Progynon Depot Review
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Progynon Depot Review 2019

I am such in a cheerful mood because Jesus is alive! Today, I’m going to share with you my Progynon depot review.

Let it be known that I am not a doctor nor a specialist. Everything that I’m going to share with you is from my personal experience with the drug.

Progynon Depot Review 2019

by Amanda of Filipinow

Progynon depot has been popular amongst Filipina transgender women working abroad for a long time.

It is not easily available in the Philippines but because of online sellers, it has been feminizing some Filipina transgender women for more than 5 years.

The reason why I use it instead of pills is because I don’t like taking meds daily.


With my estrogen needs, I’m only required to administer 1 vial of 5mg Estradiol Valerate once a week.

It also doesn’t pose serious health risks unlike with other types of estrogens, making it a very safe bet.

Again, this Progynon depot review is for transgender women undergoing HRT. This is not for menopausal women.

How to use Progynon Depot

Progynon depot is injected intramuscularly.

I am lucky to have 2 nurse friends who also happen to be my neighbors. They used to inject it on my deltoid muscle (arms). However, the first one went to the US and the other isn’t always at home.

Suffice to say, I only self-inject Progynon depot nowadays.

Before I started injecting myself, I’ve practiced with both and it’s the reason why I’m already able to do it by myself.

Materials Needed

  1. Progynon depot vial
  2. Injection with a 22-25 gauge needle
  3. Rubbing alcohol
  4. Cotton balls

How to self-inject Progynon Depot

Progynon depot’s vial is not like one of those bulky ones with a penetrable cap. It’s purely made of flimsy glass that’s breakable just by using your fingers and a cloth.

Once opened, I push and pull the air out of the plunger of the injection about 3 times just for it to loosen up and make it easier to manipulate.

I draw the medicine out of the vial, push the plunger, then snap the syringe until I see no air bubbles anymore.

I follow by closing the cap of the injection to keep the needle away from contamination.

Where to self-inject

Where to self-inject progynon depot

Img Source 1 / Img Source 2

You can self-inject in 2 sites of your body; your vastus lateralis muscle which is located on the center/side part of your thigh, or your ventrogluteal muscle which is on the upper part of your butt.

The latter’s injection site is easier to spot. However, I don’t have long arms and a flexible body to do that lol.

If you’re a contortionist, you can also self-inject on your arms so kudos to you.

Once I find the spot, I clean the area with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol. I let it air dry or if I’m in a hurry, I wipe it with a tissue.

I then inject the area and aspirate (pull the plunger back ever so slightly) using the same needle that I used to draw the medicine.

Syringe back

Some say that you need to use 2 different needles (drawing and injecting) but with Progynon depot, you don’t have to. The only reason as to why you need to change needles is because some vials have a penetrable cap which makes the needle blunt. Furthermore, some medications are too thick that a 22-25 gauge needle can’t draw them out easily.

Going back, it is very important to aspirate as Progynon depot is meant to be injected intramuscularly. If you pull the plunger and you see blood in your syringe, it means that you hit a vein and you should move to another spot.

Once everything checks out, push the plunger slowly until everything in the syringe is gone.

Moving on to the most important part of this Progynon depot review.

My Experience

Progynon Depot Vial

  • Enhanced breast growth
  • Soreness of breasts
  • Increased libido if I don’t take anti-androgens
  • Bigger areola and nipples
  • Sensitive nipples
  • More emotional
  • Sweat doesn’t give a foul odor
  • Slower growth of body hair (facial hair growth is unaffected)
  • Softer skin
  • Less athletic (but I’m not sporty to begin with so I lack practice)
  • Calmer disposition
  • A bit weak within 24 hours after the injection
  • Heightened sensitivity and emotions within 72 hours after the injection

Please know that you have to talk to your endocrinologist in order for him/her to determine your RIGHT estrogen dosage. What may be enough for me may be too much or too little for you.

If you are a transgender woman and you have no idea on how to get started, read my MTF Hormone Replacement Therapy Philippines routine article.

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  • angel samson

    hi .. good morning po .. i read your reviews po .. very interesting .. pwede po ba ko mgtnong .. kung anong combo of pillsmas effective or hormones injectable .. newbie lang po kc ako .. salamat po

    • amandadelacruz

      Hi, effective naman ang HRT same lang ang effect ng injectable at pills 🙂 Basta tamang dosage lang. Please consult an endocrinologist para sa proper HRT doses mo. Thanks for reading!

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