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Why Is My Hair Falling Out? Triggers of Hair Loss

Why is my hair falling out? Has this question been nagging you for years. Let Diana Wills help you figure it out.

Below are the possible triggers as to why you’re losing some of your luscious locks.

Why is my hair falling out? Triggers of Hair Loss

by: Diana Wills

There are different types of hair loss depending on whether it is genetic or reactive. When it comes to genetics, you might notice progressive hair loss in a short period of time. Men tend to have this condition genetically inherited almost exclusively because hair loss is a result of a mutation of the X chromosome, which they only have one copy of. Hair loss can also be a normal consequence of aging.

The follicles your hair grows from tend to get smaller with age as a result of DHT hormonal activity. DHT cuts the follicles’ oxygen supplies and disables them to grow into new hair. Besides genetics and aging, there are reactive hair loss factors which can be induced in several ways.

Reactive hair loss triggers

Why is my hair falling out

  • One of your body’s biggest enemies. Stress causes premature hair loss due to a rise in androgen activity, which is a male hormone. One in three women who are prone to stress will suffer from hair loss or reduced hair volume at some point in their lifetime, but it can be caused by a single stressful experience as well.
  • Iron deficiency can cause many problems, hair loss being only one of them. Iron is essential for producing hair cell protein. You can find out your iron measures with a simple blood check. If your iron deposits are lower than 8, you should consult a doctor about taking iron supplements.
  • Diet. An unhealthy diet or dramatic weight loss can be a trigger for losing hair. Your hair normally falls off in around 80 strands a day, and recovers in a short notice. If you start noticing chunks of hair missing from your scalp, think about changing your diet. Add more nutrients rich with vitamin B12 and iron. Any nutritional deficiency will probably show up in your hair first because hair isn’t essential for your physical health.
  • Thyroid problem. Hyperthyroidism can be recognized by intensive weight loss with an increased appetite, irritation, mood swings and sweating. Hypothyroidism is recognized by excessive weight gain, depression, fatigue, muscle weakness and constipation. Both can result in thinning or losing hair. If you recognize these symptoms, schedule an appointment with your doctor.
  • Hormonal imbalance. While estrogen helps women grow their hair, androgen can shorten the hair growth cycle. Hormonal issues are not a rare condition with women, but a condition that should be treated before it does any damage. Hormonal therapy can help you benefit in many ways because it fixes all hormone-related problems you might have not even noticed yet.

Now that you have your question to why is my hair falling out answered, you’ll need effective treatments.

Hair loss treatment

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The first part of the solution is for you to recognize the severity of the problem. If you have been noticing changes in your hair including gradual thinning on top of your head or patchy bald spots for more than three months, consider visiting a trichologist first. The doctor will know what you can do.

While you wait for your scheduled appointment, there are some things you can do yourself. If you need fast and effective hair growth, you can consider hair rejuvenation treatment. This type of treatment uses Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for stimulating hair follicles to regrow. It is guaranteed to have no side effects. For best results, try to stop blow drying your hair as well. Blow dryers suck the life out of your hair. Moisture is important for the scalp because it has healthy nutrients follicles need to grow. Without moisture, your hair is prone to damage and excessive falling off. Let your hair be free without constraining it with a rubber band or a hairpin. Pressure only makes your hair unable to grow effectively and even promotes hair loss.

All of hair loss conditions are treatable and fixable thanks to modern technology and medicine. Hair loss is almost an inevitable part of normal aging, but it can catch you by surprise if it occurs at an early age. In order to prevent yourself from being shocked, look up your family’s hair history. If your parents had trouble with hair loss, it is most likely you will have trouble too. It is important to remember not to panic because stress can promote the unwanted process even further. So take a deep breath and tell yourself not to worry because there are many solutions.

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