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Switch Lip Magnet Review 2018

I’m a fan of Korean actresses but K-Beauty products usually don’t work for me. From my bad experiences with Etude House, Elianto, and The Face Shop, I’ve decided not to invest in Korean makeups anymore. Today, I’m so excited because this Switch Lip Magnet review changed my thoughts about K-Beauty.

Amanda Dela Cruz Holding Switch Lip Magnet Pic

Miss Angela Moon of Giftbox Philippines sent me the I am Fox + Wang Skin LipHip Switch Lip Magnet set to try. Giftbox is also an official distributor of authentic K-Beauty products in the Philippines. Their arsenal of goods includes the famous Some by Mi and Salmon Oil Cream.

I am Fox + Wang Skin LipHip Switch Lip Magnet Review by Filipinow

LipHip Switch Lip Magnet Boxes Pic

My first thought was how impressed I was by the pleasantly quirky packaging. An illustration of a light bulb piqued my interest but it instantaneously dimmed (pun intended) when I saw the grammatical error.

“Turn on the light your lips

Turn on the light your lips pic

OCD aside, how it’s aesthetically presented is 5/5.

The Switch Lip Magnet set comes in 5 shades that are labeled from numbers 1-5.

Although the 3 shades come across as dark from the box, all of them have a wearable pink undertone.

You don’t have to worry about looking goth by using any particular shade.

Switch Lip Magnet Swatches

Switch Lip Magnet Swatches

I love all shades but I find myself reaching more for 1, 4, and 5.

My Experience

Switch Lip Magnet Light Bulb Bottle Pic

Container is very cute and looks like a mini Christmas light bulb. Even if the bottle looks odd, it’s very easy to open.

Scent is floral but light and very pleasant.

Pigmentation when applied directly from the doe-foot wand applicator is pretty solid.

Switch Lip Magnet Review Applicator

Though intimidating to look at, the product works like any other good lip tint. Spreadable and Blendable; you’re sure to come up with a natural flush.

Look how seamless the Switch Lip Magnet is when I took the effort to blend it on my skin.

Blended Switch Lip Magnet Pic

Doesn’t it look like I just got pinched? (in a good way)

Texture of the lip tint is liquidy and delivers a cooling sensation.

What I especially love about this lip tint by I am Fox and Wang Skin is it doesn’t feel drying at all. I HATE having chapped lips.

You may not like that it’s not transfer-proof but I don’t really mind because the stain can last up to 4 hours~.

Final Words

Switch Lip Magnet on Lips HD Pic

According to Tester Korea, it retails at KRW 8,820 (418 PHP).

I asked Angela how much a piece sells for and she said that the Switch Lip Magnets are not for sale yet. However, you’re sure that Giftbox Philippines will give every Filipina a good price based on their price point history.

I am in no way sponsored by Giftbox Philippines. This Switch Lip Magnet Review is HONEST like every review I put out on this website.

Unfortunately, most of the text is in Korean so I’m not going to be able to tell you more information about its claims and ingredients.

I am Fox Wang Skin Switch Lip Magnet Korean Text


  • Packaging: 4/5 (Minus 1 because of the grammatical error)
  • Efficacy: 5/5
  • Price: N/A
  • Availability: 3/5

Below are some photos of me channeling my inner Song Hye Gyo. I’m too fat to be a K-Drama actress but I don’t care. These lip tints make me feel like one and that’s what’s important.

Amanda Dela Cruz I am Fox Wang Skin Switch Lip Magnet Pic 1

Amanda Dela Cruz I am Fox Wang Skin Switch Lip Magnet Pic 2

Amanda Dela Cruz I am Fox Wang Skin Switch Lip Magnet Pic 3

Number 5 is what I wore on my cheeks and 4 on my lips.

I hope you enjoyed this Switch Lip Magnet Review. If you did, please share it on your timeline.

You can get authentic K-Beauty products including these Switch Lip Magnets by joining the Facebook Group of Giftbox Philippines.

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