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Dr. S. Wong’s Sulfur Soap Review

We all know that to have healthy skin, it must be clean. Today, you’re going to know if this Dr. S. Wong’s Sulfur Soap review can help you achieve the healthy skin that you want.

This isn’t in any way sponsored by Dr. Wong or whatever the doctor’s real name is. I bought this product because I have an upcoming beach trip that requires me a different type of soap compared to what I normally use which are skin whitening soaps.

Dr. S. Wong’s Sulfur Soap Review

by Amanda of Filipinow

In comparison to what I’m normally used to, the packaging has a very medicated feel. It’s like looking at prescription on a box.

Most of the stuff I use either have a fair woman on the cover or prints of papayas, lemons, and oranges lol.

Scent is like of any other germicidal soap which I find very appealing.

What makes it better than the rest is you’ll see the exact amount of ingredients written on the back.


For pimples and other skin infections. Helps prevent scabies, if used regularly; aids in the healing of cuts and sores, relieves itchiness of skin. Also treats dandruff cause by fungi.

To be honest, that’s a mouthful right there. Let’s head on to less trivial stuff about this Dr. S. Wong’s Sulfur Soap Review.

My Experience

Dr. S. Wong's Sulfur Soap Back

Soap has an oval shape which reminds me of Dove products.

Its sturdy enough not to make a gooey mess on your soap dish but it’s not something that can be used like a murder weapon AKA. Safeguard and Likas Papaya.

Lather is generous and can be truly enjoyed in the shower.

However, I find that it’s a bit too drying or it’s just because I have dry skin already, which in turn made drier.

Fret not because even if it is, stinging and irritations won’t be experienced. Please know that what may work for me may not work for you.

What I LOVE about it is how it neutralizes the scent of one’s sweat.

Please know that I do not have a problem with my own scent because I’m a descendant of Aphrodite.

If you’re planning to do a lot of activities this summer or just simply the gym, you’re going to enjoy the Dr. S. Wong’s Sulfur Soap.

I’m not saying that you’d smell like fresh out of the shower for 24 hours but you’re going to smell pleasant even after rigorous work.

Final Words


In terms of scabies, pimples, and other skin infections, I have not tried it yet. However, with killing bacteria, this one’s the BEST.

Retails at only 52 PHP, a total steal.

By the way, the variant that I have is the scented one. If you’re into fragrance-free products, they have another version of this one available in the market.

  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Efficacy (Antibacterial Properties): 5/5
  • Skin-Friendliness: 4/5
  • Affordability: 5/5
  • Availability: 5/5

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