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Does Sensodyne Work?

First of all, you have to know what Sensodyne Gum Care is for. I think that I’ll be able to use my mother’s knowledge as she’s a dentist and she’ll be able to give you a professional answer to your question… does Sensodyne work?

What is Sensodyne Gum Care used for?

Sensodyne Gum Care treats a lot of oral problems. The list includes teeth sensitivity, plaque build-up, tooth decay, pyorrhea, and unhealthy gums.

I am in no way sponsored by Sensodyne. The reason of me reviewing this product is because I’ve been seeing it for years on the bathroom counter.

My curiosity urged me to ask my mother why she uses Sensodyne Gum Care and…

Does Sensodyne work for gum health?

Now, you’ll be able to know the reason as to why she keeps on buying the said toothpaste.

My mother is 64 years old and she’s still able to maintain her natural pearly whites.

Usually, people of a certain age start to wear dentures or have bridges and crowns here and there.

She told me in layman’s term that older people tend to have weaker gums which result to loss of teeth.

Her Experience

Sensodyne Gum Care Inside

Added to her lighter explanation, she said that she uses Sensodyne Gum Care to treat pyorrhea.

The gross-sounding word is actually bacteria which produce acids, toxins, and enzymes that ruin the structures that support our teeth.

She was highly impressed by how her gum health immensely improved by using Sensodyne Gum Care. Holds truth up to this day as she’s still chewing chocolates (her favorite) with her natural teeth.

Sensodyne Gum Care Ingredients

Sensodyne Gum Care Ingredients

My mom advised me to start taking care of my gums so that I’ll have more chances in being able to maintain my real teeth.

She always stresses the importance and advantage of having real teeth and that I should take care of them as much as I can.

My Take

Amanda Dela Cruz pretending to be a dentist Pic

Me pretending to be a dentist with my Mama

Does Sensodyne work? A ringing YES!

It doesn’t only work, it WERKS. For 128 PHP of 100g of product in order to have better oral health, why the HELL not?!

She directed me to rub the Sensodyne Gum Care on my gums after brushing my teeth and to leave it on for about 30 minutes at least twice a day.

I floss my teeth regularly and Sensodyne alleviates the bleeding and swelling of my gums.

Does Sensodyne Gum Care work in other areas apart from gums?

You’ll really think of it as a holy grail product if you have sensitive teeth. You can utilize it as a regular toothpaste whenever you brush your teeth or rub it on your particular pearly white that keeps inflicting pain.

Don’t worry if you have little tolerance to spicy ingredients. The minty taste is not as strong as with other toothpastes.

Final Words

It’s about time to write it on your toiletries shopping list if you want to have better oral health.

Stop being nasty and take care of yourself.

You won’t find a sugar daddy if you keep neglecting your mouth.

Zip it Amanda!

Sensodyne Gum Care Lazada DL

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Does Sensodyne work? Duh! If your question has been satisfyingly answered, kindly share this on your timeline.

Special thanks to my mother Dra. Rebecca Dela Cruz for taking the time in sharing her knowledge and years of experience with this product.

Me, Dra. Rebecca Dela Cruz and Kuya

Me, Mama, and Kuya Miki

I love you Mama!

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