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Chateau de Boracay Hotel Review

Today’s actually very special as this Chateau de Boracay Hotel review is the very first of its kind in this website. Mostly, you’ll see me gush about things such as soaps, lotions, serums, and etc.

However, part of what makes me proud of being Pinay is not just the locally-made skin care products; I’m also very honored to come from a country that’s rich in world-class beaches such as Boracay.

Less of me and more of…

Chateau de Boracay Hotel Review

by Amanda of Filipinow

What’s a beach without a cozy hotel to sleep in? I don’t know about you but I have no plans of getting my Zzzs on the shore. Camping is not for everyone, I need a toilet!

Cast away photo

IMG Source

Apart from that, I got a huge discount as it’s owned by my generous relatives. Albeit that, this review will not be swayed even if I got 2 free nights out of their hospitality.

Without further ado, let’s head on to…


Chateau de Boracay Reception

I was pleasantly surprised. The location of Chateau de Boracay is very convenient. Only less than a 5-minute walk from La-Carmela hotel in Station 2 (not the beach front) will take you there.

Once you’re on the beach front entrance of the La-Carmela hotel, enter Villa de Oro hotel to the left and you’ll find Chateau de Boracay.

Villa de Oro Boracay Station 2

Villa de Oro Hotel and Restaurant beside La Carmela Hotel

Cheateau de Boracay Entrance Station 2

Chateau de Boracay Hotel entrance

Above is the more popular route but it wasn’t very friendly to my luggage. It made the wheels travel through sand.

However, I’m going to share with you a secret on how to get there faster and without the added hassle.

From Jetty port, tell the driver of whatever vehicle you’re about to ride to drop you off on Henann Palm Beach Resort in station 2. From there, you can ask the whereabouts of Chateau de Boracay and you’ll arrive in less than 3 minutes without having to drag your suitcase through the sand.

For me, its location is the bestselling factor as to why you should book a room. You’ll be in the center of everything. Tricycle and E-bike fares in Boracay cost higher than cabs in Manila.

First Impression

Chateau de Boracay Lobby

Having been in different hotels, both abroad and the Philippines, the open lobby of Chateau de Boracay is very refreshing.

Normally, I don’t like modern design but theirs really blended well with the beach.

Chateau de Boracay Lobby 2

Conveniently inside Villa de Oro hotel and restaurant, you can grab a bite if you’re checking in way too early and your room unready. Feel free to also wait in the lobby as Chateau de Boracay serves free drinks.

Seriously, I’ve been to a LOT of hotels and they made free drinks of novelty for me.

Chateau de Boracay Lobby 3

In 5-star hotels, you’ll be offered with nothing. Worse is you’ll be mistaken for a hooker especially if you’re alone and a woman lol.

Staff’s very welcoming and accommodating and they will attend to you whenever possible.

Let’s head on to something less trivial in this Chateau de Boracay Hotel review.


Family Room

Chateau de Boracay Family room 1

Their family room offers 2 queen-size beds. You can also ask for an extra mattress and I think they charge around 1,000 PHP for one. From my experience, they do not restrict the number of people who can stay in a room unlike with other hotels.

Chateau de Boracay Extra Mattress

Extra Mattress

However, don’t bring your whole barangay, please. I’d say a group of 5 people can stay comfortably in 1 family room.

Added to that, they do not have an extra charge for children below 7. Please e-mail or call them to confirm.

Single Room

Their single bedroom offers 1 king-size bed. You can also ask for an extra mattress if you find the need to do so.

Below are some things to expect when you book a room in Chateau de Boracay.

Chateau de Boracay Family room 2

  • Sitting area
  • Closet
  • Cable TV
  • Keycard lock
  • Air-conditioned
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Hot and cold shower
  • Toiletries (shampoo, bath gel, toothbrush, toothpaste)
  • Electric kettle with free coffee
  • Hair blower
  • Immaculately cleaned bathroom with an automatic toilet bowl cleaner
  • Hand-held bidet
  • Smoking area (balcony)
  • Drying rack for clothes
  • Comfortable WHITE bedding with sheets that have ample thread count
  • Properly laundered towels
  • Fridge
  • Free breakfast (e-mail them about the number of meal stubs that you can get depending on your room’s size)


Chateau de Boracay Breakfast Menu

Breakfast menu for the day

They serve delicious Filipino and continental breakfast. From my 4 days and 3 nights stay, the options were longanisa, hotdog, bacon omelet, bangus, sunny-side-up eggs, and corned beef.

Unfortunately, they don’t serve lunch and dinner but I’m pretty sure that they will soon.

Chateau de Boracay Breakfast Area

Dining area

Their dining area doubles-up as a bar as well. Added to that, the bartender is very cute but I wasn’t able to utilize it because I was with my family.

Chateau de Boracay bar

No Sally, I was talking about utilizing the bar and not the cute guy. Hush, I’m a lady!

Let’s end this Chateau de Boracay Hotel review with my…

Final Words

Chateau de Boracay family room 3

Chateau de Boracay doesn’t have a pool but I don’t really mind because I didn’t go to the beach to swim in one. Why would you choose a combo of urine + chlorine over the island’s natural waters?

Chateau de Boracay Bathroom

The only con that I’ve experienced was the low water pressure from the shower of room 206. However, it may just be that one and it’s not that bad.

Chateau de Boracay Stairs

It also doesn’t have an elevator as it only has 3 floors. However, the staff will gladly carry your luggage so you don’t have to worry if you’re lazy like me. If you’re traveling with someone on a wheelchair, you can call Chateau de Boracay beforehand so they can reserve a room on the first floor for you.

Chateau de Boracay sitting area and TV

In retrospect, I could sum up my experience with a comfort of a luxury hotel with a friendly price point.

Rates are 3,000~ PHP (Single room) and 5,000~ PHP (Family room).

Chateau de Boracay closet and mini bar

Bonus tip in knowing if a hotel values cleanliness is to look for white sheets. If the sheets of a hotel are printed and colorful, best believe that someone used it before you without it being laundered. I know, nasty, lol.

Chateau de Boracay Entrance


  • Affordability: 5/5
  • Staff (Carl is very cute lol): 6/5
  • Location: 6/5
  • Amenities: 4/5
  • Cleanliness: 5/5
  • Bang for the Buck: 6/5

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