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HGH for Weight Loss 2018

Remember how I promised my readers that Filipinow will also be filled with information straight from the experts? Today, I have the privilege of introducing to you Dr. Josh Levine. He’s a health professional who also happens to own the blog

HGH for Weight Loss by Dr. Josh Levine

Hgh for Weight Loss by Dr. Levine

Women are often seen struggling to shed those extra pounds. Losing weight for most women is an easier said than done thing. In recent years, HGH (Human Growth Hormone) therapy has become a popular way to lose weight and as an anti-aging therapy especially for women.

I have been working with women of all age group for over a decade now. I understand how the body accumulates fat and how one can get rid of it. Compared to all other methods HGH therapy is relatively more efficient in resulting in weight loss.

The biology of growth hormones

To understand how HGH assisted weight loss therapy is so effective, you need to understand how growth hormone works in the human body. Body growth and development is controlled by a miniature gland present in the anterior brain called the pituitary gland. Growth hormone is secreted by the somatotroph cells of the pituitary gland that helps in cell reproduction and also promoted physical growth.

This hormone works by stimulating tissues and organs, especially liver to secrete a protein known as insulin-like growth factor called IGF-1. This protein, in turn, causes bone growth and has a vital role in organ and muscle growth. With aging, the natural production of growth hormone declines and it disturbs the body composition.

This is the reason why it becomes increasingly difficult to lose weight as women age. Other than fat gain the declining HGH also results in decreased lean muscle mass, lack of energy and rapid aging of the body.

There are various types of HGH for weight loss

supplements available, most popular of which is injectable HGH. Also called the recombinant HGH, I personally do not recommend women to use injectable HGH for weight loss as it can result in many complications and side effects. A better alternative is the oral HGH supplements that have been tested to be side effects.

Furthermore, I recommend oral HGH to all my patients who want to lose fat or build lean muscle mass.

In my experience, most women face challenge losing the first 5-10% body fat as it is the most stubborn in nature. However, this can be accomplished more quickly with the use of best HGH supplements for women.

Also, women with lower growth hormone in their body find it really difficult to lose weight, human growth hormone can immediately benefit such women. The therapy also resets body to a more natural metabolic state by increasing fat metabolism and increasing lean muscle mass.

With HGH, you can lose up to 14% of body fat

Hgh for weight loss 2018

You should never believe plain arguments that are not supported by the numbers. Medical studies backing the effectiveness of a therapy ensures us that we are not going to face any medical complication.

In a study published by NCBI, it was ruled that-

“Low-dose growth hormone treatment with diet restriction accelerates body fat loss, exerts anabolic effect and improves growth hormone secretory dysfunction in obese adults.”

In a study conducted on elderly men and woman between the age of 60-80 years, it was found that there is 14% body fat reduction without any additional exercising or dieting.

The study administered the subjects with a dose of 3 HGH injections per week. After the six weeks of dosage, along with 14% fat reduction, there was 8.8% increase in muscle mass with a slight increase in bone density.

In another study at the University of California San Francisco, the participants were given HGH therapy for 6 months. At the study’s end, there was a 13% decline in fat mass and lean muscle increased by over 4%.

This proves that HGH for weight loss can be effective without any extra exercise.

Can you start to lose weight with HGH in a matter of weeks?

It is not a rumor that with HGH therapy you can start losing fat within a few weeks. If you are using HGH for anti-aging therapy then you will see a natural decline in your body fat.

In most cases, women are expected to lose 10-14% of the body fat over the 4-6 months duration with growth hormone therapy. This effect is purely the lipolytic effect of HGH. In simple words, growth hormone stimulates the body to metabolize fat at a much faster rate.

This is why even with minimum exercise obese people are able to lose weight.

Growth hormone affects two enzymes called the hormone-sensitive lipase and lipoprotein lipase that are involved in gain (lipogenesis) and breakdown (lipolysis) of body fat. HGH reduced the production of lipoprotein lipase, which is responsible for the building fat stores.

Furthermore, growth hormone also reduced the free fatty acids that are absorbed by the adipose cells, thereby increasing their metabolism and preventing them from being stored as fat in the body.

One major benefit of HGH for weight loss is on the abdominal fat. By reducing abdominal fat HGH reduces the risk of several associated conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Growth hormone target the lipoprotein lipase activity in the abdominal region and help to get rid of the stubborn abdominal fat.

Women who are struggling to reduce the fat around the abdomen ever after rigorous exercise will benefit a lot. In such women, it is found that lowered growth hormone level results in circulation of more free fatty acids in the body. That is for such women HGH supplement can be stepping stone towards losing body weight.

HGH helps with weight loss, still exercising is recommended

HGH therapy can last for several months and women will lose weight with any additional exercise. However, for the best results, I recommend you to combine HGH therapy with dieting and exercise.

Under the supervision of a doctor, you can have faster results. You can expect 10 to 14% fat loss within a few weeks.

Women are proactively using HGH for weight loss and anti-aging benefits. It is a proven method to help easily lose weight.

I hope you enjoyed this HGH for weight loss guide by Dr. Josh Levine!
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