Filipinow Care Package Giveaway 2018
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Filipinow Care Package Giveaway 2018

I am so excited for this epic giveaway because it’s everything I envisioned it to be.

Weeks ago, I came up with a list of “pending” items to give away before I contacted the brands that I’ve worked with in the past.

Never in my slightest imagination that one would say YES but they ALL did!

The reason why I’m doing this is because my website has been gaining a lot of traffic and the following in my social profiles has been steadily growing with a few people diligently reading my posts; suffice to say, I want to thank all of you.

Below is a list of what ONE lucky follower can win from the fruit of my “lambing” with the brands.

Let it be known that the items I’m giving away has reviews on this website and are my personal favorites.


AYO Premium Whitening Soaps and Jabon Jabon Soap

I want Filipinas to experience the power of Alpha-Arbutin in skin whitening so I’m giving away 2 of my favorite AYO Premium Whitening Soap variants. You will have a chance to win an AYO Papaya Whitening Soap (can be used on both face and body) and AYO Pineapple Whitening Soap (a deliciously-scented soap that is very enjoyable to use in the shower).

Jabon Jabon is an organic antibacterial soap which comes from the same makers of AYO Premium Whitening Soap and you will also have the chance to win 1 Forest Fern variant.

3 Soaps worth 650 PHP! Do your best!


AYO Premium Whitening Soap Review

Jabon Jabon Soap Review

Clivia Pure Organics Skin Care Products

Clivia Pure Organics is the first brand that has trusted and I will be forever grateful.

Every Filipina needs to know the importance of using mild deodorants for dark underarms so you will be able to get the chance to win 1 Tawas Spray.

You’ll also have the chance to experience their very effective Ageless Cream and Papaya Ointment.

3 Organic Skin Care products that retails at 520 PHP can be yours!


Clivia Pure Organics Review

Bare Body Essentials Products

Bare Body Essentials has been in the game for quite some time and I’m stoked that they agreed to sponsor this giveaway.

If you’re the type who likes to mask and pamper yourself, don’t miss this one out!

Get the chance to win 1 Bare Body Essentials Sugar Wax and Vanity Mask (green tea) by joining this giveaway.

These babies cost 480 PHP collectively so be in it to win it!


Bare Body Essentials Vanity Mask Review

Bare Body Essentials Sugar Wax Review

Zen Zest Perfume

We all know that Zen Zest is a resounding name in the perfumery industry in the Philippines.

Need I say more?

If you follow the mechanics and put your best effort, you might just be greeted with one Zen Zest Elements Perfume (fire or earth) worth 350 PHP on your doorstep.


Zen Zest Perfumes Review


All you have to do to win one Filipinow Care Package worth 2,000 PHP is to…

LIKE and FOLLOW Filipinow’s Facebook Page and Instagram.

FOLLOW the brands below on Instagram.

Clivia Pure Organics

AYO Premium Whitening Soap

Jabon Jabon Soap

Bare Body Essentials

Zen Zest

TAG 3 friends on the comments section of the pinned FB Fanpage Photo of Filipinow.

SHARE the pinned FB Fanpage Photo of Filipinow on your Facebook Timeline.

Entries are unlimited but PLEASE avoid tagging the same people.

PS: This giveaway is only open to readers living within the Philippines. I’ll do an international giveaway when I get more coins <3 One winner will also get an LA Girl lipstick instead of an AYO Pineapple Soap because my dog ate one lol.

Be ONE of the THREE lucky winners!

Winners will be announced on October 10 2018.

Good Luck!


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