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Akneclin Clindamycin Review 2018

I can’t wait to show you the before and after photos of my battle with acne. I’m already halfway through my isotretinoin journey and the results are very satisfactory. I’ve been trying a lot of different products which are all prescribed by my dermatologist. Today, I’m going to share one of those with you through this Akneclin Clindamycin Review.

Please know that it’s still best to consult a physician but there’s also no harm in trying something topical and doesn’t require a prescription. Please take this review with a grain of salt as we all have different skin types. Know your skin type for FREE.

My skin type is dry and sensitive which also happens to be acne prone. Keep reading if we share the same skin type as this may be able to help you save time and money if you’re getting minor breakouts.

Akneclin Clindamycin Review by Amanda of Filipinow

To be honest, I got the gel for free from my doctor after I gave her some sunscreen as a token of gratitude for making my skin better.

The sample she gave is also being sold in her clinic which means that it’s something that she really trusts.

I was reluctant at first because she told me that since my skin is sensitive, I may react badly with the gel. Isotretinoin is pricey and I didn’t want to risk counteracting it just because I wanted to try a new product.

However, she told me that if I find something topical that will work very well in getting rid of my acne, along with taking isotretinoin orally, I will see better results in a much-hastened pace.

I told myself that if it causes irritation and fresh breakouts, I will stop using it immediately.

Let’s head on to the more vital part of this Akneclin Clindamycin Review…

My Experience

Akneclin Clindamycin Review Inside

Tube that the gel is contained in is no-nonsense and straight to the point.

Product packaging gives a medicated and trustworthy feel which I don’t love nor hate.

Gel is clear and smells a lot like a Bengay cream.

She explained to me that topical Clindamycin deals with acne in general be it largely inflamed or in clusters of mini bumps.

I was so excited because I wanted to get rid of the village growing on my jawline.

Upon application, I didn’t feel any stinging which is a good thing.

It also didn’t induce new breakouts even after using it for more than 3 days.

The cluster of acne on my jaw pacified and flattened within a week. Currently, it’s been 9 days since I’ve first used the Acneklin Clindamycin gel and I’ve been getting nothing but positive results.

I’m not sure of its price but once I get back to the dermatologist, I’ll buy a full-sized one and update this Akneclin Clindamycin Review.

Final Words

I have nothing negative to say and I find it as a fabulous product.

  • Efficacy: 5/5
  • Packaging: 3/5
  • Price: ?
  • Availability: ?

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