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Black Rouge Airfit Velvet Review

Today is exciting for me because I feel like a virgin who just had so many firsts. Not only do I get to give you a Black Rouge Airfit Velvet Review, it’s also the launching date of a new photo quality from my new camera. It’s been quite a while since I reviewed lip products so pardonne moi if I’ll be a bit rusty.

I got the Black Rouge Airfit Velvet A01 and A05 lipsticks sent to me by Charis from Korea. This is actually the first time that I’m trying something from them and you’ll know soon enough if they gave me a good first impression.

Black Rouge Airfit Velvet Review by Amanda of Filipinow

Black Rouge Airfit Velvet Pic 1

The packaging left me in awe because of its beauty. I’ve had makeups from Chanel, MAC, and Estee Lauder and the box alone from this product slays the three aforementioned brands.

Bright red with a holographic border, what more can you ask for?!

The cardboard used has a very sturdy quality. Like those ones that don’t get ruined even after having a rain shower.

Liquid lipstick is contained in a rectangular glass bottle with a metallic red cap.

Wand is similar with the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink’s arrow shape.

Black Rouge Airfit Velvet Applicator Pic

I warned you about being rusty. I just noticed how long my explanation was in regards of the packaging.

Off to the more important part of this Black Rouge Airfit Velvet Review!

My Experience

Amanda Dela Cruz Holding Black Rouge Airfit Velvet

If you’ve read my Switch Lip Magnet Review, these velvet lippies smell exactly the same with the light bulb ones.

I’m not a fan of floral-scented products when it comes to skin care. Albeit my dislike with the nausea-inducing whiff, I really love the quality.

If you gravitate towards a lip product that offers a velvet finish, this is it!

I can’t read Korean writing and unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to share with you their complete claims.

Only cited on Charis is that these are of vivid coloring, more lightly tender, and lasts all day.

The liquid lipsticks are not transfer-proof but can definitely withstand more activities than the regular creamy lipstick.

Color built up will not last all day but leaves a natural stain for up to 4 hours from application.

Doesn’t come with a drying feeling which I love and can be utilized as a blusher which curates a natural flush.

Black Rouge Airfit Velvet Swatches

Since I’m a novice member of Charis, I was only sent 2 variants from the Black Rouge Airfit Velvet line.

I chose A01 and A05 because they’re the ones that look very wearable.

The line doesn’t cater a good variety of shades with only 7 that are all VERY SIMILAR.

Amanda Dela Cruz wearing Black Rouge Airfit Velvet A01 Lippy

Above photo is me wearing the A01 shade (stain).

A01 is more of a TRUE RED shade and A05 offers a warmer red with an orange undertone.

Black Rouge Airfit Velvet Review Final Words

Initial application color and the stain left overtime are both beautiful. I don’t have anything negative to say about its performance as a liquid lipstick.

Retails at $15 a piece but if you buy from my Charis Shop, you’ll be able to get one for only $9.19.

It’s definitely a chic addition in your handbag.

  • Packaging: 6/5
  • Shade Variety: 2/5
  • Skin-Friendliness: 5/5
  • Longevity: 3/5
  • Price: 3.5/5
  • Availability: 2/5

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