasty Before and After

This post made me want to get something done right now lol.

I hope you find this rhinoplasty Philippines doctors list helpful. If you know a friend who’s considering this procedure, kindly share this article to him/her.


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