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Easy 3-Step Korean Skin Care

Looking for an easy 3-Step Korean skin care routine for supple, clear, and moisturized skin? Here are some helpful tips by Donna Maurer.

The 10-step Korean skincare routine has become wildly popular lately, mostly thanks to the Internet. Beauty enthusiasts from all across the globe have become obsessed with achieving the supple, clear, moisturized skin that Korean women have become famous for. There’s no question that these daily 10-step skin care rituals work. However, how many people really have time to complete all those steps two times every day? Buying all those different products can get pretty expensive too.

Can you get the same flawless look without spending all that time and money?

Absolutely! The truth is, you don’t have to follow a 10-step Korean skin care regimen to achieve clear, supple skin. You can get amazing results by being consistent with your skincare every day. Try devoting yourself to a more reasonable 3-step Korean skin care routine every morning and night.

You just might be surprised to find out how effective these three essential products can be if you use them diligently.

3-Step Korean Skin Care Routine Essentials

3-step korean skin care routine easy

Step One: Cleanser

Most Korean skincare routines will recommend a two-step double cleanse to start out your skincare routine. A double-cleanse simply means using an oil cleanser first to break down oil and makeup, and then following with a water-based cleanser to remove any remaining residue.

Although you do need to be meticulous about cleansing your skin if you want to achieve that clear, smooth complexion we all crave. However, you should be able to get by just fine with only one cleanser in the morning and one at night, as long as you choose the right one for your needs.

In the morning, a water-based cleanser is all you need to remove any dirt or oil that has collected on the skin overnight. Water-based cleansers leave the skin feeling supple without stripping away essential moisture. This type of cleanser usually found in easy to rinse formulations, such as cleansing water or foam.

When it comes to choosing the best cleanser for nighttime, it will depend a lot on how much makeup you wear during the day. If you wear a full face of makeup and foundation, you should look for an oil-based cleanser that will break down the makeup without unnecessary tugging that can damage the skin. Oil-based cleansers come in a variety of different forms, from lightweight cleansing oils to heavier cleansing balms. They will cleanse your skin, but still leave it feeling soft and moisturized. If you wear very little or no makeup, the water-based cleanser you use in the morning should be sufficient.

Step Two: Toner

You may be tempted to skip using a toner if you’re in a hurry, but you shouldn’t. According to K-Beauty brand Peach & Lily, Korean toners are an essential step for adding moisture and hydration back into the skin. They also balance the skin’s pH level after cleansing. Traditionally, Korean toners are made from natural ingredients that come from the earth. Korean toners are formulated without harsh chemicals that can leave the skin stripped or dried out.

When choosing your toner, look for one that addresses your personal skin care goals. Choose a toner formulated with skin nourishing ingredients like maple tree sap if you need intense hydration and nourishment. If clearer skin is one of your top priorities, seek out a toner with beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), like salicylic acid. BHAs gently exfoliate the skin to fight acne and boost collagen production for more supple, smooth skin. Toners that contain citrus extracts and Vitamin C are great for brightening the skin and fading dark spots or hyperpigmentation.

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Step Three: Serum

Serums are the powerhouse of any skincare routine. They are formulated with highly concentrated, active ingredients that target specific skin care concerns, such as dehydration, fine lines, loss of firmness, or hyperpigmentation. Many Korean skin care regimens involve layering several serums for a customized routine, but it’s really not necessary. You can still get excellent results by using just one serum, as long as you choose the right one for your skin type and goals.

Look for serums with hyaluronic acid to fight dehydration and add moisture, leaving the skin supple and smooth. A serum that contains peptides will combat fine lines and wrinkles while firming the skin, so it would be perfect for aging skin. Niacinamide is a common ingredient in serums because it fights inflammation and brightens the skin. For extremely dry skin, look for an oil serum in a formula that’s not too light but not too heavy so that it sinks into the skin leaving it supple and ultra-moisturized. If you choose the right serum, you shouldn’t need to apply an additional moisturizer.

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Bonus Tip: Use a BB or CC Cream in Place of Your Foundation.

In the interest of saving time and money, you may wish to streamline your foundation routine as well. Many Korean beauty companies make BB (Beauty Balm) or CC (Color Correction) creams that can be used instead of foundation to even out the skin and provide numerous other benefits, as well. These products are multi-tasking and come in a variety of light-weight formulations that can take the place of moisturizer, foundation, concealer, and sometimes sunscreen in just one step.

If you need additional moisture, choose a product formulated with squalane and shea butter to retain moisture and give your skin a glow that lasts all day. Some products even contain anti-aging ingredients like niacinamide. They can provide a range of coverage, from light to full, depending on which product you choose. Most are applied with your fingertips, just like a moisturizer, so they’re very user-friendly and quick to apply.

In Conclusion

Although there’s no doubt you will get amazing results from a full 10-step Korean skincare routine, you can still achieve supple, clear, moisturized skin with just three essential products. Discipline is the key to success with any skincare routine. Be sure to use all three steps each morning and night to achieve the best results.

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