Acnotin Isotretinoin Review
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Acnotin Isotretinoin Review 2019

If you’re not wearing pink, you can’t sit with us! Apart from the most important thing that should be done every Wednesdays, I have an Acnotin Isotretinoin review just for you.

Please know that isotretinoin is a prescription drug and you can only get it with the discretion of your dermatologist.

Even though isotretinoin comes in many forms, please know that formulation of different drugs is different from each other. It’s the very reason as to why I’m making a review of something that I find works best for me.

Acnotin Isotretinoin Review

by Amanda of Filipinow

If you are not aware of what isotretinoin is for, you can read more about it through my How to remove pimples with isotretinoin or Pimple remedies Philippines guide articles.

First Impression

Packaging is very appealing. It gives a medicated feel (duh, it’s a drug Amanda!). Sorry about that, I’m used to writing reviews about skin care products lol.

Encased in soft-gel capsules of purple and white colors.

Everything needed to be known is written on the box and I really have nothing bad to say about it.

Let’s head on to less trivial stuff from this Acnotin Isotretinoin Review.

My Experience


If cartoons, movies, and animes have a magic pill, this is the real-life version of it.

I was dealing with cystic acne and I stopped growing the pests within just 3 days of use!

What it does is it stops sebum production of the face completely. We all know that sebum leads to acne and it is usually the culprit as to why we get breakouts.

My face, especially my lips, became very dry. Apart from that, I didn’t experience crazy adverse effects from using Acnotin isotretinoin.

I’ve also noticed that compared to other brands, it makes my face the driest; hence, I felt like it was the most effective of all.

I was introduced to 3 brands. The others were EON and RoAccutane.

I’m pretty sure that all of them are effective but I just feel more secure with Acnotin.

My Take

If your pimples are not cystic and can be dealt with other types of medication, don’t use isotretinoin.

Your dermatologist may have lighter and better options to address your issue.

Besides, you can’t get isotretinoin over-the-counter anyway so I don’t know why I’m talking to you like you’re under 18 and trying to buy cigarettes lol.

I guess I made this article just for you to have an idea on how to remove your pimples in a very effective way.


  1. Always have a lip balm in tow.
  2. My blackheads and whiteheads also disappeared.
  3. Sunblocks should always be applied before going out because of the peeling.
  4. Dryness of the body’s skin will also be felt so lotions are of paramount importance.
  5. Cracks will be apparent on the lips and minimal skin peeling on the eyelids can happen as well.

Final Words

Acnotin Ingredients Isotretinoin

USP certified which means that ingredient is potent and pure

Please know that isotretinoin is taken religiously from 2-6 months. I completed the 6-months cycle because that’s when my face became completely clear.

It doesn’t come cheap because a piece of Acnotin in my dermatologist’s clinic is around 60 PHP, which is about 1.16 USD per day.

However, if you’ve been dealing with pimplrd for years to no avail, it’s best to give it a try.

  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Efficacy: 6/5
  • Affordability: 3/5
  • Availability: 2/5 (Prescription only)

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