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Catriona Gray Beauty Secrets 2018

I’m still hyped from Catriona Gray winning Miss Universe 2018 and I’ve been binge-watching videos about her. Let’s see if you can somehow emulate this 24-year old’s crown-worthy look through this Catriona Gray Beauty Secrets list.

The information I’ll be using is solely from the video uploaded on Star Style Channel PH’s YouTube channel.

The video shows Catriona’s night time skin care routine with a bonus of how she removes her makeup.

Without further ramblings, let’s get to it!

Catriona Gray Beauty Secrets 2018

Let it be known that she uses a lot of oils. My dermatologist told me that oils are acnegenic so if you’re suffering from breakouts, this may not be for you.

Free skin type test HERE.

She loves using natural products. However, not everything natural is hypoallergenic so please take this guide with a grain of salt.

Coconut Oil + Makeup Removing Wipes

I agree with her when she said that coconut oil is very good in removing makeup. It can definitely get rid of your last night’s experimental eyeliner trick in a matter of seconds.

If your skin can withstand oils, you’re in luck.

She starts by rubbing the oil on her skin and once the makeup breaks down, she finishes with wipes.

She added that she doesn’t like to use cotton pads as you’ll need to use a lot to remove all the gunk from your face opposed to makeup wipes that you’d only need a sheet or two.

Using wipes instead of pads doesn’t only save more time, it also helps save the environment.

She advised to rub gently on the eye area and wipe the lipstick off as the final touch to avoid getting lipstick all over your face.

Angels on Bare Skin Clay Cleanser by LUSH

This one gently exfoliates the skin and since her skin type is normal to combination, gently exfoliating daily won’t totally damage her skin barrier. If you have normal to oily skin, it’s definitely something to check out.

Stay away from this one if you have dry and sensitive skin.

She uses this as it easily removes the oily residue left by the coconut oil she used as a makeup remover.

It’s safe to say that she uses the clay cleanser regularly as her schedule requires her to wear makeup most of the time.

Let’s continue this Catriona Gray Beauty Secrets list by being more in-depth…

Night Time Skin Care Routine

I love how she’s not pretending to be someone she’s not and said that she’s more practical with her skin care.

To be honest, you don’t need a lot especially if you’re of the same age as her.

Don’t be a Kylie Jenner.

Origins Original Skin Serum

One pump on her whole face and neck with a gentle upwards motion is enough. If you have a big face like I do, use more lol.

Spot Treatment

Whenever she gets breakouts (she’s human), she uses pimple creams. However, she wasn’t able to disclose the brand on the video but you can read my Pimple Remedies Philippines guide if you’re so inclined.

Glow Lab Night Cream

I’ve never heard about this product but from how Catriona looks like, I think it’s worth a try lol.

Oh Amanda, you’re such a groupie!

If you don’t know which night cream is right for you, you can browse my Affordable night creams Philippines review.

She applies the product the same way she does with the serum and she waits for a minute for it to settle on her skin.

Keihl’s Avocado Eye Treatment

She doesn’t have prominent eyebags yet as she’s only 24 but she said that she uses it for prevention.

Not only does she use the cream under her eyes, she also utilizes it on her laugh lines.

The last step in this Catriona Gray Beauty Secrets guide is the…

Jojoba Oil by Desert Essence

She usually only uses a cleanser and this oil on a regular day so if you want to emulate her look and you don’t have an acne-prone skin, you should definitely check this out.

She activates the product by warming it up using the palm of her hands then she gently pats her whole face in order to lock in the oil.


You thought wrong because she gave us an additional tip when it comes to our tips…

Just stop Amanda!

Rose Hair Elixir by Innate Life

Not only does she apply this elixir on the ends of her hair, she also nourishes her brows and eyelashes with it.

I hope this unleashes your inner Miss Universe. Most of the products mentioned can be bought online, in Rustan’s, or Duty Free.

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