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Bare Body Essentials Premium Grape Seed Oil Review

If you’re dealing with fresh scars, you’re going to enjoy this Bare Body Essentials Premium Grape Seed Oil Review.

I’m a big fan of Bare Body Essentials products, especially of their sugar wax line.

Out of all the sugar waxes, that I’ve tried, theirs is the best.

Bare Body Essentials Premium Grape Seed Oil Review

By Amanda of Filipinow

However, this is about their oils and particularly, the premium grape seed variant.

From the get-go, the packaging impressed me. I love that the oil is contained in a sturdy glass bottle with a pump.

We all know how oil can easily create a huge mess and the pump gives me better control of it.

Scent is of typical vegetable oil but I prefer it because I have sensitive skin. There’s no point in making a skin care product smell good if your skin’s just going to react to it badly because of the heavy fragrance.



  1. Prevents/cures acne and pimples.
  2. Tightens skin specifically those who have oily skin.
  3. Minimizes under-eye circles
  4. Moisturizes skin.
  5. Innate scars healing properties.
  6. Prevents skin aging.
  7. Provides relief against pain and swelling caused by arthritis.
  8. Great in healing wounds.
  9. Lightens skin and keeps skin firm and smooth.

Let’s continue this Bare Body Essentials Premium Grape Seed Oil review with how my leg got burned.

How I got burned

To be honest, I got my burn scar from riding a guy’s motorcycle. The last time that I’ve ridden one was 14 years ago. I am not going to disclose as to why I rode one at the risk of you, thinking I’m a slut. Let’s just get to how my leg got burned.

Burnt Leg

So this guy insisted that I rode his motorcycle even if I offered to drive my car instead. I was too scared but he was just adamant and irresistible lol. Once we arrived at our destination, I landed on the wrong foot.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, my foot landed on the side of the tambucho (exhaust) making my leg embrace the motorcycle’s heat.


All the while, I thought that I was going to die from a motorcycle accident but it was my leg that I should be worried about lol.

Let’s head on with the most important part of the Bare Body Essentials Premium Grape Seed Oil Review.

My Experience

I disregarded the burn because I thought that it’s going to fade in time. However, it got significantly darker than the rest of my body and started becoming worrisome.

No product was able to touch it for about 2 weeks until I got fed up and looked on the bathroom counter for a remedy. I then saw the Bare Body Essentials Premium Grape Seed oil.

Once I read that it deals with scars, I’ve taken the chance and here’s my leg within just 10 days.

Burnt Leg Before and After Bare Body Essentials Premium Grape Seed Oil

Sorry about the hairy gorilla after photo. It was taken before my wax day lol.

I didn’t experience any stinging and I only applied it once a day. This post is also not sponsored and I am just sharing this with you guys because I’m still shookethed (or however kids these days spell shook).

Final Words

Please know that I’ve only tried it on a new scar. I am not sure if it’s going to help with deep surgical scars or old ones. I’m also not sure if it’s okay to be used on open wounds so please be mindful before you use.

Retails at only 250 PHP for peklat-free legs, a total steal!

  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Efficacy: 5/5
  • Skin-Friendliness: 5/5
  • Affordability: 5/5
  • Availability: 5/5

You can find their products through the Bare Body Essentials website or their Instagram.

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